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In a single season, in 2016, in the Regular Season, from 2nd week to 5th week, requiring Pass Attempts >= 50, sorted by descending Yds/Pass Att

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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
1Matt RyanQB312016NFLATL44008912968.991406102124.486110.9011.75
2Dak PrescottQB232016NFLDAL44008211074.55101240114.77309.209.93
3Philip RiversQB342016NFLSDG41309213667.651226103111.310459.019.49
4Russell WilsonQB272016NFLSEA3210609066.6780640109.86538.969.84
5Derek AndersonQB332016NFLCAR3030365269.234532476.8008.716.02
6Trevor SiemianQB242016NFLDEN3300507566.6764651110.26298.619.35
7Ryan TannehillQB282016NFLMIA41308412766.1410866785.612798.557.02
8Case KeenumQB282016NFLRAM43107111760.689664387.810748.267.79
9Sam BradfordQB282016NFLMIN44008812570.4099060109.78667.928.88
10Brian HoyerQB302016NFLCHI413010014071.43109460108.53137.818.67
11Cam NewtonQB272016NFLCAR31205910059.007805483.710727.807.00
12Ben RoethlisbergerQB342016NFLPIT43109915563.871196123105.28627.728.39
13Carson PalmerQB362016NFLCRD31206611656.908794574.69547.586.33
14Carson WentzQB232016NFLPHI3210699870.4172951104.55187.448.00
15Eli ManningQB352016NFLNYG413010015962.8911782381.77437.416.81
16Kirk CousinsQB282016NFLWAS43109914966.4411037395.68657.407.44
17Matthew StaffordQB282016NFLDET41309214264.7910387491.213717.317.03
18Jacoby BrissettQB232016NFLNWE3210345561.824000083.96467.277.27
19Andy DaltonQB282016NFLCIN413010315765.6111374192.810487.247.46
20Ryan FitzpatrickQB332016NFLNYJ41309215758.6010783962.08296.874.67
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
21Derek CarrQB252016NFLRAI431010515567.741064102103.35216.867.57
22Andrew LuckQB272016NFLCLT422010015863.2910846388.2181096.866.77
23Tyrod TaylorQB272016NFLBUF43107111760.687866290.68446.726.97
24Paxton LynchQB222016NFLDEN2110375962.713932186.37406.666.58
25Marcus MariotaQB222016NFLOTI42207512460.488175479.95226.595.94
26Cody KesslerQB232016NFLCLE3030548166.675292187.94236.536.47
27Aaron RodgersQB322016NFLGNB32105810555.246777385.37376.456.50
28Drew BreesQB372016NFLNOR31208813465.678466388.76486.316.20
29Blaine GabbertQB262016NFLSFO40406511556.527204665.110406.264.61
30Blake BortlesQB242016NFLJAX31207412161.167306577.59486.035.17
31Jameis WinstonQB222016NFLTAM41309817556.0010465766.512915.984.75
32Alex SmithQB322016NFLKAN31207512062.507103183.710475.926.04
33Brock OsweilerQB252016NFLHTX42208715356.869024666.49745.904.65
34Joe FlaccoQB312016NFLRAV422011618363.3910244476.47535.605.05
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