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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
1LaDainian Tomlinson*2003SDG410.8005
2Tiki Barber2005NYG310.7504
3Jim Brown*1963CLE4001.0004
4Earl Campbell*1980HOU4001.0004
5Marshall Faulk*1999STL4001.0004
6Walter Payton*1977CHI4001.0004
7O.J. Simpson*1973BUF4001.0004
8O.J. Simpson*1975BUF220.5004
9Jay Ajayi2016MIA3001.0003
10Le'Veon Bell2014PIT210.6673
11Clem Daniels1963OAK3001.0003
12Terrell Davis*1997DEN3001.0003
13Charley Hennigan1961HOU201.8333
14Chris Johnson2009TEN210.6673
15Adrian Peterson2012MIN210.6673
16Lance Alworth*1963SDG2001.0002
17Mike Anderson2000DEN2001.0002
18William Andrews1983ATL110.5002
19Otis Armstrong1974DEN101.7502
20Tiki Barber2006NYG2001.0002
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
21Greg Bell1989RAM2001.0002
22Le'Veon Bell2016PIT2001.0002
23Jerome Bettis*1993RAM2001.0002
24Ronnie Brown2007MIA020.0002
25Timmy Brown1965PHI110.5002
26Kelvin Bryant1988WAS2001.0002
27Jamaal Charles2012KAN110.5002
28Joe Cribbs1981BUF2001.0002
29Terrell Davis*1996DEN2001.0002
30Terrell Davis*1998DEN2001.0002
31Joe Delaney1981KAN2001.0002
32Eric Dickerson*1983RAM110.5002
33Eric Dickerson*1984RAM2001.0002
34Corey Dillon1999CIN2001.0002
35Corey Dillon2000CIN2001.0002
36Marshall Faulk*2000STL2001.0002
37Marshall Faulk*2001STL2001.0002
38Marshall Faulk*2002STL2001.0002
39Chuck Foreman1976MIN2001.0002
40Arian Foster2010HOU2001.0002
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
41Eddie George2000TEN2001.0002
42Josh Gordon2013CLE020.0002
43Hoyle Granger1967HOU2001.0002
44Ahman Green2003GNB110.5002
45Todd Gurley2017LAR2001.0002
46Priest Holmes2001KAN110.5002
47Priest Holmes2002KAN110.5002
48Kareem Hunt2017KAN2001.0002
49Steven Jackson2006STL110.5002
50Edgerrin James2000IND2001.0002
51Lionel James1985SDG2001.0002
52Alshon Jeffery2013CHI020.0002
53Calvin Johnson2011DET110.5002
54Calvin Johnson2012DET020.0002
55Larry Johnson2005KAN2001.0002
56Jamal Lewis2003BAL2001.0002
57Doug Martin2012TAM2001.0002
58Ollie Matson*1954CRD110.5002
59Don Maynard*1968NYJ110.5002
60Deuce McAllister2003NOR110.5002
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
61Freeman McNeil1985NYJ2001.0002
62Stump Mitchell1985STL020.0002
63DeMarco Murray2014DAL110.5002
64Willie Parker2006PIT2001.0002
65Adrian Peterson2007MIN2001.0002
66Clinton Portis2002DEN2001.0002
67Clinton Portis2003DEN110.5002
68Greg Pruitt1975CLE2001.0002
69Barry Sanders*1994DET2001.0002
70Barry Sanders*1997DET2001.0002
71Gale Sayers*1966CHI2001.0002
72O.J. Simpson*1976BUF020.0002
73Billy Sims1980DET2001.0002
74Emmitt Smith*1993DAL2001.0002
75Fred Taylor1998JAX2001.0002
76LaDainian Tomlinson*2002SDG2001.0002
77LaDainian Tomlinson*2005SDG2001.0002
78LaDainian Tomlinson*2006SDG2001.0002
79Michael Turner2008ATL2001.0002
80Herschel Walker1986DAL110.5002
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
81Ricky Watters2000SEA110.5002
82Brian Westbrook2008PHI2001.0002
83Delvin Williams1976SFO020.0002
84Ricky Williams2002MIA110.5002
85Joseph Addai2006IND1001.0001
86Joseph Addai2007IND010.0001
87Shaun Alexander2001SEA1001.0001
88Shaun Alexander2002SEA1001.0001
89Shaun Alexander2004SEA1001.0001
90Shaun Alexander2006SEA1001.0001
91Anthony Allen1987WAS1001.0001
92Marcus Allen*1984RAI1001.0001
93Marcus Allen*1985RAI1001.0001
94Marcus Allen*1986RAI010.0001
95Lance Alworth*1964SDG1001.0001
96Lance Alworth*1965SDG1001.0001
97Lance Alworth*1967SDG010.0001
98Alan Ameche1956BAL1001.0001
99Flipper Anderson1989RAM1001.0001
100Gary Anderson1988SDG1001.0001
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