NFL Year-by-Year Playoffs Yards per Reception Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player Y/R Tm
2015Darrius Heyward-Bey (28)32.0PIT
2014Terrance Williams (24)30.7DAL
2013Robert Meachem (28)34.5NOR
2012Jacoby Jones (28)38.5BAL
2011Demaryius Thomas (23)29.7DEN
2010Antonio Brown (22)25.0PIT
2010Antwaan Randle El (31)25.0PIT
2009Jermichael Finley (22)26.5GNB
2008Reggie Wayne (29)32.3IND
2007Donald Driver (32)19.9GNB
2006LaDainian Tomlinson (27)32.0SDG
2005Drew Carter (24)32.8CAR
2004Moe Williams (30)36.0MIN
2003Bethel Johnson (24)27.5NWE
2002Kevin Johnson (26)35.0CLE
2001Keyshawn Johnson (29)25.0TAM
2000Randy Moss (23)34.8MIN
1999Isaac Bruce (26)24.4STL
1998Chuck Levy (26)29.0SFO
1997Robb Thomas (31)33.0TAM
1996Amp Lee (24)29.5MIN
1995Randal Hill (25)29.5MIA
1994Alvin Harper (26)54.0DAL
1993James Jett (22)37.0RAI
1992Alvin Harper (24)39.0DAL
1991Michael Haynes (25)24.0ATL
1990Emile Harry (27)29.5KAN
1989Mike Young (27)36.3DEN
1988Jim Gustafson (27)26.0MIN
1987Mark Jackson (24)26.3DEN
1987Vance Johnson (24)26.3DEN
1986Stanley Morgan (31)33.3NWE
1985Willie Gault (25)23.0CHI
1984Mark Duper (25)22.5MIA
1983Charlie Brown (24)28.6WAS
1982Ricky Feacher (28)31.0CLE
1981Jimmie Giles (26)49.0TAM
1980Alfred Jenkins (28)38.8ATL
1979Billy Campfield (23)35.0PHI
1978Willie Miller (31)25.0RAM
1977Haven Moses (31)30.4DEN
1976Frank Lewis (29)51.5PIT
1975Harold Jackson (29)42.0RAM
1974Harold Jackson (28)34.8RAM
1973Drew Pearson (22)27.8DAL
1972Gene Washington (25)25.3SFO
1971Elmo Wright (22)34.7KAN
1970Ray Perkins (28)40.0BAL
1970John Mackey+ (28)40.0BAL
1969Gene Washington (25)30.0MIN
1968Otis Taylor (26)29.3KAN
1967Paul Warfield+ (24)33.0CLE
1966Elbert Dubenion (33)39.5BUF
1965Bo Roberson (30)29.3BUF
1964Glenn Bass (25)35.0BUF
1963Elbert Dubenion (30)38.3BUF
1962Willard Dewveall (26)15.8HOU
1961Ron Kramer (26)20.0GNB
1960Billy Cannon (23)42.7HOU
1959Lenny Moore+ (25)42.0BAL
1958Kyle Rote (29)38.0NYG
1957Jim Doran (30)30.4DET
1956Frank Gifford+ (26)32.8NYG
1955Dante Lavelli+ (32)31.7CLE
1954Pete Brewster (24)26.5CLE
1953Jim Doran (26)23.8DET
1952Pete Brewster (22)26.5CLE
1951Tom Fears+ (28)36.5RAM
1950Fred Morrison (23)22.0CHI
1949Al Baldwin (26)27.0BUF
1948Jake Leicht (29)16.0BCL
1947Pat McHugh (27)27.5PHI
1946Ken Kavanaugh (29)26.5CHI
1945Steve Bagarus (26)31.7WAS
1944Frank Liebel (24)23.7NYG
1943Dante Magnani (26)30.5CHI
1942Wilbur Moore (26)19.5WAS
1941Ed Frutig (23)25.0GNB
1940Charley Malone (30)29.0WAS
1939Don Hutson+ (26)10.5GNB
1938Wayland Becker (27)39.0GNB
1937Eggs Manske (25)27.5CHI
1936Johnny Blood+ (32)27.5GNB
1935Tod Goodwin (23)13.0NYG
1934Bill Hewitt+ (24)15.0CHI
1934Dale Burnett (26)15.0NYG
1933Carl Brumbaugh (26)29.3CHI
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