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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
101Neil Lomax1984STL010.0001
102Don Majkowski1990GNB010.0001
103Don Majkowski1992GNB010.0001
104Eli Manning2010NYG010.0001
105Peyton Manning2000IND010.0001
106Dan Marino*1985MIA1001.0001
107Josh McCown2013CHI1001.0001
108Jim McMahon1991PHI1001.0001
109Steve McNair1998TEN010.0001
110Steve McNair2004TEN1001.0001
111Cade McNown2000CHI1001.0001
112Chris Miller1994RAM010.0001
113Chris Miller1995STL1001.0001
114Scott Mitchell1995DET010.0001
115Joe Montana*1987SFO1001.0001
116Joe Montana*1990SFO1001.0001
117Warren Moon*1986HOU1001.0001
118Bill Munson1968DET1001.0001
119Dan Orlovsky2008DET010.0001
120Kyle Orton2011DEN010.0001
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
121Brock Osweiler2016HOU010.0001
122Carson Palmer2009CIN1001.0001
123Babe Parilli1957GNB1001.0001
124Babe Parilli1958GNB1001.0001
125Doug Pederson1998GNB010.0001
126Chad Pennington2006NYJ1001.0001
127Jake Plummer1999ARI010.0001
128Jim Plunkett1976SFO1001.0001
129Dak Prescott2016DAL1001.0001
130Philip Rivers2007SDG010.0001
131Philip Rivers2015SDG010.0001
132John Roach1963GNB1001.0001
133Ben Roethlisberger2013PIT1001.0001
134Matt Ryan2008ATL1001.0001
135Matt Ryan2013ATL010.0001
136Matt Ryan2014ATL010.0001
137Mark Sanchez2014PHI010.0001
138Matt Schaub2008HOU1001.0001
139Jay Schroeder1986WAS1001.0001
140Phil Simms1985NYG010.0001
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
141Alex Smith2009SFO010.0001
142Alex Smith2012SFO1001.0001
143Matthew Stafford2011DET010.0001
144Matthew Stafford2014DET010.0001
145Matthew Stafford2015DET1001.0001
146Matthew Stafford2016DET010.0001
147Matthew Stafford2017DET1001.0001
148Bart Starr*1959GNB1001.0001
149Bart Starr*1965GNB1001.0001
150Bart Starr*1970GNB010.0001
151Fran Tarkenton*1971NYG1001.0001
152Fran Tarkenton*1973MIN1001.0001
153Fran Tarkenton*1975MIN1001.0001
154Vinny Testaverde2007CAR010.0001
155Joe Theismann1983WAS010.0001
156Y.A. Tittle*1959SFO010.0001
157Richard Todd1979NYJ1001.0001
158Mike Tomczak1991GNB010.0001
159Johnny Unitas*1964BAL1001.0001
160Norm Van Brocklin*1958PHI010.0001
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
161Russell Wilson2015SEA010.0001
162Jameis Winston2017TAM010.0001
163Randy Wright1985GNB1001.0001
164Randy Wright1986GNB010.0001
165Randy Wright1987GNB010.0001
166Jim Zorn1981SEA010.0001
167Jim Zorn1985GNB010.0001
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