Career Penalties

Career Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
20042004-09-19SFO@NOR341NOR 101723Delay of Game5
20042004-10-03SFOSTL1414RAM 3000Delay of GameD
20062006-10-08SFOOAK445RAI 373420Delay of Game5
20072007-11-12SFO@SEA243SFO 41017Delay of Game5
20082008-10-12SFOPHI241SFO 41614Delay of Game5
20102010-12-12SFOSEA443SEA 484014Delay of Game5
20102011-01-02SFOARI4414CRD 32317Delay of GameD
20112011-09-18SFODAL142SFO 4900Delay of Game5
20112011-09-25SFO@CIN4412SFO 23136Delay of Game5
20112011-12-04SFOSTL448 50260Delay of Game5
20112012-01-22SFONYG441NYG 461410Delay of Game5
20122012-10-14SFONYG245SFO 28310Delay of Game5
20132013-10-06SFOHOU441HTX 1313Delay of Game5
20132013-10-13SFOARI2415CRD 381514Delay of GameD
20132013-11-17SFO@NOR245SFO 371014Delay of Game5
20132014-01-05SFO@GNB3413GNB 331310Delay of Game5
20142014-09-14SFOCHI241SFO 29100Delay of Game5
20142014-10-13SFO@STL443RAM 412417Delay of Game5
20142014-12-20SFOSDG446SDG 413528Delay of GameD
20152015-10-18CLEDEN5423CLE 482323Delay of Game5
16 Accepted Penalties80