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From 1966 to 2017, any team vs. any team, in the Super Bowl, resulted in a completed pass, resulted in a touchdown, sorted by game date ascending

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down Yards Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
1967-01-15PackersChiefs16:3533KAN 376-0Bart Starr pass complete to Max McGee for 37 yards, touchdown372.3507.0004.65
1967-01-15ChiefsPackers211:1917GNB 77-6Len Dawson pass complete to Curtis McClinton for 7 yards, touchdown75.6007.0001.40
1967-01-15PackersChiefs31:37110KAN 1327-10Bart Starr pass complete to Max McGee for 13 yards, touchdown134.7107.0002.29
1968-01-14PackersRaiders211:01110GNB 3812-0Bart Starr pass complete to Boyd Dowler for 62 yards, touchdown621.4707.0005.53
1968-01-14RaidersPackers26:5128GNB 2313-6Daryle Lamonica pass complete to Bill Miller for 23 yards, touchdown233.6307.0003.37
1968-01-14RaidersPackers49:45110GNB 2333-13Daryle Lamonica pass complete to Bill Miller for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
1970-01-11ChiefsVikings31:50110MIN 4622-7Len Dawson pass complete to Otis Taylor for 46 yards, touchdown462.5207.0004.48
1971-01-17ColtsCowboys214:19310CLT 256-6Johnny Unitas pass complete to John Mackey for 75 yards, touchdown75-0.6207.0007.62
1971-01-17CowboysColts28:1617CLT 76-12Craig Morton pass complete to Duane Thomas for 7 yards, touchdown75.6007.0001.40
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins21:2017MIA 79-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Lance Alworth for 7 yards, touchdown75.6007.0001.40
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins412:0137MIA 723-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Mike Ditka for 7 yards, touchdown73.8107.0003.19
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins10:3034WAS 286-0Bob Griese pass complete to Howard Twilley for 28 yards, touchdown282.8707.0004.13
1975-01-12SteelersVikings43:3834MIN 46-15Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Larry Brown for 4 yards, touchdown44.4907.0002.51
1976-01-18CowboysSteelers110:32110PIT 296-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Drew Pearson for 29 yards, touchdown293.6407.0003.36
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys16:2931DAL 77-6Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Randy Grossman for 7 yards, touchdown74.8507.0002.15
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys43:3134PIT 3610-21Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 64 yards, touchdown640.5007.0006.50
1976-01-18CowboysSteelers41:56212PIT 3416-21Roger Staubach pass complete to Percy Howard for 34 yards, touchdown342.6307.0004.37
1977-01-09RaidersVikings28:0011MIN 10-9Ken Stabler pass complete to Dave Casper for 1 yard, touchdown16.9707.000.03
1977-01-09VikingsRaiders31:1118RAI 86-19Fran Tarkenton pass complete to Sammy White for 8 yards, touchdown85.3707.0001.63
1977-01-09VikingsRaiders40:31110RAI 1313-32Bob Lee pass complete to Stu Voigt for 13 yards, touchdown134.7107.0002.29
1978-01-15CowboysBroncos37:28310DEN 4519-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Butch Johnson for 45 yards, touchdown451.3607.0005.64
1978-01-15CowboysBroncos47:11110DEN 2926-10Robert Newhouse pass complete to Golden Richards for 29 yards, touchdown293.6407.0003.36
1979-01-21SteelersCowboys110:17110DAL 280-6Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 28 yards, touchdown283.7107.0003.29
1979-01-21CowboysSteelers10:0638PIT 396-7Roger Staubach pass complete to Tony Hill for 39 yards, touchdown391.8807.0005.12
1979-01-21SteelersCowboys210:5335PIT 2514-13Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 75 yards, touchdown75-0.3007.0007.30
1979-01-21SteelersCowboys20:2631DAL 714-20Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Rocky Bleier for 7 yards, touchdown74.8507.0002.15
1979-01-21SteelersCowboys46:57110DAL 1817-34Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 18 yards, touchdown184.3707.0002.63
1979-01-21CowboysSteelers42:5921PIT 723-35Roger Staubach pass complete to Billy Joe DuPree for 7 yards, touchdown75.5407.0001.46
1979-01-21CowboysSteelers40:2631PIT 430-35Roger Staubach pass complete to Butch Johnson for 4 yards, touchdown45.0107.0001.99
1980-01-20SteelersRams312:4026RAM 4716-13Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 47 yards, touchdown472.1907.0004.81
1980-01-20RamsSteelers310:43110PIT 2417-19Lawrence McCutcheon pass complete to Ron Smith for 24 yards, touchdown243.9707.0003.03
1980-01-20SteelersRams412:1538PIT 2723-19Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 73 yards, touchdown73-0.3607.0007.36
1981-01-25RaidersEagles19:2832PHI 20-6Jim Plunkett pass complete to Cliff Branch for 2 yards, touchdown24.9507.0002.05
1981-01-25RaidersEagles10:2834RAI 200-13Jim Plunkett pass complete to Kenny King for 80 yards, touchdown80-0.6807.0007.68
1981-01-25RaidersEagles312:5226PHI 293-20Jim Plunkett pass complete to Cliff Branch for 29 yards, touchdown293.3807.0003.62
1981-01-25EaglesRaiders414:1536RAI 89-24Ron Jaworski pass complete to Keith Krepfle for 8 yards, touchdown83.9307.0003.07
1982-01-2449ersBengals27:25110CIN 110-13Joe Montana pass complete to Earl Cooper for 11 yards, touchdown114.8407.0002.16
1982-01-24Bengals49ers410:3514SFO 413-20Ken Anderson pass complete to Dan Ross for 4 yards, touchdown46.2807.000.72
1982-01-24Bengals49ers40:2013SFO 320-26Ken Anderson pass complete to Dan Ross for 3 yards, touchdown36.5107.000.49
1983-01-30DolphinsRedskins18:3926MIA 246-0David Woodley pass complete to Jimmy Cefalo for 76 yards, touchdown760.2707.0006.73
1983-01-30RedskinsDolphins21:5531MIA 410-9Joe Theismann pass complete to Alvin Garrett for 4 yards, touchdown45.0107.0001.99
1983-01-30RedskinsDolphins42:0036MIA 617-26Joe Theismann pass complete to Charlie Brown for 6 yards, touchdown64.0407.0002.96
1984-01-22RaidersRedskins29:4627WAS 1213-0Jim Plunkett pass complete to Cliff Branch for 12 yards, touchdown124.4507.0002.55
1985-01-2049ersDolphins13:20110MIA 333-6Joe Montana pass complete to Carl Monroe for 33 yards, touchdown333.3807.0003.62
1985-01-20Dolphins49ers11:0612SFO 29-7Dan Marino pass complete to Dan Johnson for 2 yards, touchdown26.7407.000.26
1985-01-2049ersDolphins211:5626MIA 810-13Joe Montana pass complete to Roger Craig for 8 yards, touchdown84.8307.0002.17
1985-01-2049ersDolphins36:43310MIA 1616-37Joe Montana pass complete to Roger Craig for 16 yards, touchdown163.0807.0003.92
1986-01-26PatriotsBears413:3548CHI 844-9Steve Grogan pass complete to Irving Fryar for 8 yards, touchdown82.9507.0004.05
1987-01-25GiantsBroncos16:0216DEN 63-6Phil Simms pass complete to Zeke Mowatt for 6 yards, touchdown65.8307.0001.17
1987-01-25GiantsBroncos310:4336DEN 1310-15Phil Simms pass complete to Mark Bavaro for 13 yards, touchdown133.6807.0003.32
1987-01-25GiantsBroncos411:3436DEN 610-32Phil Simms pass complete to Phil McConkey for 6 yards, touchdown64.0407.0002.96
1987-01-25BroncosGiants42:22310NYG 4719-39John Elway pass complete to Vance Johnson for 47 yards, touchdown471.2207.0005.78
1988-01-31BroncosRedskins113:11110DEN 446-0John Elway pass complete to Ricky Nattiel for 56 yards, touchdown561.8607.0005.14
1988-01-31RedskinsBroncos214:17110WAS 2010-6Doug Williams pass complete to Ricky Sanders for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
1989-01-2249ersBengals414:09210CIN 1413-12Joe Montana pass complete to Jerry Rice for 14 yards, touchdown144.0007.0003.00
1989-01-2249ersBengals40:3422CIN 1016-19Joe Montana pass complete to John Taylor for 10 yards, touchdown105.2307.0001.77
1990-01-2849ersBroncos110:3828DEN 200-6Joe Montana pass complete to Jerry Rice for 20 yards, touchdown203.8307.0003.17
1990-01-2849ersBroncos10:3827DEN 73-13Joe Montana pass complete to Brent Jones for 7 yards, touchdown74.7607.0002.24
1990-01-2849ersBroncos20:4021DEN 383-26Joe Montana pass complete to Jerry Rice for 38 yards, touchdown383.1307.0003.87
1990-01-2849ersBroncos312:54110DEN 283-33Joe Montana pass complete to Jerry Rice for 28 yards, touchdown283.7107.0003.29
1990-01-2849ersBroncos310:0822DEN 353-40Joe Montana pass complete to John Taylor for 35 yards, touchdown353.2607.0003.74
1991-01-27GiantsBills20:30310BUF 1412-9Jeff Hostetler pass complete to Stephen Baker for 14 yards, touchdown143.1107.0003.89
1992-01-26RedskinsBills210:1129BUF 100-9Mark Rypien pass complete to Earnest Byner for 10 yards, touchdown104.3207.0002.68
1992-01-26RedskinsBills31:56310BUF 3010-30Mark Rypien pass complete to Gary Clark for 30 yards, touchdown302.3407.0004.66
1992-01-26BillsRedskins46:3231WAS 216-37Jim Kelly pass complete to Pete Metzelaars for 2 yards, touchdown25.1207.0001.88
1992-01-26BillsRedskins44:0944WAS 423-37Jim Kelly pass complete to Don Beebe for 4 yards, touchdown43.0307.0003.97
1993-01-31CowboysBills12:10110BUF 237-6Troy Aikman pass complete to Jay Novacek for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
1993-01-31CowboysBills21:58110BUF 1910-27Troy Aikman pass complete to Michael Irvin for 19 yards, touchdown194.3107.0002.69
1993-01-31CowboysBills21:43110BUF 1810-31Troy Aikman pass complete to Michael Irvin for 18 yards, touchdown184.3707.0002.63
1993-01-31BillsCowboys30:26314DAL 4017-37Frank Reich pass complete to Don Beebe for 40 yards, touchdown401.4207.0005.58
1993-01-31CowboysBills410:29110BUF 4517-51Troy Aikman pass complete to Alvin Harper for 45 yards, touchdown452.5907.0004.41
1995-01-2949ersChargers1110SDG 440-6Steve Young pass complete middle to Jerry Rice for 44 yards, touchdown440.0007.0007.00
1995-01-2949ersChargers1110SFO 490-13Steve Young pass complete middle to Ricky Watters for 51 yards, touchdown510.0007.0007.00
1995-01-2949ersChargers215SDG 57-20Steve Young pass complete middle to William Floyd for 5 yards, touchdown50.0007.0007.00
1995-01-2949ersChargers233SDG 87-27Steve Young pass complete left to Ricky Watters for 8 yards, touchdown80.0007.0007.00
1995-01-2949ersChargers3313SDG 1510-41Steve Young pass complete middle to Jerry Rice for 15 yards, touchdown150.0007.0007.00
1995-01-2949ersChargers436SDG 718-48Steve Young pass complete left to Jerry Rice for 7 yards, touchdown70.0007.0007.00
1995-01-29Chargers49ers4110SFO 3024-49Stan Humphries pass complete left to Tony Martin for 30 yards, touchdown300.0007.0007.00
1996-01-28CowboysSteelers15:5813PIT 39-0Troy Aikman pass complete to Jay Novacek for 3 yards, touchdown36.5107.000.49
1996-01-28SteelersCowboys20:1716DAL 613-6Neil O'Donnell pass complete to Yancey Thigpen for 6 yards, touchdown65.8307.0001.17
1997-01-26PackersPatriots111:5429GNB 466-0Brett Favre pass complete to Andre Rison for 54 yards, touchdown541.5207.0005.48
1997-01-26PatriotsPackers16:5711GNB 110-6Drew Bledsoe pass complete to Keith Byars for 1 yard, touchdown16.9707.000.03
1997-01-26PatriotsPackers13:0814GNB 410-13Drew Bledsoe pass complete to Ben Coates for 4 yards, touchdown46.2807.000.72
1997-01-26PackersPatriots214:14110GNB 1916-14Brett Favre pass complete to Antonio Freeman for 81 yards, touchdown810.1507.0006.85
1998-01-25PackersBroncos111:32110DEN 220-6Brett Favre pass complete to Antonio Freeman for 22 yards, touchdown224.1107.0002.89
1998-01-25PackersBroncos20:1735DEN 617-13Brett Favre pass complete to Mark Chmura for 6 yards, touchdown64.2107.0002.79
1998-01-25PackersBroncos413:54110DEN 1324-23Brett Favre pass complete to Antonio Freeman for 13 yards, touchdown134.7107.0002.29
1999-01-31BroncosFalcons25:07110DEN 203-16John Elway pass complete to Rod Smith for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
1999-01-31FalconsBroncos433DEN 319-34Chris Chandler pass complete to Terance Mathis for 3 yards, touchdown34.7207.0002.28
2000-01-30RamsTitans38:3839OTI 90-15Kurt Warner pass complete to Torry Holt for 9 yards, touchdown93.3607.0003.64
2000-01-30RamsTitans42:12110RAM 2716-22Kurt Warner pass complete to Isaac Bruce for 73 yards, touchdown730.7407.0006.26
2001-01-28RavensGiants16:5727NYG 380-6Trent Dilfer pass complete to Brandon Stokley for 38 yards, touchdown382.7107.0004.29
2002-02-03PatriotsRams20:3618RAM 813-3Tom Brady pass complete to David Patten for 8 yards, touchdown85.3707.0001.63
2002-02-03RamsPatriots41:37110NWE 2617-16Kurt Warner pass complete to Ricky Proehl for 26 yards, touchdown263.8407.0003.16
2003-01-26BuccaneersRaiders20:3415RAI 53-19Brad Johnson pass complete to Keenan McCardell for 5 yards, touchdown56.0607.000.94
2003-01-26BuccaneersRaiders35:3628RAI 83-26Brad Johnson pass complete to Keenan McCardell for 8 yards, touchdown84.5707.0002.43
2003-01-26RaidersBuccaneers32:2233TAM 399-34Rich Gannon pass complete to Jerry Porter for 39 yards, touchdown392.2107.0004.79
2003-01-26RaidersBuccaneers46:14313TAM 4821-34Rich Gannon pass complete to Jerry Rice for 48 yards, touchdown480.9607.0006.04
2004-02-01PatriotsPanthers23:1015CAR 50-6Tom Brady pass complete to Deion Branch for 5 yards, touchdown56.0607.000.94
2004-02-01PanthersPatriots21:14310NWE 396-7Jake Delhomme pass complete to Steve Smith for 39 yards, touchdown391.7507.0005.25
2004-02-01PatriotsPanthers20:2331CAR 57-13Tom Brady pass complete to David Givens for 5 yards, touchdown54.9607.0002.04
2004-02-01PanthersPatriots47:06310CAR 1522-21Jake Delhomme pass complete to Muhsin Muhammad for 85 yards, touchdown85-1.3707.0008.37
2004-02-01PatriotsPanthers42:5521CAR 122-27Tom Brady pass complete to Mike Vrabel for 1 yard, touchdown15.9107.0001.09
2004-02-01PanthersPatriots41:1338NWE 1228-29Jake Delhomme pass complete to Ricky Proehl for 12 yards, touchdown123.4307.0003.57
2005-02-06EaglesPatriots210:0236NWE 60-6Donovan McNabb pass complete to L.J. Smith for 6 yards, touchdown64.0407.0002.96
2005-02-06PatriotsEagles21:1624PHI 46-7Tom Brady pass complete to David Givens for 4 yards, touchdown45.3407.0001.66
2005-02-06PatriotsEagles311:0912PHI 213-7Tom Brady pass complete to Mike Vrabel for 2 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Jevon Kearse: Defensive Holding (Declined)26.7407.000.26
2005-02-06EaglesPatriots33:39110NWE 1014-13Donovan McNabb pass complete to Brian Westbrook for 10 yards, touchdown104.9107.0002.09
2005-02-06EaglesPatriots41:55210NWE 3024-20Donovan McNabb pass complete to Greg Lewis for 30 yards, touchdown303.0307.0003.97
2006-02-05SeahawksSteelers36:5136PIT 1614-9Matt Hasselbeck pass complete to Jerramy Stevens for 16 yards, touchdown163.5207.0003.48
2006-02-05SteelersSeahawks49:04110SEA 4320-10Antwaan Randle El pass complete to Hines Ward for 43 yards, touchdown432.7207.0004.28
2007-02-04ColtsBears16:58310CLT 477-6Peyton Manning pass complete deep middle to Reggie Wayne for 53 yards, touchdown530.8307.0006.17
2007-02-04BearsColts14:4034CLT 413-6Rex Grossman pass complete short right to Muhsin Muhammad for 4 yards, touchdown44.4907.0002.51
2008-02-03GiantsPatriots411:1023NWE 57-9Eli Manning pass complete short middle to David Tyree for 5 yards, touchdown55.4107.0001.59
2008-02-03PatriotsGiants42:4536NYG 613-10Tom Brady pass complete short right to Randy Moss for 6 yards, touchdown64.0407.0002.96
2008-02-03GiantsPatriots40:39110NWE 1314-16Eli Manning pass complete short left to Plaxico Burress for 13 yards, touchdown134.7107.0002.29
2009-02-01CardinalsSteelers28:4311PIT 16-10Kurt Warner pass complete short left to Ben Patrick for 1 yard, touchdown16.9707.000.03
2009-02-01CardinalsSteelers47:4131PIT 113-20Kurt Warner pass complete short right to Larry Fitzgerald for 1 yard, touchdown15.1707.0001.83
2009-02-01CardinalsSteelers42:47210CRD 3622-20Kurt Warner pass complete short middle to Larry Fitzgerald for 64 yards, touchdown640.7907.0006.21
2009-02-01SteelersCardinals40:4226CRD 623-26Ben Roethlisberger pass complete short right to Santonio Holmes for 6 yards, touchdown64.9507.0002.05
2010-02-07ColtsSaints10:4236NOR 199-0Peyton Manning pass complete deep right to Pierre Garcon for 19 yards, touchdown193.3407.0003.66
2010-02-07SaintsColts311:50110CLT 1610-12Drew Brees pass complete short right to Pierre Thomas for 16 yards, touchdown164.5107.0002.49
2010-02-07SaintsColts45:4622CLT 217-22Drew Brees pass complete short right to Jeremy Shockey for 2 yards, touchdown25.7207.0001.28
2011-02-06PackersSteelers13:5131PIT 296-0Aaron Rodgers pass complete deep right to Jordy Nelson for 29 yards, touchdown293.0107.0003.99
2011-02-06PackersSteelers22:31110PIT 2120-3Aaron Rodgers pass complete deep middle to Greg Jennings for 21 yards, touchdown214.1707.0002.83
2011-02-06SteelersPackers20:4718GNB 821-9Ben Roethlisberger pass complete short right to Hines Ward for 8 yards, touchdown85.3707.0001.63
2011-02-06PackersSteelers412:0328PIT 827-17Aaron Rodgers pass complete short right to Greg Jennings for 8 yards, touchdown84.5707.0002.43
2011-02-06SteelersPackers47:4033GNB 2528-23Ben Roethlisberger pass complete deep left to Mike Wallace for 25 yards, touchdown253.1407.0003.86
2012-02-05GiantsPatriots13:2922NWE 20-8Eli Manning pass complete short middle to Victor Cruz for 2 yards, touchdown25.7207.0001.28
2012-02-05PatriotsGiants20:1533NYG 49-9Tom Brady pass complete short left to Danny Woodhead for 4 yards, touchdown44.6707.0002.33
2012-02-05PatriotsGiants311:2522NYG 1216-9Tom Brady pass complete short left to Aaron Hernandez for 12 yards, touchdown125.0407.0001.96
2013-02-03Ravens49ers110:4234SFO 136-0Joe Flacco pass complete short middle to Anquan Boldin for 13 yards, touchdown133.9607.0003.04
2013-02-03Ravens49ers27:1521SFO 113-3Joe Flacco pass complete short right to Dennis Pitta for 1 yard, touchdown15.9107.0001.09
2013-02-03Ravens49ers21:58310RAV 4420-3Joe Flacco pass complete deep middle to Jacoby Jones for 56 yards, touchdown560.6307.0006.37
2013-02-0349ersRavens37:28110RAV 3128-12Colin Kaepernick pass complete deep left to Michael Crabtree for 31 yards, touchdown313.5107.0003.49
2014-02-02SeahawksBroncos33:11110DEN 230-35Russell Wilson pass complete short right to Jermaine Kearse for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
2014-02-02BroncosSeahawks30:03110SEA 146-36Peyton Manning pass complete short left to Demaryius Thomas for 14 yards, touchdown144.6507.0002.35
2014-02-02SeahawksBroncos411:55110DEN 108-42Russell Wilson pass complete short right to Doug Baldwin for 10 yards, touchdown104.9107.0002.09
2015-02-01PatriotsSeahawks29:5129SEA 110-6Tom Brady pass complete short left to Brandon LaFell for 11 yards, touchdown114.2707.0002.73
2015-02-01PatriotsSeahawks20:3625SEA 227-13Tom Brady pass complete deep right to Rob Gronkowski for 22 yards, touchdown223.9107.0003.09
2015-02-01SeahawksPatriots20:06110NWE 1113-14Russell Wilson pass complete short left to Chris Matthews for 11 yards, touchdown114.8407.0002.16
2015-02-01SeahawksPatriots35:0023NWE 323-14Russell Wilson pass complete short right to Doug Baldwin for 3 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Doug Baldwin: Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards35.5307.0001.47
2015-02-01PatriotsSeahawks48:0024SEA 424-20Tom Brady pass complete short middle to Danny Amendola for 4 yards, touchdown45.3407.0001.66
2015-02-01PatriotsSeahawks42:0623SEA 324-27Tom Brady pass complete short left to Julian Edelman for 3 yards, touchdown35.5307.0001.47
2017-02-05FalconsPatriots28:5539NWE 1913-0Matt Ryan pass complete deep left to Austin Hooper for 19 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Patrick Chung: Defensive Pass Interference (Declined)193.1007.0003.90
2017-02-05FalconsPatriots38:3616NWE 627-3Matt Ryan pass complete short right to Tevin Coleman for 6 yards, touchdown65.8307.0001.17
2017-02-05PatriotsFalcons32:1225ATL 528-9Tom Brady pass complete short left to James White for 5 yards, touchdown55.1507.0001.85
2017-02-05PatriotsFalcons46:0022ATL 628-18Tom Brady pass complete short left to Danny Amendola for 6 yards, touchdown65.4707.0001.53
2018-02-04EaglesPatriots12:41110NWE 343-9Nick Foles pass complete deep left to Alshon Jeffery for 34 yards, touchdown343.3107.0003.69
2018-02-04EaglesPatriots20:3841NWE 112-21Trey Burton pass complete short right to Nick Foles for 1 yard, touchdown13.5507.0003.45
2018-02-04PatriotsEagles312:1925PHI 518-22Tom Brady pass complete short left to Rob Gronkowski for 5 yards, touchdown55.1507.0001.85
2018-02-04EaglesPatriots37:2536NWE 2219-28Nick Foles pass complete deep left to Corey Clement for 22 yards, touchdown223.1407.0003.86
2018-02-04PatriotsEagles33:29110PHI 2625-29Tom Brady pass complete deep right to Chris Hogan for 26 yards, touchdown263.8407.0003.16
2018-02-04PatriotsEagles49:2624PHI 432-32Tom Brady pass complete short left to Rob Gronkowski for 4 yards, touchdown45.3407.0001.66
2018-02-04EaglesPatriots42:2537NWE 1133-38Nick Foles pass complete short left to Zach Ertz for 11 yards, touchdown113.6207.0003.38
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