NFL Standings As Of Week 13 of 2013

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Standings after a week of the season:

AFC Standings

  • * - division winner, + - wild card
AFC Standings Table
Tm W L T W-L% Pts PtsO PtDif MoV
AFC East
New England Patriots*930.750322261613.8
Miami Dolphins660.50025224840.3
New York Jets570.417189310-121-7.6
Buffalo Bills480.333267307-40-2.5
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals*840.667292216764.8
Baltimore Ravens660.500249235140.9
Pittsburgh Steelers570.417263278-15-0.9
Cleveland Browns480.333231297-66-4.1
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts*840.667285274110.7
Tennessee Titans570.417264267-3-0.2
Jacksonville Jaguars390.250174352-178-11.1
Houston Texans2100.167230323-93-5.8
AFC West
Denver Broncos*1020.8334643171479.2
Kansas City Chiefs+930.750298214845.3
San Diego Chargers+570.41727927720.1
Oakland Raiders480.333237300-63-3.9

NFC Standings

  • * - division winner, + - wild card
NFC Standings Table
Tm W L T W-L% Pts PtsO PtDif MoV
NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles*750.583300281191.2
Dallas Cowboys750.583329303261.6
New York Giants570.417237297-60-3.8
Washington Redskins390.250269362-93-5.8
NFC North
Detroit Lions750.583326287392.4
Chicago Bears660.500323332-9-0.6
Green Bay Packers*561.458294305-11-0.7
Minnesota Vikings381.292289366-77-4.8
NFC South
Carolina Panthers*930.7502851571288.0
New Orleans Saints+930.750312230825.1
Atlanta Falcons390.250261340-79-4.9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers390.250217285-68-4.3
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks*1110.9173401861549.6
San Francisco 49ers+840.6672971971006.3
Arizona Cardinals750.583275247281.8
St. Louis Rams570.41727927810.1