Penalty Totals

  • Does not include penalties which were declined or offsetting
Penalty Totals Table
Penalty Total Yds Pen/G Yds/G
False Start72935773.0414.90
Offensive Holding64862162.7025.90
Defensive Pass Interfere24542381.0217.66
Defensive Offside2131029.894.29
Delay of Game170839.713.50
Defensive Holding163863.683.60
Unnecessary Roughness1401863.587.76
Illegal Block Above Wais1101031.464.30
Face Mask (PerFoul-15 yr861140.364.75
Illegal Use of Hands82607.342.53
Illegal Contact68359.281.50
Roughing the Passer64887.273.70
Offensive Pass Interfere63685.262.85
Unsportsmanlike Conduct62825.263.44
Intentional Grounding38440.161.83
Illegal Formation34170.14.71
Face Mask (Incdntl-5 yar33156.14.65
Neutral Zone Infraction24116.10.48
Illegal Motion21105.09.44
Ineligible Downfield Kic20101.08.42
Illegal Shift1890.08.38
Defensive 12 on Field1887.08.36
Illegal Substitution1467.06.28
Roughing the Kicker14180.06.75
Offensive Offside1365.05.27
Fair Catch Interference13191.05.80
Ineligible Downfield Pas1155.05.23
Illegal Touch - Kick930.04.13
Illegal Forward Pass944.04.18
Chop Block8108.03.45
Offensive 12 on Field724.03.10
Kick Out of Bounds515.02.06
Illegal Crackback456.02.23
Illegal Receiver Pass420.02.08
Illegal Touch - Pass420.02.08
Running into the Kicker420.02.08
Low Block340.01.17
Invalid Fair Catch Signa210.01.04
Illegal Kick25.01.02
Offside on Free Kick15.00.02
Face Mask (Personal Foul115.00.06
Offensive Holding, enfor110.00.04
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