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Passing Scoring
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
1John Aveni26-2751961-12-17NFLWASDALW 34-241414Sun010.0000039.6000.000.004580.020.004
2Chris Bahr32-2801985-11-10NFLRAI@SDGL 34-401010Sun00000004580.010.004
3Chris Bahr26-2531979-10-14NFLCINPITW 34-1077Sun00000004580.010.004
4Sam Baker36-0301965-12-12NFLPHI@PITW 47-131313Sun00000005683.305
5Sam Baker35-0311964-12-13NFLPHI@STLL 34-361414Sun00000004580.004
6Sam Baker30-3391960-10-16NFLCLE@DALW 48-734Sun00000006785.706
7Rolf Benirschke26-2951981-11-29NFLSDGDENW 34-171313Sun000004580.020.004
8George Blair23-1651961-10-22AFLSDG@OAKW 41-1077Sun00000005683.310.005
9Cary Blanchard30-0171998-11-22NFLWASARIL 42-451112Sun00000004580.020.004
10George Blanda*44-0301971-10-17NFLOAKPHIW 34-1055Sun00000004580.010.004
11Jim Breech30-1771986-10-05NFLCIN@GNBW 34-2855Sun000004580.010.004
12Jim Breech29-2411985-12-08NFLCINDALW 50-241414Sun000006785.710.006
13Jim Breech34-2561990-12-23NFLCINHOUW 40-201516Sun000004666.704
14Kris Brown33-0112010-01-03NFLHOUNWEW 34-271617Sun000004580.020.004
15Kevin Butler26-0421988-09-04NFLCHIMIAW 34-711Sun000004580.020.004
16Gino Cappelletti33-2031967-10-15AFLBOSMIAW 41-1067Sun00000005683.320.005
17John Carney45-1812009-10-18NFLNORNYGW 48-2756Sun000006785.706
18Tom Dempsey31-3181978-11-26NFLBUFNYGW 41-171313Sun00000005683.310.005
19Jay Feely26-1852002-11-24NFLATL@CARW 41-01112Sun00000005683.310.005
20Pete Gogolak24-2231966-11-27NFLNYG@WASL 41-721112Sun00000005683.320.005
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
21Bruce Gossett33-0081974-11-17NFLSFO@CHIW 34-01010Sun00000004580.010.004
22Martin Gramatica28-3462004-11-07NFLTAMKANW 34-3189Sun000004580.010.004
23Dave Green26-0911975-12-21NFLCINSDGW 47-171414Sun00000005771.405
24Bob Jencks24-1361965-11-28NFLWASDALW 34-311111Sun00000004580.010.004
25Bob Jencks23-0671964-09-20NFLCHI@MINW 34-2822Sun00000004580.030.004
26Jerry Kramer27-2561963-10-06NFLGNBRAMW 42-1044Sun00000004666.730.004
27John Leypoldt29-2581975-12-14NFLBUF@NWEW 34-141313Sun00000004580.010.004
28Booth Lusteg29-1791968-11-03NFLPIT@ATLW 41-2188Sun00000005683.310.005
29Errol Mann36-1541977-11-28NFLOAKBUFW 34-131111Mon00000004580.010.004
30Lou Michaels32-0521967-11-19NFLBALDETW 41-71010Sun00000005683.330.005
31Nick Mike-Mayer25-2741975-11-30NFLATL@OAKL 34-371111Sun00000004580.010.004
32Horst Muhlmann34-2841974-10-13NFLCIN@CLEW 34-2455Sun00000004580.010.004
33Mike Nugent31-2042013-09-22NFLCINGNBW 34-3033Sun00000004580.010.004
34Tom Pennington22-3081962-09-30AFLDTXBUFW 41-2134Sun00000005683.320.005
35Mac Percival27-2591967-11-12NFLCHINYGW 34-799Sun00000004580.020.004
36Fuad Reveiz22-2871985-12-08NFLMIA@GNBW 34-241414Sun000004580.010.004
37Bill Shockley23-2561960-11-24AFLNYTDTXW 41-351112Thu00000005683.310.005
38Jack Spikes26-3201963-12-22AFLKANNYJW 48-01416Sun00000006785.710.0218
39Jack Spikes24-2311961-09-24AFLDTX@OAKW 42-3523Sun00000004580.020.0110
40Clint Stitser25-2212010-12-26NFLCINSDGW 34-201516Sun000004580.004
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
41Bob Thomas24-1201976-12-05NFLCHI@SEAW 34-71313Sun00000004580.020.004
42David Treadwell28-2251993-10-10NFLNYG@WASW 41-756Sun000005683.310.005
43Ray Wersching23-0331973-09-23NFLSDGBUFW 34-722Sun00000004580.020.004
44Garo Yepremian33-1751977-11-24NFLMIA@STLW 55-141111Thu00000007887.510.007
45Raul Allegre26-1901985-12-22NFLINDHOUW 34-161616Sun4580.0
46Morten Andersen*43-0262003-09-14NFLKANPITW 41-2022Sun5683.3
47Jim Bakken25-3271966-09-25NFLSTL@CLEW 34-2833Sun4580.0
48Rolf Benirschke26-2881981-11-22NFLSDG@OAKW 55-211212Sun7887.5
49George Blair25-1491963-10-06NFLSDG@DENL 34-5045Sun4580.0
50George Blanda*48-0531975-11-09NFLOAKNORW 48-1088Sun6785.7
51George Blanda*47-0751974-12-01NFLOAKNWEW 41-261212Sun5683.3
52Jim Breech25-2321981-11-29NFLCIN@CLEW 41-211313Sun5683.3
53Jim Breech27-2021983-10-30NFLCINGNBW 34-1499Sun4580.0
54Jeff Brockhaus28-1861987-10-18NFLSFOSTLW 34-2856Sun4580.0
55Don Cockroft33-2651978-10-29NFLCLEBUFW 41-2099Sun5683.3
56Mike Cofer27-2361991-10-13NFLSFOATLL 34-3967Sun4580.0
57Al Del Greco27-1991989-09-17NFLPHO@SEAW 34-2422Sun4580.0
58Tom Dempsey30-3191977-11-27NFLHOUKANW 34-201111Sun4580.0
59Bruce Gossett28-3221970-09-27NFLSFOCLEW 34-3122Sun4580.0
60Donald Igwebuike26-2601987-09-13NFLTAMATLW 48-1011Sun6785.7
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
61John Leypoldt31-2551977-12-11NFLSEA@KANW 34-311313Sun4580.0
62Toni Linhart36-0561978-09-18NFLBAL@NWEW 34-2733Mon4580.0
63Nick Lowery27-1841983-11-27NFLKAN@SEAL 48-511313Sun6785.7
64Errol Mann37-1391978-11-13NFLOAK@CINW 34-211111Mon4580.0
65Olindo Mare28-1872001-12-10NFLMIAINDW 41-61213Mon5683.3
66Jim Martin36-2541960-12-18NFLDETCHIW 36-01213Sun4580.0
67Tim Mazzetti24-2611980-10-19NFLATL@NORW 41-1477Sun5683.3
68Chuck Nelson27-2451987-10-26NFLMINDENW 34-2767Mon4580.0
69Neil O'Donoghue30-1761983-12-11NFLSTL@RAIW 34-241515Sun4580.0
70David Posey22-2111978-10-29NFLNWENYJW 55-2199Sun7887.5
71Fuad Reveiz25-2771988-11-27NFLMIA@NYJL 34-381313Sun4580.0
72Roger Ruzek31-3411992-11-22NFLPHI@NYGW 47-341112Sun5771.4
73Roger Ruzek30-3421991-11-24NFLPHI@PHOW 34-141213Sun4580.0
74Rafael Septien31-3471985-11-24NFLDALPHIW 34-171212Sun4580.0
75Rafael Septien24-2721978-09-10NFLDAL@NYGW 34-2422Sun4580.0
76John Smith26-2931976-10-18NFLNWENYJW 41-766Mon5683.3
77John Smith26-2781976-10-03NFLNWEOAKW 48-1744Sun6785.7
78Bob Thomas28-1221980-12-07NFLCHIGNBW 61-71414Sun7977.8
79David Trout24-0031981-11-15NFLPIT@ATLW 34-201111Sun4580.0
80Jim Turner33-2351974-11-18NFLDENKANL 34-421010Mon4580.0
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
81Mike Vanderjagt34-2462004-11-25NFLIND@DETW 41-91112Thu5683.3
82Uwe von Schamann28-2231984-12-02NFLMIARAIL 34-451414Sun4580.0
83Bobby Walston34-0461962-12-02NFLPHI@WASW 37-141212Sun4580.0
84Ray Wersching37-1281987-12-27NFLSFORAMW 48-01516Sun6785.7
85Garo Yepremian28-1141972-09-24NFLMIAHOUW 34-1322Sun4580.0
86Mack Yoho26-1361962-10-28NFLBUF@DENW 45-3888Sun4580.0