Career Penalties

Career Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
19941994-10-02@441SFO 40408Delay of Game5
19961996-09-15@441MIN 201414Delay of Game5
19971997-09-28141MIN 4973Delay of Game5
19981998-12-13MIN@BAL244RAV 342514Delay of Game5
19981998-12-20MINJAX312JAX 2183Delay of Game5
19991999-11-08MINDAL445DAL 322017Delay of GameD
19991999-11-14MIN@CHI147CHI 40714Delay of GameD
19991999-11-28MINSDG248MIN 41287Delay of Game5
19992000-01-09MINDAL444MIN 402710Delay of Game5
20002000-11-19MINCAR145CAR 3477Delay of GameD
20002000-11-19MINCAR443CAR 453117Delay of Game5
20022002-11-18STLCHI3421CHI 311413Delay of Game5
20042004-11-21NORDEN346NOR 241327Delay of Game5
20042004-12-12NOR@DAL445DAL 482713Delay of Game5
20042004-12-26NORATL448ATL 412613Delay of Game5
20052005-10-02NORBUF1412BUF 4007Delay of GameD
20052005-11-20NOR@NWE1413NWE 3200Delay of GameD
20052005-12-24NORDET2411DET 4100Delay of Game5
20082008-09-14PIT@CLE241PIT 4500Delay of Game5
20082008-09-29PITBAL445PIT 482020Delay of Game5
20092009-11-01DEN@BAL243RAV 4006Delay of Game5
16 Accepted Penalties80