2004 Penalties

2004 Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
20042004-09-12PHINYG138PHI 4400Illegal Forward Pass5
20042004-09-20PHIMIN3110MIN 21106Illegal Touch Pass5
20042004-10-03PHI@CHI3210CHI 46163Delay of Game5
20042004-11-15PHI@DAL4315PHI 154221Illegal Forward Pass5
20042004-11-21PHIWAS2110WAS 3076False Start5
20042004-11-28PHI@NYG3313NYG 2676Illegal Forward Pass5
20042004-12-19PHIDAL427PHI 4767Intentional Grounding11
20042005-01-16PHIMIN125MIN 3400Delay of Game5
8 Accepted Penalties46