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In a single game, in 1996, in 4th week of season, requiring Pass Attempts >= 1, sorted by descending Passer Rating

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Query Results

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Query Results Table
Rk Player Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
1Stan Humphries31.1611996-09-22NFLSDG@OAKW 40-3444Sun182572.0022640139.3189.0412.24
2Billy Joe Hobert25.2581996-09-22NFLOAKSDGL 34-4044Sun81266.6710720134.4198.9212.25
3Scott Mitchell 28.2641996-09-22NFLDETCHIW 35-1644Sun243470.5933641129.04279.8810.91
4Dave Brown26.2101996-09-22NFLNYG@NYJW 13-644Sun91369.2311110121.0118.5410.08
5Mark Brunell26.0051996-09-22NFLJAX@NWEL 25-2844Sun233958.9743231112.321911.0811.46
6Steve Beuerlein31.1991996-09-22NFLCARSFOW 23-734Sun223170.9729021108.33189.359.19
7Jim Harbaugh 32.2751996-09-23NFLINDMIAW 10-644Mon192576.001201098.73144.805.60
8Dan Marino*35.0081996-09-23NFLMIA@INDL 6-1044Mon5862.50670089.1008.388.38
9Brett Favre *26.3481996-09-22NFLGNB@MINL 21-3044Sun142751.851982185.17417.337.15
10Jeff Hostetler35.1531996-09-22NFLOAKSDGL 34-4044Sun264459.092933282.93206.665.98
11Bernie Kosar32.3031996-09-23NFLMIA@INDL 6-1044Mon152268.181220082.05275.555.55
12Kent Graham27.3261996-09-22NFLARI@NORW 28-1444Sun112544.001651079.6106.607.40
13Steve Young*34.3471996-09-22NFLSFO@CARL 7-2334Sun244060.002671177.84156.686.05
14Jeff George28.2891996-09-22NFLATLPHIL 18-3334Sun162369.572171277.61109.436.39
15Warren Moon*39.3091996-09-22NFLMINGNBW 30-2144Sun244060.002802277.12177.005.75
16Rodney Peete30.1901996-09-22NFLPHI@ATLW 33-1844Sun162955.171990076.7346.866.86
17Steve Bono34.1341996-09-22NFLKANDENW 17-1444Sun203557.142421176.12116.916.20
18Drew Bledsoe24.2211996-09-22NFLNWEJAXW 28-2544Sun274461.362551175.54255.805.23
19Erik Kramer31.3211996-09-22NFLCHI@DETL 16-3544Sun234650.002612172.82135.675.57
20Rick Mirer 26.1871996-09-22NFLSEA@TAMW 17-1344Sun203754.052091168.43115.654.97
Rk Player Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
21Jim Everett33.2631996-09-22NFLNORARIL 14-2844Sun183354.551641165.73224.974.21
22Neil O'Donnell30.0811996-09-22NFLNYJNYGL 6-1344Sun223857.891490155.74193.922.74
23Bobby Hebert36.0341996-09-22NFLATLPHIL 18-3334Sun172665.381491353.7255.731.31
24Trent Dilfer24.1931996-09-22NFLTAMSEAL 13-1744Sun152657.691180153.02124.542.81
25Todd Collins24.3221996-09-22NFLBUFDALW 10-744Sun111764.71870152.8275.122.47
26Gus Frerotte25.0531996-09-22NFLWAS@STLW 17-1044Sun122352.171511251.2006.573.52
27Alex Van Pelt26.1441996-09-22NFLBUFDALW 10-744Sun2540.0090047.9001.801.80
28Brad Johnson 28.0091996-09-22NFLMINGNBW 30-2144Sun010.0000039.6000.000.00
29Paul Justin28.1271996-09-23NFLINDMIAW 10-644Mon010.0000039.6000.000.00
30Harvey Williams29.1531996-09-22NFLOAKSDGL 34-4044Sun010.0000039.6000.000.00
31Sherman Williams23.0401996-09-22NFLDAL@BUFL 7-1044Sun010.0000039.6000.000.00
32John Elway*36.0861996-09-22NFLDEN@KANL 14-1744Sun143046.671560234.92185.202.20
33Steve Walsh29.2961996-09-22NFLSTLWASL 10-1734Sun183650.001770329.5144.921.17
34Troy Aikman*29.3061996-09-22NFLDAL@BUFL 7-1044Sun163348.481640325.3144.970.88
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