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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
101John Brodie1964SFO030.0003
102John Brodie1966SFO210.6673
103John Brodie1968SFO030.0003
104John Brodie1971SFO120.3333
105Aaron Brooks2001NOR030.0003
106Ed Brown1963PIT111.5003
107Ed Brown1964PIT030.0003
108Quincy Carter2003DAL030.0003
109Kerry Collins2004OAK030.0003
110Tim Couch2001CLE120.3333
111Daunte Culpepper2002MIN030.0003
112Andy Dalton2013CIN120.3333
113Gary Danielson1982DET120.3333
114Len Dawson*1963KAN021.1673
115Len Dawson*1967KAN030.0003
116Jake Delhomme2009CAR030.0003
117Lynn Dickey1971HOU021.1673
118Lynn Dickey1982GNB120.3333
119Lynn Dickey1984GNB120.3333
120Trent Dilfer1995TAM030.0003
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
121Bobby Douglass1971CHI030.0003
122Tony Eason1985NWE030.0003
123John Elway*1985DEN210.6673
124Craig Erickson1993TAM030.0003
125Jim Everett1992RAM030.0003
126Brett Favre*1999GNB120.3333
127Brett Favre*2000GNB120.3333
128Brett Favre*2003GNB120.3333
129Brett Favre*2004GNB120.3333
130Brett Favre*2005GNB030.0003
131Brett Favre*2010MIN030.0003
132Vince Ferragamo1980RAM120.3333
133Vince Ferragamo1983RAM030.0003
134Ryan Fitzpatrick2011BUF030.0003
135Joe Flacco2013BAL120.3333
136Tom Flores1961OAK030.0003
137Tom Flores1964OAK111.5003
138Dan Fouts*1979SDG210.6673
139Josh Freeman2009TAM030.0003
140Josh Freeman2011TAM030.0003
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
141Trent Green2001KAN030.0003
142Steve Grogan1975NWE030.0003
143Steve Grogan1977NWE120.3333
144Steve Grogan1980NWE120.3333
145Pat Haden1979RAM030.0003
146John Hadl1965SDG021.1673
147John Hadl1971SDG030.0003
148Caleb Hanie2011CHI030.0003
149Joey Harrington2003DET030.0003
150Jim Hart1979STL120.3333
151Bobby Hebert1992NOR210.6673
152Bobby Hebert1996ATL030.0003
153Chad Henne2010MIA030.0003
154George Herring1961DEN030.0003
155King Hill1963PHI021.1673
156Gary Huff1977TAM030.0003
157Stan Humphries1990WAS120.3333
158Stan Humphries1996SDG120.3333
159Ron Jaworski1977PHI030.0003
160Ron Jaworski1985PHI030.0003
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
161Brad Johnson2003TAM030.0003
162Charley Johnson1962STL030.0003
163Charley Johnson1970HOU120.3333
164Randy Johnson1967ATL030.0003
165Jim Kelly*1996BUF120.3333
166Jack Kemp1960LAC120.3333
167Jack Kemp1961SDG210.6673
168Jack Kemp1963BUF030.0003
169Jack Kemp1967BUF120.3333
170Bill Kenney1981KAN120.3333
171Jon Kitna2000SEA030.0003
172Jon Kitna2001CIN030.0003
173Jon Kitna2002CIN030.0003
174Jon Kitna2006DET030.0003
175Jeff Komlo1979DET120.3333
176Tommy Kramer1980MIN030.0003
177Tommy Kramer1985MIN030.0003
178Dave Krieg1985SEA030.0003
179Dave Krieg1990SEA120.3333
180Greg Landry1973DET021.1673
Rk Player Year Tm W L T W-L% Count
181Bobby Layne*1961PIT120.3333
182Andrew Luck2012IND120.3333
183Oliver Luck1983HOU030.0003
184Ed Luther1983SDG030.0003
185Tommy Maddox2003PIT030.0003
186Mark Malone1987PIT030.0003
187Archie Manning1979NOR210.6673
188Peyton Manning1998IND030.0003
189Peyton Manning2001IND030.0003
190Peyton Manning2002IND030.0003
191Peyton Manning2010IND030.0003
192Gary Marangi1976BUF030.0003
193Dan Marino*1986MIA030.0003
194John McCormick1965DEN120.3333
195John McCormick1966DEN030.0003
196Paul McDonald1984CLE030.0003
197Steve McNair2002TEN030.0003
198Don Meredith1966DAL111.5003
199Chris Miller1990ATL030.0003
200Scott Mitchell1996DET030.0003
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