Career Penalties

Career Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
20042004-12-05WAS@NYG1411NYG 4600Offensive Holding6
20052005-10-09WAS@DEN3DEN 301021Illegal Block Above the 10
20052005-12-04WASSTL2414RAM 47710Neutral Zone Infraction5
20052006-01-01WASPHI3WAS 301717Face Mask (15 Yards)15
20062006-09-17WASDAL3418DAL 311710Unnecessary Roughness12
20062006-12-10WAS@PHI442PHI 372116Illegal Block Above the 3
20072007-10-07WAS@DET4WAS 30327Unnecessary Roughness15
20072007-11-04WAS@NYJ249NYJ 42310Delay of Game5
20092009-09-27WASDET3414 50137Illegal Block Above the 9
20092009-10-26WAS@PHI4WAS 302717Illegal Touch Kick5
20092009-12-27WAS@DAL149DAL 3270Offensive Holding8
20112012-01-01OAKSDG3SDG 351324Offensive Holding6
12 Accepted Penalties99