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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player From To Lg Tm G W L T W-L% Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
401Stan Gelbaugh19891996NFLTOT204160.20019239149.102100102250.5463775.373.35
402Matt Robinson19771982TOT6934350.49324452346.653519183850.21106.734.15
403Ryan Leaf19982001NFLTOT254210.16031765548.403666143650.0653775.603.55
404Steve Pisarkiewicz19781980NFLTOT10370.3006414344.768043749.45.623.84
405Bobby Douglass19701978NFLTOT8223572.293439103042.625720315648.15.553.71
406Joe Reed19721979TOT5022271.45022551343.862825183148.15.513.49
407Rick Arrington19701972NFLPHI174121.2659720447.559503947.64.662.97
408Bill Troup19741980TOT4324190.55816632850.612047102647.46.243.28
409Pete Beathard19701973NFLTOT3616182.47211727043.331788112147.06.623.94
410Gary Huff19731978NFLTOT5717400.29839278849.754329165046.85.493.04
411David Humm19751984NFLTOT9564310.6746313745.997533846.310185.503.31
412Babe Laufenberg19861990TOT164120.2509321144.08105751145.9221845.013.14
413Terry Hanratty19701976NFLTOT4223190.54811330537.051794162244.95.883.69
414Brent Pease19871988NFLOTI201190.5506213545.937923944.47545.873.31
415Jerry Tagge19721974NFLGNB18990.50013628148.40158331744.25.633.12
416Steve Myer19771979NFLSEA12570.4178316051.8885161443.55.322.13
417Art Schlichter19821985NFLCLT131120.0779120245.05100631142.6282114.982.83
418Kent Nix19701972NFLTOT215160.2388420141.79104791640.45.212.52
419Spergon Wynn20002001NFLTOT100100.0007015246.055851739.5221543.851.91
420Mike Taliaferro19701972NFLTOT163130.1889420645.63104751539.05.082.29
Rk Player From To Lg Tm G W L T W-L% Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
421Pat Sullivan19721975ATL3011190.3679322042.27115551636.55.252.43
422Jerry Golsteyn19771983NFLTOT217140.3339221742.40107721336.27524.962.45
423Gary Marangi19741976NFLBUF193160.15810428336.751373122136.14.852.36
424Don Horn19701974NFLTOT4418233.44312125747.08150662434.65.862.12
425Joe Kapp19701970NFLNWE111100.0919821944.75110431732.65.041.82
426Nathan Peterman20172018NFLBUF8170.1256813052.3154831232.58394.220.52
427Scott Bull19761978SFO3612240.3337619339.3899231724.85.141.49
428Kim McQuilken19741979NFLTOT268180.30810827239.71113542917.94.17-0.33
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