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Play Index Tools

The "Play Index" (or PI) is the name we use to refer to PFR's collection of top-notch research tools. Read below for more information on some of the applications we have made available to you, and also check out our blog posts about the Play Index. As always, if you have any suggestions or corrections please fill out our feedback form.

See what's popular and what people are searching for right now using the Play Index Reports.

Player Specific Tools:
Enter a player name and go to the PI tool

Game Finder Season Finder

Game Play Finder

Search all plays from 1994 to today to find performances that match your criteria. Answer questions like…

Drive Finder

Player Streak Finder

Team Streak Finder

Search team games from 1940 to today and seasons from 1920 to today to find streaks that match your criteria. Answer questions like…

Player Season Finder

Search through player season stats spanning from 1920 to today for single seasons or combined seasons that match your criteria. Answer questions like…

The answers to these questions and many, many more are at your fingertips using the Player Season Finder.

Player Game Finder

Search through player game logs spanning from 1960 to today for games that match your criteria. You can find…

With the Player Game Finder, the possibilities are almost endless.

Player Comparison Tool

Select up to six offensive skill position players to compare single season stats, career stats, or a span of years. Compare…

Trade Finder Tool

Find NFL trades from 1994 to now, by team, draft round, draft pick, player position and more. Find…

Player Touchdown Finder

Search through every touchdown scored from 1922 to today for scores that match your criteria. Did you know…

Impress your friends and come up with your own "Did You Know" with a little help from the Player Touchdown Finder.

Player Field Goal Finder

Team Game Finder

Find team games or seasons matching certain criteria. Did you know…

Super Bowl Play Finder

Search through every play in Super Bowl History.

Draft Finder

Search through every NFL and AFL draft pick.

Boxscore Search Tools

Find head-to-head results and also find games matching a particular score.