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Single game leaders only reflect years for which we have complete boxscore data (1950 onward), all playoff games, and all 100 yard rushing/receiving or 300 yard passing games from 1940-1959.
+ Indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses

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Leaders Table
Rank Player Rate Tm Boxscore
1Terry Bradshaw+158.3PITPittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Colts, December 19, 1976
Peyton Manning+158.3INDIndianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos, January 4, 2004
Don Meredith158.3DALDallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland Browns, December 24, 1967
4Jim Plunkett155.8OAKOakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers, January 11, 1981
5Kurt Warner+154.1ARIArizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers, January 10, 2010
6David Woodley153.8MIAMiami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots, January 8, 1983
7Mark Rypien152.2WASWashington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions, January 12, 1992
8Charlie Conerly152.1NYGNew York Giants vs. Chicago Bears, December 30, 1956
9Phil Simms150.9NYGNew York Giants vs. Denver Broncos, January 25, 1987
10Jeff Hostetler150.8RAILos Angeles Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, January 9, 1994
11Lynn Dickey150.4GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Cardinals, January 8, 1983
12Russell Wilson149.2SEASeattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers, January 10, 2015
13Joe Theismann149.1WASWashington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions, January 8, 1983
14Ben Roethlisberger148.7PITPittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals, January 8, 2006
15Billy Kilmer148.6WASWashington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, December 31, 1972
16Joe Theismann147.7WASWashington Redskins vs. Los Angeles Rams, January 1, 1984
17Joe Montana+147.6SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos, January 28, 1990
18Tobin Rote146.4DETDetroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns, December 29, 1957
19Peyton Manning+145.7INDIndianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos, January 9, 2005
Kurt Warner+145.7ARIArizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles, January 18, 2009
21Tobin Rote145.3SDGSan Diego Chargers vs. Boston Patriots, January 5, 1964
22Jim Plunkett145.0OAKOakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles, January 25, 1981
23Troy Aikman+144.7DALDallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers, January 23, 1994
24Matt Ryan144.1ATLAtlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots, February 5, 2017
25Steve Fuller143.7CHIChicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins, December 30, 1984
26Tony Romo143.6DALDallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers, January 11, 2015
27Bart Starr+143.5GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys, January 1, 1967
28Rodney Peete143.3PHIPhiladelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions, December 30, 1995
29Kurt Warner+143.0STLSt. Louis Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings, January 16, 2000
30Joe Montana+142.5SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings, January 6, 1990
31Chad Pennington142.0NYJNew York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts, January 4, 2003
32Nick Foles 141.4PHIPhiladelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings, January 21, 2018
Tom Brady141.4NWENew England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, January 12, 2008
34Troy Aikman+140.7DALDallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills, January 31, 1993
35Mark Sanchez139.4NYJNew York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals, January 9, 2010
Matt Ryan139.4ATLAtlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers, January 22, 2017
37Peyton Manning+138.7INDIndianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs, January 11, 2004
38Brett Favre+137.6GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks, January 12, 2008
Tom Brady137.6NWENew England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos, January 14, 2012
40Charlie Conerly137.5NYGNew York Giants vs. Baltimore Colts, December 28, 1958
41Daunte Culpepper137.1MINMinnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers, January 9, 2005
42Aaron Rodgers136.8GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons, January 15, 2011
43Joe Montana+136.0SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears, January 8, 1989
44Sid Luckman+135.6CHIChicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins, December 26, 1943
45John Hadl135.4SDGSan Diego Chargers vs. Boston Patriots, January 5, 1964
Dan Marino+135.4MIAMiami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, January 6, 1985
47Steve Young+134.8SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers, January 29, 1995
48Patrick Mahomes134.6KANKansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans, January 12, 2020
49Drew Brees134.4NORNew Orleans Saints vs. Detroit Lions, January 7, 2012
Brett Favre+134.4MINMinnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys, January 17, 2010
51Philip Rivers133.2SDGSan Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts, January 13, 2008