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Lots of good football articles out there

Posted by Chase Stuart on April 19, 2010

Just a quick roundup of today's articles brings a smile to my face -- it's mid-April, and there are a lot of good football articles out there.

Over at the New York Times fifth down blog....

Chris Brown, of, wrote an excellent, thought-provoking piece on scouting; I agree with a lot of what Chris writes (would I find it excellent if I didn't?). He doubts the ability of most scouts, but he thinks the wisdom of crowds theory means that in the aggregate, scouting ends up working. That jives with my research on AV and the NFL draft and it reminded me of Doug's insane idea three years ago to quit scouting.

Also, my good friends Matt Waldman, Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom of and wrote some great pre-draft articles on subjects ranging from how good is Jonathan Dwyer (if I trust any scout, it's Matt), Ryan Perrilloux's long road back and where will Tim Tebow and other enigmas get drafted.

Brian Burke, of, has a good piece that's titled: Are top draft picks any better than late round picks? My research (along with Brian's) says that the answer is yet, but his piece is really about understanding how and when statistics can be misleading.

Pro Football Talk has had an uneven history, but it's an absolute must-read site these days if you want to be up to date on the news and rumors in the NFL.

The NFL schedule is rumored to come out tomorrow; shortly thereafter, regular Footballguys message board poster SuperJohn96 will post an incredible excel file with his NFL schedule grid, available here. Let me just say that I print out the color version every year and carry it around in my wallet year round.

And then there's the always great blog Dr. Saturday; as we've said before, it's, at a minimum, the best college football blog out there. But it might just be the best blog around.