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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff PYds PRYds KOYds KRYds
1975-01-12SteelersVikings48:4632PIT 429-6Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Larry Brown for 30 yards (tackle by Jackie Wallace)301.0303.7102.6800
1975-01-12SteelersVikings20:56211PIT 92-0Franco Harris for 25 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)25-0.8501.2002.0500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings314:28210MIN 302-0Franco Harris for 24 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)243.0305.8302.8000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings210:5738PIT 240-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 22 yards (tackle by Jackie Wallace)22-0.5601.9902.5500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings111:30115PIT 370-0Rocky Bleier for 18 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)181.4002.5901.1900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings20:27211PIT 332-0Terry Bradshaw for 17 yards (tackle by Alan Page)170.5202.2601.7400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings410:289-6Fred Cox kicks off 53 yards, returned by Reggie Harrison for 17 yards170.0001.2001.2005317
1975-01-12SteelersVikings47:04215MIN 339-6Rocky Bleier for 17 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)172.4904.5102.0200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings115:000-0Fred Cox kicks off 48 yards, returned by Preston Pearson for 15 yards150.0001.4001.4004815
1975-01-12SteelersVikings16:3337MIN 410-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Larry Brown for 15 yards (tackle by Randy Poltl)151.8203.8402.0200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings42:0037MIN 3816-6Franco Harris for 15 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)152.0204.0402.0200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings12:5121MIN 430-0Franco Harris for 14 yards (tackle by Jim Marshall)142.8003.640.8400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings110:24221PIT 440-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Frank Lewis for 12 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)120.5601.490.9300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings12:28110MIN 290-0Terry Bradshaw for 11 yards113.6404.370.7300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings313:4629MIN 98-0Franco Harris for 9 yards, touchdown94.3807.0002.6200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings311:16110PIT 279-0Franco Harris for 9 yards (tackle by Alan Page)90.7401.410.6700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings213:18315PIT 100-0Rocky Bleier for 8 yards. Rocky Bleier fumbles, recovered by Randy Poltl8-2.010-3.970-1.9600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings310:10110PIT 409-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 8 yards (tackle by Jackie Wallace)81.6002.130.5300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings412:44110PIT 79-0Franco Harris for 8 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)8-0.380-0.140.2400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings49:20210PIT 349-6Franco Harris for 8 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)80.6601.030.3700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings40:51311MIN 2416-6Rocky Bleier for 7 yards (tackle by Gary Larsen)72.6802.390-0.2900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings210:21110PIT 460-0Rocky Bleier for 6 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)61.9902.260.2700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings32:31110PIT 409-0Franco Harris for 6 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)61.6001.860.2600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings45:2235MIN 119-6Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Rocky Bleier for 6 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)63.9406.0602.1200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings41:40110MIN 2316-6Rocky Bleier for 6 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)64.0404.380.3400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings213:36110PIT 150-0Franco Harris for 5 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)5-0.2200.080.3000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings27:01110PIT 352-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Rocky Bleier for 5 yards (tackle by Roy Winston)51.2701.400.1300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings39:04110MIN 489-0Terry Bradshaw for 5 yards (tackle by Alan Page)52.3902.520.1300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings111:08110MIN 450-0Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Alan Page)42.5902.580-0.0100
1975-01-12SteelersVikings16:09110MIN 260-0Rocky Bleier for 4 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)43.8403.840.0000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings13:37110PIT 480-0Rocky Bleier for 4 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)42.1302.120-0.0100
1975-01-12SteelersVikings310:4321PIT 369-0Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Roy Winston)41.4101.600.1900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings39:3722PIT 489-0Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Roy Winston)42.1302.390.2600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings46:30110MIN 169-6Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)44.5104.570.0600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings43:3834MIN 415-6Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Larry Brown for 4 yards, touchdown44.4907.0002.5100
1975-01-12SteelersVikings114:52110PIT 370-0Rocky Bleier for 3 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)31.4001.260-0.1400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings16:57210MIN 440-0Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)32.1101.820-0.2900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings211:33211PIT 210-0Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Roy Winston)3-0.270-0.560-0.2900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings30:3129MIN 489-0Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)31.9201.620-0.3000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings15:4526MIN 220-0Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)23.8403.400-0.4400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings11:42210MIN 180-0Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Alan Page)23.8003.300-0.5000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings29:4524MIN 480-0Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)22.2601.820-0.4400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings26:3525PIT 402-0Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)21.4000.960-0.4400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings44:4815MIN 59-6Franco Harris for 2 yards26.0605.530-0.5300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings43:07110MIN 4116-6Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)22.8502.580-0.2700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings38:3125MIN 439-0Terry Bradshaw for 1 yard (tackle by Alan Page)12.5201.950-0.5700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings31:01110MIN 499-0Franco Harris for 1 yard (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)12.3201.920-0.4000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings45:5626MIN 129-6Franco Harris for 1 yard (tackle by Roy Winston)14.5703.940-0.6300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings42:3428MIN 3916-6Franco Harris for 1 yard (tackle by Jim Marshall)12.5802.020-0.5600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings113:31412PIT 350-0Bobby Walden punts 52 yards0-1.040-0.0401.00520
1975-01-12SteelersVikings111:52110PIT 420-0Pittsburgh penalized 5 for false start (Mullins).01.7301.400-0.3300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings110:4626MIN 410-0Harris run right, loss of 3. Play nullified and Pittsburgh penalized 15 for clipping.02.5800.560-2.0200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings19:40417PIT 480-0Bobby Walden punts 39 yards0-0.1900.280.47390
1975-01-12SteelersVikings17:21110MIN 440-0Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Frank Lewis02.6502.110-0.5400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings15:2134MIN 200-0Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Frank Lewis03.4002.200-1.2000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings14:5744MIN 200-0Roy Gerela 37 yard field goal no good02.200-0.280-2.4800
1975-01-12SteelersVikings13:1426MIN 480-0Shanklin reverse, no gain. Play nullified and Minnesota penalized 5 for offsides.02.1202.800.6800
1975-01-12SteelersVikings12:05110MIN 180-0Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Doug Sutherland)04.3703.800-0.5700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings11:1938MIN 160-0Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Frank Lewis03.3002.380-0.9200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings213:3025PIT 200-0Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for John Stallworth00.080-0.760-0.8400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings213:2435PIT 200-0Bradshaw 16 pass to Swann. Play nullified and Pittsburgh penalized 10 for pass interference (Swann).0-0.760-2.010-1.2500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings29:0932MIN 460-0Rocky Bleier for no gain01.8200.200-1.6200
1975-01-12SteelersVikings28:3342MIN 460-0Bobby Walden punts 39 yards00.2000.380.18390
1975-01-12SteelersVikings27:112-0Mike Eischeid kicks off 35 yards, returned by Reggie Harrison for no gain00.0001.2701.270350
1975-01-12SteelersVikings25:4349PIT 362-0Bobby Walden punts 50 yards0-0.980-0.280.70500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings314:49110MIN 302-0Rocky Bleier for no gain (tackle by Carl Eller)03.5803.030-0.5500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings37:5834MIN 429-0Rocky Bleier for no gain (tackle by Carl Eller)01.9500.460-1.4900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings37:2544MIN 429-0Bobby Walden punts 42 yards, touchback00.460-0.280-0.74420
1975-01-12SteelersVikings32:0124PIT 469-0Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Alan Page)01.8601.160-0.7000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings31:3134PIT 469-0Bradshaw pass intercepted at M 49, Siemon 6 return. Play nullified and Minnesota penalized 5 for offsides.01.1602.3201.1600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings415:0036MIN 459-0Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Larry Brown01.6200.270-1.3500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings414:5046MIN 459-0Bobby Walden punts 21 yards00.270-0.540-0.81210
1975-01-12SteelersVikings413:05110PIT 469-0Franco Harris for no gain. Franco Harris fumbles, recovered by Paul Krause01.990-2.460-4.4500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings412:1022PIT 159-0Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Jeff Siemon)0-0.140-0.480-0.3400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings411:3632PIT 159-0Rocky Bleier for no gain (tackle by Alan Page)0-0.480-2.440-1.9600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings411:0242PIT 159-6Bobby Walden punts, blocked by Matt Blair, recovered by Terry Brown, touchdown0-2.440-7.000-4.5610
1975-01-12SteelersVikings412:10110PIT 349-6Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Jeff Siemon)01.2000.660-0.5400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings48:12110MIN 289-6Bleier 5 run right. Play nullified and Pittsburgh penalized 5 for illegal motion.03.7103.380-0.3300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings47:38115MIN 339-6Rocky Bleier for no gain (tackle by Alan Page)03.3802.490-0.8900
1975-01-12SteelersVikings114:2527PIT 400-0Franco Harris for -1 yards (tackle by Roy Winston)-11.2600.430-0.8300
1975-01-12SteelersVikings212:09110PIT 220-0Rocky Bleier for -1 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)-10.410-0.270-0.6800
1975-01-12SteelersVikings21:05110PIT 102-0Terry Bradshaw for -1 yards (tackle by Jim Marshall)-1-0.380-0.850-0.4700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings20:49110PIT 342-0Rocky Bleier for -1 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)-11.2000.520-0.6800
1975-01-12SteelersVikings44:1423MIN 39-6Franco Harris for -1 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)-15.5304.490-1.0400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings314:0716MIN 62-0Franco Harris for -3 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)-35.8304.380-1.4500
1975-01-12SteelersVikings113:5838PIT 390-0Terry Bradshaw sacked by Bob Lurtsema for -4 yards-40.430-1.040-1.4700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings26:0933PIT 422-0Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for -6 yards (tackle by Jackie Wallace)-60.960-0.980-1.9400
1975-01-12SteelersVikings40:4144MIN 1716-6Rocky Bleier for -6 yards (tackle by Jim Marshall)-62.390-0.480-2.8700
1975-01-12SteelersVikings10:5648MIN 160-0Aborted snap. Bobby Walden fumbles, recovered by Bobby Walden-72.380-0.480-2.8600
1975-01-12SteelersVikings41:0924MIN 1716-6Lynn Swann for -7 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)-74.3802.680-1.7000
1975-01-12SteelersVikings110:0239MIN 440-0Terry Bradshaw sacked by Alan Page for -8 yards-81.490-0.190-1.6800
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