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Query Results Table
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS
1Babe Connaughton192722FRNNFL1616
2Hal Hanson192823FRNNFL1616
3Al Baker1978222-40DETNFL1616
4Luther Bradley1978231-11DETNFL1616
5Louis Breeden1978257-187CINNFL1616
6Dan Bunz1978231-24SFONFL1616
7Blair Bush1978221-16CINNFL1616
8Homer Elias1978234-107DETNFL1616
9Derrick Gaffney1978238-197NYJNFL1616
10John Harris1978227-173SEANFL1616
11Sylvester Hicks1978232-29KANNFL1616
12Bobby Jackson1978226-140NYJNFL1616
13Ron Johnson1978221-22PITNFL1616
14Mike Kenn1978221-13ATLNFL1616
15James Lofton*1978221-6GNBNFL1616
16Terry Miller1978221-5BUFNFL1616
17Ozzie Newsome*1978221-23CLENFL1616
18Art Still1978231-2KANNFL1616
19J.T. Taylor1978222-33NORNFL1616
20Chris Ward1978231-4NYJNFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS
21Ottis Anderson1979221-8STLNFL1616
22Stan Blinka1979225-125NYJNFL1616
23Keith Dorney1979221-10DETNFL1616
24Dan Hampton*1979221-4CHINFL1616
25Robert Hardy19792310-267SEANFL1616
26Jim Haslett1979242-51BUFNFL1616
27Marty Lyons1979221-14NYJNFL1616
28Vernon Perry197926HOUNFL1616
29Greg Roberts1979232-33TAMNFL1616
30Dan Ross1979222-30CINNFL1616
31Dave Studdard1979249-245DENNFL1616
32Manu Tuiasosopo1979221-18SEANFL1616
33Greg Bright1980239-224CINNFL1616
34Ray Butler1980244-88BALNFL1616
35Earl Cooper1980231-13SFONFL1616
36Joe Cribbs1980222-29BUFNFL1616
37Buddy Curry1980222-36ATLNFL1616
38Vagas Ferguson1980231-25NWENFL1616
39Derrick Hatchett1980221-24BALNFL1616
40Johnnie Johnson1980241-17RAMNFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS
41Kenny Johnson1980225-137ATLNFL1616
42Doug Marsh1980222-33STLNFL1616
43Matt Millen1980222-43OAKNFL1616
44Anthony Munoz*1980221-3CINNFL1616
45Darrol Ray1980222-40NYJNFL1616
46Al Richardson1980238-201ATLNFL1616
47Billy Sims1980251-1DETNFL1616
48Roynell Young1980231-23PHINFL1616
49Edwin Bailey1981225-114SEANFL1616
50Bobby Butler1981221-25ATLNFL1616
51Cris Collinsworth1981222-37CINNFL1616
52Hugh Green1981221-7TAMNFL1616
53Reuben Henderson1981236-150CHINFL1616
54Rickey Jackson*1981232-51NORNFL1616
55Ronnie Lott*1981221-8SFONFL1616
56Randy McMillan1981231-12BALNFL1616
57Bill Neill1981225-115NYGNFL1616
58Rick Parros1981234-107DENNFL1616
59Glen Redd1981236-166NORNFL1616
60Johnny Robinson1981224-111OAKNFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS
61George Rogers1981231-1NORNFL1616
62Lawrence Taylor*1981221-2NYGNFL1616
63James Wilder1981232-34TAMNFL1616
64Carlton Williamson1981233-65SFONFL1616
65Eric Wright1981222-40SFONFL1616
66Reggie Camp1983223-68CLENFL1616
67Jimbo Covert1983231-6CHINFL1616
68Eric Dickerson*1983231-2RAMNFL1616
69Darrell Green*1983231-28WASNFL1616
70Mike Green1983229-245SDGNFL1616
71Dan Johnson1983237-170MIANFL1616
72Ronnie Lippett1983238-214NWENFL1616
73Dave Lutz1983242-34KANNFL1616
74Vernon Maxwell1983222-29BALNFL1616
75Bubba Paris1983232-29SFONFL1616
76Harvey Salem1983222-30HOUNFL1616
77Billy Ray Smith1983221-5SDGNFL1616
78Danny Walters1983234-95SDGNFL1616
79Curt Warner1983221-3SEANFL1616
80Cliff Benson1984235-132ATLNFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS
81Rick Bryan1984221-9ATLNFL1616
82Donnie Humphrey1984233-72GNBNFL1616
83Bobby Johnson198423NYGNFL1616
84Warren Moon*198428HOUNFL1616
85Karl Nelson1984243-70NYGNFL1616
86Kevin Ross1984227-173KANNFL1616
87Ron Solt1984221-19INDNFL1616
88Perry Williams1984237-178NYGNFL1616
89Mark Bavaro1985224-100NYGNFL1616
90Duane Bickett1985231-5INDNFL1616
91Eddie Brown1985231-13CINNFL1616
92Lomas Brown1985221-6DETNFL1616
93Ray Childress1985231-3HOUNFL1616
94Jeffery Dale1985232-55SDGNFL1616
95Mike Gann1985222-45ATLNFL1616
96Jessie Hester1985221-23RAINFL1616
97Jim Lachey1985221-12SDGNFL1616
98Reggie McKenzie19852210-275RAINFL1616
99Freddie Joe Nunn1985231-18STLNFL1616
100Tony Casillas1986231-2ATLNFL1616
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