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NFL Combine Results

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NFL Combine Results, in 2019, player played OL, OT, OG or C, ordered by Broad Jump descending

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Rk Year Player Pos Age AV School College Height Wt 40YD Vertical BenchReps Broad Jump 3Cone Shuttle Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
12019Andre DillardOT233Washington StateCollege Stats6-53154.9629.0241187.444.40Philadelphia Eagles / 1st / 22nd pick / 2019
22019Chris LindstromOL222Boston Col.College Stats6-43084.9130.5251177.614.54Atlanta Falcons / 1st / 14th pick / 2019
32019Michael JordanOT214Ohio StateCollege Stats6-63125.2732.5191167.714.71Cincinnati Bengals / 4th / 136th pick / 2019
42019Isaiah PrinceOT211Ohio StateCollege Stats6-63055.0927.0231157.905.02Miami Dolphins / 6th / 202nd pick / 2019
52019Yosh NijmanOTVirginia TechCollege Stats6-7324271148.074.50
62019Trey PipkinsOTSioux Falls6-63095.1233.5161147.614.70
72019Greg LittleOT211MississippiCollege Stats6-53105.3325.01134.74Carolina Panthers / 2nd / 37th pick / 2019
82019Iosua OpetaOLWeber State6-43015.0233.0391128.064.94
92019Connor McGovernOL21Penn StateCollege Stats6-5308281127.664.57Dallas Cowboys / 3rd / 90th pick / 2019
102019Tyler JonesOTNorth Carolina StateCollege Stats6-330631.5231117.754.82
112019Kaleb McGaryOT249WashingtonCollege Stats6-73175.0533.5231117.664.58Atlanta Falcons / 1st / 31st pick / 2019
122019William SweetOTNorth CarolinaCollege Stats6-63135.2730.5231118.015.00
132019Dalton RisnerOT236Kansas StateCollege Stats6-53125.3028.5231107.694.52Denver Broncos / 2nd / 41st pick / 2019
142019Jackson BartonOT23UtahCollege Stats6-73105.1827.0251097.854.66Indianapolis Colts / 7th / 240th pick / 2019
152019Elgton JenkinsOL237Mississippi StateCollege Stats6-431028.0291097.774.62Green Bay Packers / 2nd / 44th pick / 2019
162019Joshua MilesOTMorgan State6-53145.3236.01098.074.75
172019Phil HaynesOL23Wake ForestCollege Stats6-43225.2031.0331087.764.95Seattle Seahawks / 4th / 124th pick / 2019
182019Tyler RoemerOT21San Diego StateCollege Stats6-63125.2130.5181087.754.76
192019Max ScharpingOTNorthern IllinoisCollege Stats6-632728.0271087.774.69
202019Erik McCoyOL217Texas A&MCollege Stats6-43034.8931.0291078.284.62New Orleans Saints / 2nd / 48th pick / 2019
212019Nate DavisOL226CharlotteCollege Stats6-33165.2326.0231077.944.83Tennessee Titans / 3rd / 82nd pick / 2019
222019Michael DeiterOL226WisconsinCollege Stats6-53095.2328.0211057.884.81Miami Dolphins / 3rd / 78th pick / 2019
232019Hjalte FroholdtOL22ArkansasCollege Stats6-53065.2027.5311057.514.54New England Patriots / 4th / 118th pick / 2019
242019Deion CalhounOL23Mississippi StateCollege Stats6-23105.0728.5261057.464.62
252019Andre JamesOTUCLACollege Stats6-42995.3229.0211058.004.84
262019Oli UdohOTElon6-53235.0528.5261057.885.05
272019Cody FordOT227OklahomaCollege Stats6-43295.2128.5191048.274.87Buffalo Bills / 2nd / 38th pick / 2019
282019Garrett BradburyOL238North Carolina StateCollege Stats6-33064.9231.0341047.414.53Minnesota Vikings / 1st / 18th pick / 2019
292019Dennis DaleyOT224South CarolinaCollege Stats6-53175.2326.5201037.954.92Carolina Panthers / 6th / 212th pick / 2019
302019Zack BaileyOLSouth CarolinaCollege Stats6-529928.024103
312019Paul AdamsOTMissouriCollege Stats6-63175.1827.0161037.684.74
322019Tytus HowardOTAlabama State6-53225.0529.5211038.344.87
332019Ryan BatesOLPenn StateCollege Stats6-43065.0927.0281027.454.53
342019Mitch HyattOT22ClemsonCollege Stats6-530325.5281027.724.52
352019Dru SamiaOT210OklahomaCollege Stats6-53055.2927.5281017.894.70Minnesota Vikings / 4th / 114th pick / 2019
362019Jonah WilliamsOT21AlabamaCollege Stats6-43025.1228.0231008.014.79Cincinnati Bengals / 1st / 11th pick / 2019
372019David EdwardsOT216WisconsinCollege Stats6-63085.2825.5997.694.77Los Angeles Rams / 5th / 169th pick / 2019
382019Javon PattersonOL21MississippiCollege Stats6-33075.1327.527987.724.78Indianapolis Colts / 7th / 246th pick / 2019
392019Nate HerbigOL200StanfordCollege Stats6-33355.4124.029908.155.04
402019Derwin GrayOT23MarylandCollege Stats6-43205.262690Pittsburgh Steelers / 7th / 219th pick / 2019
412019Devon JohnsonOTFerris State6-73385.1627.526898.345.28
422019Ross PierschbacherOT230AlabamaCollege Stats6-43075.2022.5207.834.70Washington Redskins / 5th / 153rd pick / 2019
432019Ethan GreenidgeOLVillanova6-4327
442019Jawaan TaylorOT218FloridaCollege Stats6-531224Jacksonville Jaguars / 2nd / 35th pick / 2019
452019Trevon TateOLMemphisCollege Stats6-229322
462019Alex BarsOLNotre DameCollege Stats6-6312
472019Beau BenzschawelOLWisconsinCollege Stats6-63095.2420
482019Yodny CajusteOT23West VirginiaCollege Stats6-531232New England Patriots / 3rd / 101st pick / 2019
492019Chuma EdogaOT213USCCollege Stats6-33085.1921New York Jets / 3rd / 92nd pick / 2019
502019Ben PowersOL220OklahomaCollege Stats6-430721Baltimore Ravens / 4th / 123rd pick / 2019
Rk Year Player Pos Age AV School College Height Wt 40YD Vertical BenchReps Broad Jump 3Cone Shuttle Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
512019Ryan PopeOT22San Diego StateCollege Stats6-732025
522019Fred JohnsonOLFloridaCollege Stats6-7326
532019Bobby EvansOT214OklahomaCollege Stats6-43125.2022Los Angeles Rams / 3rd / 97th pick / 2019
542019Lamont GaillardOL23GeorgiaCollege Stats6-3305Arizona Cardinals / 6th / 179th pick / 2019
552019Donnell GreeneOTMinnesotaCollege Stats6-5335
562019Brandon KnightOTIndianaCollege Stats6-4314
572019Martez IveyOL23FloridaCollege Stats6-5315
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