Penalty Totals

  • Does not include penalties which were declined or offsetting
Penalty Totals Table
Penalty Total Yds Pen/G Yds/G
False Start58428892.4312.04
Pass Interference25138061.0515.86
Illegal Block1331333.555.55
Unnecessary Roughness1251690.527.04
Face Mask1221009.514.20
Delay of Game118586.492.44
Illegal Use of Hands98746.413.11
Roughing Passer49671.202.80
Illegal Contact36211.15.88
Intentional Grounding34378.141.58
Illegal Motion30150.13.63
Illegal Plyr Downfld28137.12.57
Illegal Forward Pass2179.09.33
Illegal Formation1890.08.38
Running into Kicker15120.06.50
Illegal Touch1437.06.15
Illegal Procedure1073.04.30
Illegal Shift945.04.19
FC Interference8120.03.50
Too Many Men on Field637.03.15
Illegal Crackback690.03.38
Personal Foul445.02.19
Ineligible Receiver317.01.07
Defensive Holding210.01.04
Late Hit230.01.13
Defensive Pass Interference23.01.01
No Data26.01.03
Illegal Fair Catch210.01.04
Illegal Block Above Waist220.01.08
Batting Loose Ball15.00.02
Kickoff OOB15.00.02
Defensive Offside15.00.02
Offensive Holding110.00.04
Offensive Pass Interference110.00.04
Palpably Unfair Act12.00.01
Illegal Substitution15.00.02
Excess Celebration15.00.02
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