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Team Results

Team Results Table
Year Tm Lg Job Title W L T W-L% W plyf L plyf Playoff Result
1959New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1020.83301Lost Conf
1960New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner642.60000
1961New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1031.76901Lost Conf
1962New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1220.85701Lost Conf
1963New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1130.78601Lost Conf
1964New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner2102.16700
1965New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner770.50000
1966New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1121.07700
1967New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner770.50000
1968New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner770.50000
1969New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner680.42900
1970New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner950.64300
1971New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner4100.28600
1972New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner860.57100
1973New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner2111.17900
1974New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner2120.14300
1975New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner590.35700
1976New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner3110.21400
1977New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner590.35700
1978New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner6100.37500
1979New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner6100.37500
1980New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner4120.25000
1981New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner970.56311Lost Div
1982New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner450.44400
1983New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner3121.21900
1984New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner970.56311Lost Div
1985New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1060.62511Lost Div
1986New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1420.87530Won SB
1987New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner690.40000
1988New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1060.62500
1989New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1240.75001Lost Div
1990New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1330.81330Won SB
1991New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner880.50000
1992New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner6100.37500
1993New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1150.68811Lost Div
1994New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner970.56300
1995New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner5110.31300
1996New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner6100.37500
1997New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1051.65601Lost WC
1998New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner880.50000
1999New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner790.43800
2000New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1240.75021Lost SB
2001New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner790.43800
2002New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner1060.62501Lost WC
2003New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner4120.25000
2004New York GiantsNFLCo-Owner6100.37500
Total46 Years33234591212
New York Giants1959-200433234591212