NFL Year-by-Year Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.


  • + indicates Hall of Famer
Leaders Table
Year Player AY/A+ Tm
2017Alex Smith (33)123KAN
2016Matt Ryan (31)145ATL
2015Carson Palmer (35)131ARI
2014Aaron Rodgers (30)135GNB
2013Nick Foles (24)151PHI
2012Robert Griffin (22)123WAS
2012Aaron Rodgers (28)123GNB
2011Aaron Rodgers (27)150GNB
2010Tom Brady (33)127NWE
2009Philip Rivers (27)131SDG
2008Philip Rivers (26)129SDG
2007Tom Brady (30)142NWE
2006Donovan McNabb (29)132PHI
2005Ben Roethlisberger (23)128PIT
2004Peyton Manning (28)149IND
2003Steve McNair (30)129TEN
2002Chad Pennington (26)134NYJ
2001Kurt Warner+ (30)132STL
2000Trent Green (30)139STL
1999Kurt Warner+ (28)133STL
1998Chris Chandler (32)139ATL
1997Steve Young+ (35)133SFO
1996Steve Young+ (34)124SFO
1995Jim Harbaugh (31)139IND
1994Steve Young+ (32)143SFO
1993Steve Young+ (31)133SFO
1992Steve Young+ (30)142SFO
1991Steve Young+ (29)140SFO
1990Jay Schroeder (29)133RAI
1989Joe Montana+ (33)145SFO
1988Boomer Esiason (27)139CIN
1987Bernie Kosar (23)125CLE
1986Tommy Kramer (31)129MIN
1985Ken O'Brien (24)130NYJ
1984Dan Marino+ (22)141MIA
1983Dave Krieg (24)128SEA
1983Joe Theismann (34)128WAS
1982Dan Fouts+ (31)130SDG
1981Ken Anderson (32)132CIN
1980Ron Jaworski (29)129PHI
1979Roger Staubach+ (37)133DAL
1978Roger Staubach+ (36)128DAL
1977Craig Morton (34)125DEN
1976Bert Jones (25)143BAL
1975Ken Anderson (26)129CIN
1974Ken Anderson (25)129CIN
1974Ken Stabler+ (28)129OAK
1973Roger Staubach+ (31)131DAL
1972Earl Morrall (38)136MIA
1971Roger Staubach+ (29)147DAL
1970Craig Morton (27)135DAL
1969Greg Cook (22)126CIN
1969Craig Morton (26)125DAL
1968Bart Starr+ (34)140GNB
1968Len Dawson+ (33)136KAN
1967Fran Tarkenton+ (27)119NYG
1967Daryle Lamonica (26)113OAK
1966Len Dawson+ (31)138KAN
1966Bart Starr+ (32)135GNB
1965Johnny Unitas+ (32)125BAL
1965Len Dawson+ (30)115KAN
1964Johnny Unitas+ (31)136BAL
1964Len Dawson+ (29)129KAN
1963Y.A. Tittle+ (36)131NYG
1963Tom Flores (26)127OAK
1962Len Dawson+ (27)128DTX
1962Eddie LeBaron (32)126DAL
1961George Blanda+ (33)133HOU
1961Billy Wade (30)123CHI
1960Milt Plum (25)135CLE
1960Tom Flores (23)108OAK
1960Butch Songin (36)108BOS
1959Charlie Conerly (37)131NYG
1958Johnny Unitas+ (25)126BAL
1957Eddie LeBaron (27)132WAS
1956Ed Brown (27)134CHI
1955Otto Graham+ (33)142CLE
1954Norm Van Brocklin+ (28)125RAM
1953Otto Graham+ (31)148CLE
1952Tobin Rote (24)126GNB
1951Bob Waterfield+ (31)133RAM
1950Norm Van Brocklin+ (24)129RAM
1949Otto Graham+ (27)141CLE
1949Tommy Thompson (33)122PHI
1948Ray Mallouf (30)127CRD
1948Tommy Thompson (32)127PHI
1948Y.A. Tittle+ (21)127BCL
1947Otto Graham+ (25)146CLE
1947Sammy Baugh+ (33)126WAS
1946Otto Graham+ (24)155CLE
1946Sid Luckman+ (29)116CHI
1945Sammy Baugh+ (31)144WAS
1944Frank Filchock (27)120WAS
1943Sid Luckman+ (26)147CHI
1942Cecil Isbell (27)121GNB
1941Sid Luckman+ (24)145CHI
1940Sammy Baugh+ (26)134WAS
1939Arnie Herber+ (29)139GNB
1938Ed Danowski (26)196NYG
1937Ed Danowski (25)197NYG
1936Arnie Herber+ (26)205GNB
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