Penalty Totals

  • Does not include penalties which were declined or offsetting
Penalty Totals Table
Penalty Total Yds Pen/G Yds/G
Offensive Holding62959922.4623.41
False Start60329542.3611.54
Defensive Pass Interfere2363972.9215.52
Defensive Offside171829.673.24
Unnecessary Roughness1702342.669.15
Defensive Holding147717.572.80
Delay of Game125617.492.41
Neutral Zone Infraction117566.462.21
Illegal Block Above the 106964.413.77
Roughing the Passer881182.344.62
Illegal Use of Hands79508.311.98
Personal Foul791088.314.25
Face Mask (15 Yards)76954.303.73
Offensive Pass Interfere75729.292.85
Illegal Contact65333.251.30
Unsportsmanlike Conduct48652.192.55
Illegal Formation41205.16.80
Defensive 12 On-field33155.13.61
Intentional Grounding29341.111.33
Horse Collar Tackle24324.091.27
Illegal Shift1994.07.37
Offside on Free Kick1785.07.33
Illegal Motion1783.07.32
Player Out of Bounds on 1680.06.31
Illegal Substitution1358.05.23
Defensive Pass Interference972.04.28
Offensive 12 On-field840.03.16
Low Block783.03.32
Illegal Forward Pass731.03.12
Illegal Touch Kick725.03.10
Roughing the Kicker7105.03.41
Illegal Touch Pass730.03.12
Chop Block790.03.35
Fair Catch Interference690.02.35
Ineligible Downfield Pas525.02.10
Ineligible Downfield Kic525.02.10
Illegal Blindside Block566.02.26
Running Into the Kicker525.02.10
Defensive Delay of Game524.02.09
Offensive Offside420.02.08
Illegal Block Above the Waist440.02.16
Interference with Opport460.02.23
Illegal Crackback329.01.11
Illegal Wedge212.01.05
Kickoff Out of Bounds25.01.02
Offensive Pass Interference110.00.04
Invalid Fair Catch Signa15.00.02
Player Out of Bounds on Punt15.00.02
Illegal Bat110.00.04
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