135 Regular Season Passing Touchdowns

48 Go-Ahead, 9 Tying, Long of 95 yards

9 Years
1966 24
1965 22
1968 21
1963 17
1967 16
1 Team
Cowboys 135
15 Opponents
Giants 22
Redskins 21
Eagles 19
Steelers 18
Cardinals 14
Home 78
Road 57
Sunday 124
Saturday 5
Thursday 4
Monday 2
2nd 47
4th 32
1st 28
3rd 28
30 or more yards 42
10-19 yards 32
4-9 yards 25
20-29 yards 21
3 or fewer yards 15

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
119601960-11-138DAL@GNBL 7-41414Walt KowalczykTrail 0-41Trail 7-41
219601960-11-209DALSFOL 14-26216Jim DoranTrail 0-3Lead 7-3*
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
319611961-09-171DALPITW 27-24417Dick BielskiTrail 17-24Tied 24-24
419611961-09-242DALMINW 21-7420Amos MarshLead 14-7Lead 21-7
519611961-10-013DAL@CLEL 7-2547Don PerkinsTrail 0-25Trail 7-25
619611961-10-084DAL@MINW 28-0112Billy HowtonTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
719611961-10-084DAL@MINW 28-0452Frank ClarkeLead 21-0Lead 28-0
819611961-10-155DALNYGL 10-3115J.W. LockettTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
919611961-10-226DALPHIL 7-4335J.W. LockettTrail 0-22Trail 7-22
1019611961-11-1910DALWAST 28-28140Frank ClarkeTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
1119611961-11-1910DALWAST 28-28315Billy HowtonTrail 7-21Trail 14-21
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
1219621962-09-161DALWAST 35-35258Frank ClarkeTrail 7-14Tied 14-14
1319621962-09-161DALWAST 35-35455Frank ClarkeLead 28-21Lead 35-21
1419621962-10-074DAL@CLEL 10-19336Frank ClarkeTrail 3-10Tied 10-10
1519621962-10-145DALPHIW 41-19357Frank ClarkeLead 17-6Lead 24-6
1619621962-10-287DALSTLL 24-2841Lee FolkinsTrail 17-28Trail 24-28
1719621962-11-048DAL@WASW 38-10211Lee FolkinsTied 3-3Lead 10-3*
1819621962-11-048DAL@WASW 38-1034J.W. LockettLead 17-3Lead 24-3
1919621962-11-119DALNYGL 10-4147Billy HowtonTrail 3-34Trail 10-34
2019621962-11-1810DALCHIL 33-34222Amos BullocksTied 0-0Lead 6-0*
2119621962-11-1810DALCHIL 33-34215Lee FolkinsTrail 6-7Lead 13-7*
2219621962-11-1810DALCHIL 33-34326Billy HowtonLead 19-17Lead 26-17
2319621962-12-0212DALCLEW 45-2122Frank ClarkeTrail 3-7Lead 10-7*
2419621962-12-0212DALCLEW 45-2125Lee FolkinsLead 10-7Lead 17-7
2519621962-12-1614DAL@NYGL 31-41269Billy HowtonTrail 17-28Trail 24-28
2619621962-12-1614DAL@NYGL 31-41416Billy HowtonTrail 24-35Trail 31-35
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
2719631963-09-141DALSTLL 7-34215Pettis NormanTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
2819631963-09-293DAL@WASL 17-21344Billy HowtonTrail 10-14Lead 17-14*
2919631963-10-135DALDETW 17-14211Frank ClarkeTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
3019631963-10-277DAL@PITL 21-2715Frank ClarkeTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
3119631963-10-277DAL@PITL 21-27235Lee FolkinsLead 7-0Lead 14-0
3219631963-10-277DAL@PITL 21-27313Billy HowtonLead 14-6Lead 21-6
3319631963-11-038DALWASW 35-2011Lee FolkinsTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
3419631963-11-038DALWASW 35-20213Frank ClarkeTrail 7-10Lead 14-10*
3519631963-11-038DALWASW 35-2031Lee FolkinsLead 14-13Lead 21-13
3619631963-11-038DALWASW 35-20412Frank ClarkeLead 28-20Lead 35-20
3719631963-11-109DAL@SFOL 24-31115Frank ClarkeTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
3819631963-11-109DAL@SFOL 24-31224Frank ClarkeTied 7-7Lead 14-7*
3919631963-11-109DAL@SFOL 24-31215Billy HowtonLead 14-7Lead 21-7
4019631963-11-1710DALPHIW 27-2011Pettis NormanTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
4119631963-11-1710DALPHIW 27-20314Frank ClarkeLead 17-6Lead 24-6
4219631963-12-1514DAL@STLW 28-24412Pettis NormanTrail 14-24Trail 21-24
4319631963-12-1514DAL@STLW 28-24425Frank ClarkeTrail 21-24Lead 28-24*
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
4419641964-09-121DALSTLL 6-16114Frank ClarkeTied 0-0Lead 6-0*
4519641964-09-273DAL@PITL 17-2327Frank ClarkeTrail 3-9Lead 10-9*
4619641964-10-257DAL@STLW 31-13218Frank ClarkeLead 7-3Lead 14-3
4719641964-11-018DAL@CHIW 24-10231Jim StigerLead 7-3Lead 14-3
4819641964-11-089DAL@NYGW 31-21114Frank ClarkeLead 7-0Lead 14-0
4919641964-11-089DAL@NYGW 31-21248Tommy McDonald*Lead 14-0Lead 21-0
5019641964-11-089DAL@NYGW 31-2148Frank ClarkeLead 21-14Lead 28-14
5119641964-12-0613DAL@PHIL 14-24312Tommy McDonald*Tied 7-7Lead 14-7*
5219641964-12-1314DALPITW 17-1418Pettis NormanLead 3-0Lead 10-0
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
5319651965-09-191DALNYGW 31-2445Bob Hayes*Lead 24-2Lead 31-2
5419651965-09-262DALWASW 27-7145Bob Hayes*Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*
5519651965-10-175DAL@CLEL 17-2325Pettis NormanTrail 3-17Trail 10-17
5619651965-10-175DAL@CLEL 17-23420Pete GentTrail 10-23Trail 17-23
5719651965-10-317DAL@PITL 13-2212J.D. SmithTied 0-0Lead 6-0*
5819651965-10-317DAL@PITL 13-2238Pete GentTrail 6-19Trail 13-19
5919651965-11-078DALSFOW 39-31224Bob Hayes*Trail 7-10Lead 14-10*
6019651965-11-078DALSFOW 39-31434Bob Hayes*Trail 30-31Lead 36-31*
6119651965-11-149DALPITW 24-1711Frank ClarkeTrail 0-7Tied 7-7
6219651965-11-149DALPITW 24-17428Bob Hayes*Tied 17-17Lead 24-17*
6319651965-11-2110DALCLEL 17-2432Pettis NormanTrail 3-17Trail 10-17
6419651965-11-2110DALCLEL 17-24445Bob Hayes*Trail 10-24Trail 17-24
6519651965-11-2811DAL@WASL 31-3416Perry Lee DunnTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
6619651965-11-2811DAL@WASL 31-34453Frank ClarkeLead 24-20Lead 31-20
6719651965-12-0512DAL@PHIW 21-19244Bob Hayes*Trail 7-13Lead 14-13*
6819651965-12-0512DAL@PHIW 21-19321Frank ClarkeTrail 14-16Lead 21-16*
6919651965-12-1113DALSTLW 27-13246Bob Hayes*Trail 3-10Tied 10-10
7019651965-12-1113DALSTLW 27-13423Dan ReevesTied 13-13Lead 20-13*
7119651965-12-1113DALSTLW 27-1343Pettis NormanLead 20-13Lead 27-13
7219651965-12-1914DAL@NYGW 38-20165Bob Hayes*Lead 3-0Lead 10-0
7319651965-12-1914DAL@NYGW 38-20233Bob Hayes*Lead 10-7Lead 17-7
7419651965-12-1914DAL@NYGW 38-20429Buddy DialLead 24-20Lead 31-20
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
7519661966-09-181DALNYGW 52-7274Bob Hayes*Tied 7-7Lead 14-7*
7619661966-09-181DALNYGW 52-722Dan ReevesLead 17-7Lead 24-7
7719661966-09-181DALNYGW 52-721Dan ReevesLead 24-7Lead 31-7
7819661966-09-181DALNYGW 52-7339Bob Hayes*Lead 31-7Lead 38-7
7919661966-09-181DALNYGW 52-7319Dan ReevesLead 38-7Lead 45-7
8019661966-09-252DALMINW 28-17237Bob Hayes*Trail 0-10Trail 7-10
8119661966-09-252DALMINW 28-1748Buddy DialTrail 14-17Lead 21-17*
8219661966-10-023DAL@ATLW 47-14211Dan ReevesLead 10-7Lead 17-7
8319661966-10-023DAL@ATLW 47-14349Bob Hayes*Lead 17-14Lead 24-14
8419661966-10-094DALPHIW 56-7151Dan ReevesTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
8519661966-10-094DALPHIW 56-7124Bob Hayes*Lead 7-0Lead 14-0
8619661966-10-094DALPHIW 56-7136Bob Hayes*Lead 14-0Lead 21-0
8719661966-10-094DALPHIW 56-7323Frank ClarkeLead 28-0Lead 35-0
8819661966-10-094DALPHIW 56-7312Bob Hayes*Lead 35-0Lead 42-0
8919661966-10-236DAL@CLEL 21-3041Frank ClarkeTrail 14-30Trail 21-30
9019661966-10-307DALPITW 52-2121Dan ReevesTrail 0-7Tied 7-7
9119661966-10-307DALPITW 52-2128Dan ReevesLead 17-7Lead 24-7
9219661966-10-307DALPITW 52-21322Frank ClarkeLead 31-14Lead 38-14
9319661966-10-307DALPITW 52-21384Pete GentLead 38-21Lead 45-21
9419661966-11-139DAL@WASW 31-30252Bob Hayes*Lead 7-6Lead 14-6
9519661966-11-139DAL@WASW 31-30395Bob Hayes*Lead 14-6Lead 21-6
9619661966-11-2010DAL@PITW 20-7438Bob Hayes*Lead 13-7Lead 20-7
9719661966-11-2411DALCLEW 26-1426Dan ReevesTrail 6-7Lead 13-7*
9819661966-12-0412DALSTLW 31-17225Bob Hayes*Trail 7-10Lead 14-10*
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
9919671967-09-171DAL@CLEW 21-14122Bob Hayes*Trail 0-7Tied 7-7
10019671967-09-171DAL@CLEW 21-1427Dan ReevesTied 7-7Lead 14-7*
10119671967-09-242DALNYGW 38-24143Bob Hayes*Trail 0-10Trail 7-10
10219671967-09-242DALNYGW 38-2422Dan ReevesTrail 7-10Lead 14-10*
10319671967-09-242DALNYGW 38-24216Pete GentLead 14-10Lead 21-10
10419671967-09-242DALNYGW 38-24420Bob Hayes*Lead 28-17Lead 35-17
10519671967-10-013DALRAML 13-3534Bob Hayes*Trail 6-21Trail 13-21
10619671967-10-084DAL@WASW 17-14325Lance RentzelTrail 0-7Tied 7-7
10719671967-10-084DAL@WASW 17-14436Dan ReevesTrail 10-14Lead 17-14*
10819671967-11-058DALATLW 37-7160Dan ReevesTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
10919671967-11-058DALATLW 37-727Dan ReevesLead 7-0Lead 14-0
11019671967-11-1910DALWASL 20-2726Lance RentzelTrail 0-7Trail 6-7
11119671967-11-2311DALSTLW 46-21259Bob Hayes*Lead 17-14Lead 23-14
11219671967-11-2311DALSTLW 46-21334Bob Hayes*Lead 30-14Lead 37-14
11319671967-11-2311DALSTLW 46-21410Lance RentzelLead 39-21Lead 46-21
11419671967-12-0312DAL@BALL 17-23235Bob Hayes*Trail 0-10Trail 7-10
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
11519681968-09-151DALDETW 59-13150Bob Hayes*Trail 0-6Lead 7-6*
11619681968-09-151DALDETW 59-13223Craig BaynhamLead 17-6Lead 24-6
11719681968-09-293DAL@PHIW 45-1312Dan ReevesTrail 0-3Lead 7-3*
11819681968-09-293DAL@PHIW 45-13211Lance RentzelLead 7-3Lead 14-3
11919681968-09-293DAL@PHIW 45-13344Bob Hayes*Lead 14-13Lead 21-13
12019681968-09-293DAL@PHIW 45-13310Don PerkinsLead 21-13Lead 28-13
12119681968-09-293DAL@PHIW 45-1348Lance RentzelLead 31-13Lead 38-13
12219681968-10-064DAL@STLW 27-1017Don PerkinsTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
12319681968-10-135DALPHIW 34-1419Pettis NormanTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
12419681968-10-135DALPHIW 34-14215Rayfield Wright*Lead 7-0Lead 14-0
12519681968-10-287DALGNBL 17-28118Bob Hayes*Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*
12619681968-10-287DALGNBL 17-28427Craig BaynhamTrail 10-21Trail 17-21
12719681968-11-038DAL@NORW 17-3254Bob Hayes*Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*
12819681968-11-038DAL@NORW 17-3413Bob Hayes*Lead 10-3Lead 17-3
12919681968-11-109DALNYGL 21-2729Bob Hayes*Trail 0-14Trail 7-14
13019681968-11-109DALNYGL 21-27220Lance RentzelTrail 7-14Tied 14-14
13119681968-11-1710DAL@WASW 44-24135Bob Hayes*Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*
13219681968-11-1710DAL@WASW 44-24314Lance RentzelTrail 16-17Lead 23-17*
13319681968-12-0813DALPITW 28-715Craig BaynhamTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
13419681968-12-0813DALPITW 28-7253Bob Hayes*Lead 14-0Lead 21-0
13519681968-12-0813DALPITW 28-7465Lance RentzelLead 21-7Lead 28-7


Playoffs Table
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
119661967-01-0115DALGNBL 27-34468Frank ClarkeTrail 20-34Trail 27-34
Rk Year Date G# Week Tm Opp Result Quarter Dist Scorer/Receiver Score Before Score After
219671967-12-2415DALCLEW 52-1413Craig BaynhamTied 0-0Lead 7-0*
319671967-12-2415DALCLEW 52-14286Bob Hayes*Lead 14-0Lead 21-0
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