NFL Single-Season Playoffs Rushing Yards per Game Leaders

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Rank Player Y/G Year Tm
1Keith Lincoln (24)206.01963SDG
2Steve Van Buren (28)196.01949PHI
3Priest Holmes (29)176.02003KAN
4Cedric Benson (26)169.02009CIN
Barry Sanders (25)169.01993DET
6Paul Lowe (23)165.01960LAC
7Earnest Byner (22)161.01985CLE
8Elmer Angsman (21)159.01947CRD
9Eric Dickerson (26)158.01986RAM
10Terrell Davis (25)156.01998DEN
11Marcus Allen (23)155.31983RAI
12John Riggins (33)152.51982WAS
13Eric Dickerson (25)147.01985RAM
14Terrell Davis (24)145.31997DEN
15Arian Foster (25)142.52011HOU
16Tiki Barber (31)137.02006NYG
17Marion Motley (28)133.01948CLE
18Franco Harris (26)132.01976PIT
19Thurman Thomas (24)130.01990BUF
20Marion Barber (24)129.02007DAL
21Brian Westbrook (27)128.52006PHI
22Fred Taylor (22)124.01998JAX
23LaDainian Tomlinson (27)123.02006SDG
24Fred Taylor (23)122.51999JAX
25Cookie Gilchrist (29)122.01964BUF