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Elo has been rebooted

Posted by Mike Kania on September 22, 2011

As has many of you may have noticed over the past couple of weeks, the Elo Rater has been slightly off. This is due to both the inadvertent erasure of a DB table on my part (oops) and what appears to be some suspicious voting activity by a certain group of fans (you know who you are). In an effort to wipe the slate clean I have reset the database on purpose this time and repopulated it by running a million matchup simulations weighted towards picking the player with the higher career AV. This should give us a little better starting point instead of having everyone start as equals. To prevent ballot-stuffing, I have implemented a 200 vote per day limit -- I apologize if this keeps you from killing the entirety of your workday by making the agonizing choice between Hugh Green and Larry Hand, but I believe it's necessary.