Career Penalties

Career Penalties Table
Year Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Tm Opp Penalty Yds D/O
19961996-10-20@244SFO 38140Delay of Game5
19961996-10-20@441SFO 452114Delay of Game5
19961996-10-27145CIN 2100Delay of Game5
19961996-11-17@1421CIN 1100Face Mask5
19961996-12-22445CIN 442424Delay of Game5
19971997-11-02443CIN 493831Delay of Game5
19971997-11-23441JAX 423126Delay of Game4
19981998-11-01CINDEN3CIN 30126Delay of Game5
19991999-10-03NWE@CLE1414NWE 2500Delay of Game5
20002000-09-03NWETAM1413TAM 3730Delay of Game5
20012001-12-30MINGNB376Delay of Game5
11 Accepted Penalties54