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Query Results

Query Results Table
Games Sacks & Tackles
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Tkl Ast
1Robert Mathis2013325-138INDNFL161619.54415
2Michael Strahan*2003322-40NYGNFL161618.56115
3Kevin Greene*1994325-113PITNFL1616145316
4Jason Taylor*2006323-73MIANFL161613.54020
5John Abraham2010321-13ATLNFL151313355
6Leonard Little2006323-65STLNFL161613553
7Reggie White*1993321-4GNBNFL161613790
8Chris Doleman*1993321-4MINNFL161612.5680
9Greg Ellis2007321-8DALNFL131012.5247
10Mike Vrabel2007323-91NWENFL161512.55522
11Julius Peppers2012321-2CHINFL161611.5327
12Robert Porcher2001321-26DETNFL161611437
13James Harrison201032PITNFL161610.57030
14Sean Jones1994322-51GNBNFL161610.54415
15Wayne Martin1997321-19NORNFL161610.5549
16Bruce Smith*1995321-1BUFNFL151510.55222
17Randy White*1985321-2DALNFL161610.500
18Andre Carter2011321-7NWENFL1414103121
19Darren Howard2008322-33PHINFL16010215
20George Martin19853211-262NYGNFL1601000
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Tkl Ast
21Shaun Phillips2013324-98DENNFL161210287
22John Randle*199932MINNFL161610299
23Aaron Schobel2009322-46BUFNFL1616103422
24William Fuller1994321-21PHINFL16169.5446
25Ken Harvey1997321-12WASNFL15149.55516
26Raheem Brock2010327-238SEANFL1609266
27Howie Long*1992322-48RAINFL1616900
28Joey Porter2009323-73MIANFL14149347
29Richard Dent*1992328-203CHINFL16168.5820
30Andre Tippett*1991322-41NWENFL16168.500
31Phillip Daniels2005324-99WASNFL161683711
32Harvey Martin1982323-53DALNFL99800
33Kimo von Oelhoffen2003326-162PITNFL16168278
34Sam Clancy19903211-284INDNFL1687.500
35Israel Idonije201232CHINFL16117.52919
36Lance Johnstone2005322-57MINNFL1517.5155
37Joe Klecko1985326-144NYJNFL16167.500
38Steve McMichael1989323-73CHINFL16167.51080
39Karl Mecklenburg19923212-310DENNFL16167.51160
40Bill Romanowski1998323-80DENNFL16167.55517
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Tkl Ast
41Clyde Simmons1996329-233JAXNFL16147.5299
42Justin Smith2011321-4SFONFL16167.54513
43Paul Spicer200732JAXNFL15127.5277
44Greg Townsend1993324-110RAINFL16167.5270
45Osi Umenyiora2013322-56ATLNFL16137.53116
46Jason Babin2012321-272TMNFL16167289
47Cornelius Bennett1997321-2ATLNFL161676822
48Simon Fletcher1994322-54DENNFL161673812
49Mark Gastineau1988322-41NYJNFL77700
50Gary Jeter1987321-5RAMNFL120700
51Too Tall Jones1983321-1DALNFL1616700
52Leslie O'Neal1996321-8STLNFL161673915
53Lawrence Taylor*1991321-2NYGNFL1414700
54Derrick Thomas*1999321-4KANNFL16167537
55Henry Thomas1997323-72NWENFL161674425
56Frank Warren1991323-57NORNFL16167270
57Keith Willis199132PITNFL167700
58Ross Browner1986321-8CINNFL16156.500
59Rob Burnett1999325-129BALNFL16166.53917
60Karlos Dansby2013322-33ARINFL16166.51148
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Tkl Ast
61Eddie Edwards1986321-3CINNFL16166.500
62Shaun Ellis2009321-12NYJNFL15156.53518
63James Farrior2007321-8PITNFL16166.56430
64Raylee Johnson2002324-95SDGNFL16166.5328
65Adewale Ogunleye200932CHINFL14146.52513
66Marvcus Patton1999328-208KANNFL16166.58916
67Sam Rogers2002322-64ATLNFL15136.53110
68Chad Brown2002322-44SEANFL886428
69Kevin Carter2005321-6MIANFL161663418
70Ray Childress1994321-3HOUNFL161664919
71Bryan Cox2000325-113NYJNFL151465427
72Rickey Jackson*1990322-51NORNFL16166680
73Jim Jeffcoat1993321-23DALNFL1636410
74Clay Matthews1988321-12CLENFL161661010
75Derland Moore1983322-29NORNFL1616600
76Juqua Parker201032PHINFL13106193
77Richard Seymour2011321-6OAKNFL16156236
78Joel Smeenge2000323-71JAXNFL1216182
79Pat Swilling1996323-60OAKNFL16166215
80Lester Archambeau1999327-186ATLNFL15155.5314
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Sk Tkl Ast
81Trace Armstrong1997321-12MIANFL16165.52522
82Al Baker1988322-40MINNFL1445.500
83David Bowens2009325-158CLENFL16155.54724
84La'Roi Glover2006325-166STLNFL16165.5344
85Mike Hegman1985327-173DALNFL16155.500
86Tom Jackson1983324-88DENNFL15155.500
87Tyoka Jackson200332STLNFL1635.5195
88Willie McGinest2003321-4NWENFL14115.54621
89Les Miller199732CARNFL16115.5457
90Aaron Smith2008324-109PITNFL16165.54416
91Art Still1987321-2KANNFL12125.500
92Jim Wilks19903212-305NORNFL15155.500
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