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Query Results Table
Games Misc
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Yrs PB AP1 AV
1Edgerrin James1999211-4INDNFL161611121
2Patrick Peterson2011211-5ARINFL161611120
3Jevon Kearse1999231-16TENNFL161611119
4Cam Newton2011221-1CARNFL161611019
5Marcus Allen*1982221-10RAINFL9911118
6Robert Griffin2012221-2WASNFL151511018
7Gale Sayers*1965221-4, 1-5AFLCHINFL1411118
8Ronnie Lott*1981221-8SFONFL161611117
9Randy Moss1998211-21MINNFL161111117
10Lawrence Taylor*1981221-2NYGNFL161611117
11Patrick Willis2007221-11SFONFL161611117
12Kendrell Bell2001232-39PITNFL161611016
13Tony Dorsett*1977231-2DALNFL14410016
14Earl Faison1961225-66, 1-7AFLSDGAFL1411116
15Marshall Faulk*1994211-2INDNFL161611016
16Bill Groman196024HOUAFL1410016
17Paul Warfield*1964221-11, 4-28AFLCLENFL1411016
18Ricky Watters1992232-45SFONFL141311016
19Russell Wilson2012243-75SEANFL161611016
20Joseph Addai2006231-30INDNFL16010015
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Yrs PB AP1 AV
21Eric Dickerson*1983231-2RAMNFL161611115
22Warrick Dunn1997221-12TAMNFL161011015
23Mark Johnston196022HOUAFL1410115
24Ernie Ladd1961234-48, 15-119AFLSDGAFL14010115
25Clinton Portis2002212-51DENNFL161210015
26Mel Renfro*1964232-17, 10-79AFLDALNFL141411015
27Billy Sims1980251-1DETNFL161611015
28Ndamukong Suh2010231-2DETNFL161611115
29Charley Taylor*1964231-3, 2-9AFLWASNFL1411015
30Curt Warner1983221-3SEANFL161611015
31Mel Branch19602310-118DTXAFL14010114
32Mark Carrier1990221-6CHINFL161611014
33Boobie Clark19732312-302CINNFL141410014
34Mike Haynes*1976231-5NWENFL141411014
35Sherrill Headrick196023DTXAFL1210114
36Devin Hester2006242-57CHINFL16011114
37Doug Martin2012231-31TAMNFL161611014
38Matt Ryan2008231-3ATLNFL161610014
39Fred Taylor1998221-9JAXNFL151210014
40Mike Anderson2000276-189DENNFL161210013
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Yrs PB AP1 AV
41Ottis Anderson1979221-8STLNFL161611113
42Lem Barney*1967222-34DETNFL1411013
43John Brockington1971231-9GNBNFL141411113
44Dick Butkus*1965231-3, 2-9AFLCHINFL1411113
45Earl Campbell*1978231-1HOUNFL151411113
46Ryan Clady2008221-12DENNFL161610013
47Joe Cribbs1980222-29BUFNFL161611013
48Mike Ditka*1961221-5, 1-8AFLCHINFL1411013
49Chuck Foreman1973231-12MINNFL121011013
50Terry Glenn1996221-7NWENFL151510013
51Franco Harris*1972221-13PITNFL141011013
52Abner Haynes1960235-55DTXAFL1410113
53Bobby Hunt19622211-81, 11-81AFLDTXAFL1410113
54Maurice Jones-Drew2006212-60JAXNFL16110013
55Paul Krause*1964222-18, 12-89AFLWASNFL141411113
56Andrew Luck2012231-1INDNFL161611013
57Marcus McNeill2006232-50SDGNFL161611013
58Ron Mix*1960221-10LACAFL14010113
59Alfred Morris2012246-173WASNFL161610013
60Maurkice Pouncey2010211-18PITNFL161611013
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Yrs PB AP1 AV
61Barry Sanders*1989211-3DETNFL151311113
62Lofa Tatupu2005232-45SEANFL161611013
63George Webster1967221-5HOUAFL141411113
64Don Woods1974236-134SDGNFL12910013
65Ickey Woods1988222-31CINNFL161010013
66Jerome Bettis*1993211-10RAMNFL161211112
67Charlie Brown1982248-201WASNFL9911012
68Larry Brown1969228-191WASNFL1411012
69Reggie Bush2006211-2NORNFL16810012
70Isaac Curtis1973231-15CINNFL141411012
71Terrell Davis*1995236-196DENNFL141410012
72Corey Dillon1997232-43CINNFL16610012
73Joey Galloway1995241-8SEANFL161610012
74Mike Garrett1966222-18, 20-178AFLKANAFL1411012
75Eddie George1996231-14HOUNFL161610012
76Cookie Gilchrist196227BUFAFL1411112
77Dick Harris196023LACAFL1410112
78Jim Kelly*1986261-14BUFNFL161610012
79Jamal Lewis2000211-5BALNFL161310012
80Paul Lowe196024LACAFL141110112
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Yrs PB AP1 AV
81Archie Matsos19602616-189BUFAFL1410112
82Terry Miller1978221-5BUFNFL161610012
83Von Miller2011221-2DENNFL151511012
84Gene Mingo196022DENAFL1410012
85Lemar Parrish1970237-163CINNFL141111012
86Dominic Rhodes200122INDNFL151010012
87Al Richardson1980238-201ATLNFL161610012
88Johnny Robinson1960221-3DTXAFL1410012
89Steve Slaton2008223-89HOUNFL161510012
90Derrick Thomas*1989221-4KANNFL161611012
91Mike Thomas1975225-108WASNFL141010012
92Rick Volk1967222-45BALNFL1411012
93Herschel Walker1986245-114DALNFL16910012
94Charles Woodson1998221-4OAKNFL161611012
95Chip Banks1982231-3CLENFL9911011
96Eddie Brown1985231-13CINNFL161610011
97Brandon Browner201127SEANFL161611011
98Butch Byrd1964234-25, 4-25AFLBUFAFL141411011
99Cris Collinsworth1981222-37CINNFL161611011
100Brian Cushing2009221-15HOUNFL161611011
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