Career Penalties

Career Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
20042004-12-13KAN@TEN2OTI 301421Offensive Holding10
20042004-12-19KANDEN1DEN 30147Illegal Block Above the 9
20042005-01-02KAN@SDG1SDG 3003Illegal Block Above the 10
20052005-09-18KANOAK4422RAI 211723Offensive Holding10
20052005-10-16KAN@WAS4424WAS 72128Illegal Block Above the 10
20052005-10-30KAN@SDG149SDG 4300Ineligible Downfield Kic5
20062006-11-23KAN@DEN3KAN 30313Offside on Free Kick5
20072007-11-25TEN@CIN346OTI 33621Fair Catch Interference15
8 Accepted Penalties74

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