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Query Results Table
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
1Landry Jones27-2722017-01-01NFLPITCLEW 27-241617Sun
2Andrew Luck27-1112017-01-01NFLINDJAXW 24-201617Sun
3Ben Roethlisberger34-2982016-12-25NFLPITBALW 31-271516Sun
4Colin Kaepernick29-0512016-12-24NFLSFO@LARW 22-211516Sat
5Matt Moore32-1372016-12-24NFLMIA@BUFW 34-311516Sat
6Tom Savage26-2422016-12-24NFLHOUCINW 12-101516Sat
7Derek Carr25-2652016-12-18NFLOAK@SDGW 19-161415Sun
8Marcus Mariota23-0492016-12-18NFLTEN@KANW 19-171415Sun
9Dak Prescott23-1422016-12-18NFLDALTAMW 26-201415Sun
10Ben Roethlisberger34-2912016-12-18NFLPIT@CINW 24-201415Sun
11Tom Savage26-2362016-12-18NFLHOUJAXW 21-201415Sun
12Sam Bradford29-0332016-12-11NFLMIN@JAXW 25-161314Sun
13Kirk Cousins28-1142016-12-11NFLWAS@PHIW 27-221314Sun
14Bryce Petty25-1942016-12-11NFLNYJ@SFOW 23-171314Sun
15Matthew Stafford28-3082016-12-11NFLDETCHIW 20-171314Sun
16Derek Carr25-2512016-12-04NFLOAKBUFW 38-241213Sun
17Carson Palmer36-3432016-12-04NFLARIWASW 31-231213Sun
18Jameis Winston22-3332016-12-04NFLTAM@SDGW 28-211213Sun
19Dak Prescott23-1252016-12-01NFLDAL@MINW 17-151213Thu
20Tom Brady39-1162016-11-27NFLNWE@NYJW 22-171112Sun
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
21Derek Carr25-2442016-11-27NFLOAKCARW 35-321112Sun
22Alex Smith32-2042016-11-27NFLKAN@DENW 30-271112Sun
23Tyrod Taylor27-1162016-11-27NFLBUFJAXW 28-211112Sun
24Matthew Stafford28-2912016-11-24NFLDETMINW 16-131112Thu
25Derek Carr25-2382016-11-21NFLOAKHOUW 27-201011Mon
26Matthew Stafford28-2872016-11-20NFLDETJAXW 26-191011Sun
27Ryan Tannehill28-1162016-11-20NFLMIA@LARW 14-101011Sun
28Eli Manning35-3162016-11-14NFLNYGCINW 21-20910Mon
29Dak Prescott23-1072016-11-13NFLDAL@PITW 35-30910Sun
30Trevor Siemian24-3232016-11-13NFLDEN@NORW 25-231010Sun
31Alex Smith32-1902016-11-13NFLKAN@CARW 20-17910Sun
32Ryan Tannehill28-1092016-11-13NFLMIA@SDGW 31-24910Sun
33Carson Wentz23-3192016-11-13NFLPHIATLW 24-15910Sun
34Russell Wilson27-3502016-11-13NFLSEA@NWEW 31-24910Sun
35Matthew Stafford28-2732016-11-06NFLDET@MINW 22-1699Sun
36Drew Brees37-2892016-10-30NFLNORSEAW 25-2078Sun
37Derek Carr25-2162016-10-30NFLOAK@TAMW 30-2488Sun
38Kirk Cousins28-0722016-10-30NFLWAS@CINT 27-2788Sun
39Andy Dalton29-0012016-10-30NFLCINWAST 27-2788Sun
40Dak Prescott23-0932016-10-30NFLDALPHIW 29-2378Sun
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
41Matt Ryan31-1662016-10-30NFLATLGNBW 33-3288Sun
42Andrew Luck27-0412016-10-23NFLIND@TENW 34-2677Sun
43Philip Rivers34-3202016-10-23NFLSDG@ATLW 33-3077Sun
44Matthew Stafford28-2592016-10-23NFLDETWASW 20-1777Sun
45Ryan Tannehill28-0882016-10-23NFLMIABUFW 28-2577Sun
46Russell Wilson27-3292016-10-23NFLSEA@ARIT 6-667Sun
47Blake Bortles24-1712016-10-16NFLJAX@CHIW 17-1656Sun
48Eli Manning35-2872016-10-16NFLNYGBALW 27-2366Sun
49Brock Osweiler25-3292016-10-16NFLHOUINDW 26-2366Sun
50Matthew Stafford28-2522016-10-16NFLDETLARW 31-2866Sun
51Russell Wilson27-3222016-10-16NFLSEAATLW 26-2456Sun
52Andrew Luck27-0272016-10-09NFLINDCHIW 29-2355Sun
53Matthew Stafford28-2452016-10-09NFLDETPHIW 24-2355Sun
54Drew Brees37-2612016-10-02NFLNOR@SDGW 35-3444Sun
55Derek Carr25-1882016-10-02NFLOAK@BALW 28-2744Sun
56Kirk Cousins28-0442016-10-02NFLWASCLEW 31-2044Sun
57Case Keenum28-2282016-10-02NFLLAR@ARIW 17-1344Sun
58Kirk Cousins28-0372016-09-25NFLWAS@NYGW 29-2733Sun
59Joe Flacco31-2532016-09-25NFLBAL@JAXW 19-1733Sun
60Andrew Luck27-0132016-09-25NFLINDSDGW 26-2233Sun
Rk Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
61Trevor Siemian24-2742016-09-25NFLDEN@CINW 29-1733Sun
62Joe Flacco31-2462016-09-18NFLBAL@CLEW 25-2022Sun
63Marcus Mariota22-3242016-09-18NFLTEN@DETW 16-1522Sun
64Dak Prescott23-0512016-09-18NFLDAL@WASW 27-2322Sun
65Derek Carr25-1672016-09-11NFLOAK@NORW 35-3411Sun
66Andy Dalton28-3182016-09-11NFLCIN@NYJW 23-2211Sun
67Jimmy Garoppolo24-3142016-09-11NFLNWE@ARIW 23-2111Sun
68Eli Manning35-2522016-09-11NFLNYG@DALW 20-1911Sun
69Brock Osweiler25-2942016-09-11NFLHOUCHIW 23-1411Sun
70Alex Smith32-1272016-09-11NFLKANSDGW 33-2711Sun
71Matthew Stafford28-2172016-09-11NFLDET@INDW 39-3511Sun
72Russell Wilson27-2872016-09-11NFLSEAMIAW 12-1011Sun
73Trevor Siemian24-2572016-09-08NFLDENCARW 21-2011Thu
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