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From 1994 to 2017, any team vs. any team, in the regular season, play type is pass or rush, on 4th down, 8 yards to go, excluding QB kneels, sorted by yards descending

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2010-10-24BrownsSaints24:3048CLE 233-10Reggie Hodges middle for 68 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins)68-1.8305.1406.97
2006-12-31BillsRavens43:0548BUF 4419-7J.P. Losman pass complete deep left to Lee Evans for 52 yards (tackle by Dawan Landry)52-0.4606.2806.74
2013-12-29PackersBears40:4648CHI 4828-33Aaron Rodgers pass complete deep left to Randall Cobb for 48 yards, touchdown480.0707.0006.93
2015-09-27DolphinsBills48:1148BUF 4614-34Ryan Tannehill pass complete deep right to Rishard Matthews for 46 yards, touchdown460.2007.0006.80
2010-12-19TitansTexans111:5048HTX 420-0Kerry Collins pass complete deep left to Damian Williams for 39 yards (tackle by Eugene Wilson)390.4606.5106.05
2009-11-01RamsLions21:0348DET 362-9Josh Brown pass complete short left to Daniel Fells for 36 yards, touchdown360.8807.0006.12
1999-12-05PanthersRams36:5248RAM 3613-21Steve Beuerlein pass complete to Donald Hayes for 36 yards, touchdown360.8807.0006.12
1998-11-08BengalsJaguars448CIN 4424-3Paul Justin pass complete to Willie Jackson for 35 yards (tackle by Dave Thomas)35-0.4604.1704.63
1996-09-22RaidersChargers448SDG 4221-33Jeff Hostetler pass complete left to Joe Aska for 35 yards (tackle by Rodney Harrison)35
2015-12-20DolphinsChargers42:0048SDG 4530-7Ryan Tannehill pass complete short left to DeVante Parker for 34 yards (tackle by Darrell Stuckey)340.2700.270.00
2006-12-10CowboysSaints37:5348NOR 3416-28Tony Romo pass complete deep middle to Terrell Owens for 34 yards, touchdown341.0607.0005.94
1999-12-26ColtsBrowns14:1048CLE 317-0Peyton Manning pass complete to Marvin Harrison for 30 yards (tackle by Marquez Pope)301.3206.9705.65
1996-09-15RedskinsGiants248NYG 300-16Gus Frerotte pass complete right to Scott Galbraith for 30 yards, touchdown301.4107.0005.59
2016-10-30CowboysEagles34:5548DAL 2710-20Chris Jones left end for 30 yards (tackle by Darren Sproles)30-1.5702.7204.29
2003-10-19PanthersTitans44:1748OTI 4910-37Jake Delhomme pass complete to Steve Smith for 29 yards (tackle by Tony Beckham)290.0004.2404.24
2009-12-20BillsPatriots45:4848NWE 413-17Ryan Fitzpatrick pass complete short middle to Josh Reed for 29 yards (tackle by Mike Wright)290.5304.7804.25
2001-11-22LionsPackers40:1848GNB 2927-29Mike McMahon pass complete to Scotty Anderson for 29 yards, touchdown291.5007.0005.50
1996-12-0849ersPanthers448CAR 3117-30Steve Young pass complete left to Brent Jones for 26 yards (tackle by Toi Cook)261.3206.0604.74
1995-09-24BrownsChiefs348CLE 417-3Tom Tupa pass complete right to Louis Riddick for 25 yards (tackle by Doug Terry)25-0.6503.3103.96
1995-12-10RamsBills448BUF 4316-35Mark Rypien pass complete middle to Alexander Wright for 25 yards (tackle by Kurt Schulz)250.4004.3703.97
2010-10-31CardinalsBuccaneers40:0648CRD 2635-38Derek Anderson pass complete deep right to Larry Fitzgerald for 24 yards24-1.6302.2603.89
2006-12-23ChiefsRaiders16:5848RAI 333-0Trent Green pass complete short left to Samie Parker for 24 yards (tackle by Stuart Schweigert). Penalty on Stanford Routt: Illegal Contact (Declined)241.1505.1403.99
2009-11-29TitansCardinals20:2348CRD 356-3Vince Young pass complete deep right to Kenny Britt for 24 yards (tackle by Matt Ware)240.9704.8403.87
2015-09-13BearsPackers40:4248GNB 2422-31Jay Cutler pass complete short right to Martellus Bennett for 24 yards, touchdown241.8707.0005.13
2004-11-14RavensJets21:1248NYJ 3414-0Kyle Boller pass complete to Chester Taylor for 23 yards (tackle by Erik Coleman)231.0604.8403.78
2006-10-01BrownsRaiders39:2348RAI 3121-10Charlie Frye pass complete deep middle to Kellen Winslow for 22 yards (tackle by Stuart Schweigert)221.3205.1403.82
2013-10-13BillsBengals410:1748CIN 2216-24Thaddeus Lewis pass complete short middle to Scott Chandler for 22 yards, touchdown221.9907.0005.01
2003-09-14LionsPackers40:1148GNB 4131-6Joey Harrington pass complete to Shawn Bryson for 21 yards (tackle by Nick Barnett)210.5301.470.94
2007-12-30VikingsBroncos45:5448DEN 2619-3Tarvaris Jackson pass complete deep left to Robert Ferguson for 21 yards (tackle by Dre' Bly)211.7406.0604.32
2005-10-16DolphinsBuccaneers412:4448TAM 3527-6Gus Frerotte pass complete to Wes Welker for 21 yards (tackle by Ronde Barber)210.9704.6503.68
1997-09-07VikingsBears448CHI 3324-20Brad Johnson pass complete right to Cris Carter for 21 yards (tackle by Marlon Forbes)211.1504.7803.63
1998-11-08PatriotsFalcons41:1348NWE 4010-41Scott Zolak pass complete to Tony Simmons for 20 yards20-0.7202.9203.64
1996-09-09EaglesPackers448GNB 3339-7Ty Detmer pass complete left to Mark Ingram for 20 yards (tackle by Roderick Mullen)201.1504.7103.56
2012-11-11Rams49ers45:2348RAM 3321-17John Hekker pass complete short left to Lance Kendricks for 19 yards (tackle by Perrish Cox)19-1.1802.3903.57
1995-11-12DolphinsPatriots448MIA 2417-34Bernie Kosar pass complete left to Randal Hill for 19 yards (tackle by Vincent Brown)19-1.7701.8003.57
1997-11-30ChargersBroncos448DEN 4314-35Craig Whelihan pass complete left to Tony Martin for 19 yards (tackle by Ray Crockett)190.4003.9703.57
2003-12-27BillsPatriots40:5448NWE 4731-0Travis Brown pass complete to Mark Campbell for 18 yards (tackle by Shawn Mayer)180.1303.6403.51
2001-12-10DolphinsColts40:2748CLT 1840-6Rob Konrad right tackle for 18 yards, touchdown182.2507.0004.75
1996-09-08RaidersChiefs348RAI 4714-0Jeff Gossett left for 18 yards (tackle by James Hasty)18
1996-12-22BearsBuccaneers448CHI 4834-7Shane Matthews pass complete left to Bobby Engram for 17 yards17-0.1903.2503.44
1998-12-06BearsVikings348MIN 2234-7Steve Stenstrom pass complete to Bobby Engram for 17 yards (tackle by Orlando Thomas)171.9906.0604.07
2000-10-15BengalsSteelers41:3448CIN 1115-0Scott Mitchell pass complete to Ron Dugans for 17 yards (tackle by Dewayne Washington)17-2.4900.8103.30
2009-09-27ColtsCardinals43:1948CRD 3210-31Peyton Manning pass complete deep left to Reggie Wayne for 17 yards (tackle by Bryant McFadden)171.2404.5803.34
2000-11-05TitansSteelers42:1248PIT 426-7Steve McNair pass complete to Derrick Mason for 17 yards (tackle by Dewayne Washington)170.4603.9103.45
2010-11-28BroncosRams43:4748DEN 4326-36Kyle Orton pass complete short right to Eddie Royal for 17 yards17-0.5202.9203.44
2010-12-12PanthersFalcons41:5048CAR 4710-31Jimmy Clausen pass complete deep middle to Brandon LaFell for 17 yards (tackle by Dunta Robinson)17-0.2603.1803.44
2003-11-09TexansBengals33:3148CIN 2724-24David Carr pass complete to Andre Johnson for 17 yards (tackle by Mark Roman)171.6704.9103.24
2014-12-20Chargers49ers41:3548SFO 4335-28Philip Rivers pass complete deep left to Eddie Royal for 17 yards (tackle by Antoine Bethea)170.4003.8403.44
2002-01-06BearsJaguars22:3048JAX 283-0Jim Miller pass complete to Marty Booker for 17 yards (tackle by Donovin Darius)171.5904.8403.25
2016-10-30ColtsChiefs42:0848CLT 3814-30Andrew Luck middle for 17 yards (tackle by Steven Nelson)17-0.8502.5903.44
1996-10-06BearsPackers248GNB 390-7Todd Sauerbrun pass complete left to Bobby Engram for 16 yards (tackle by Tyrone Williams)160.6604.0403.38
1999-09-19PanthersJaguars41:1948CAR 3214-22Steve Beuerlein pass complete to Rae Carruth for 16 yards (tackle by Dave Thomas). Penalty on Dave Thomas: Face Mask (5 Yards), 5 yards16-1.2402.4603.70
2007-09-23RedskinsGiants41:4548NYG 3317-24Jason Campbell pass complete short middle to Santana Moss for 15 yards (tackle by Gibril Wilson)151.1504.3703.22
1994-09-25DolphinsVikings348MIN 4028-14Dan Marino pass complete left to Irving Fryar for 15 yards (tackle by Dewayne Washington)150.5903.9103.32
1994-10-09ChargersChiefs148KAN 290-0Stan Humphries pass complete left to Shawn Jefferson for 15 yards (tackle by Dale Carter)151.5004.6503.15
2001-12-09BuccaneersLions41:2048DET 287-12Brad Johnson pass complete to Keyshawn Johnson for 15 yards (tackle by Jimmy Wyrick)151.5904.7103.12
2005-12-19PackersRavens412:0248RAV 3641-3Aaron Rodgers pass complete to Antonio Chatman for 15 yards (tackle by Samari Rolle)150.8804.1703.29
1998-11-29RaidersRedskins41:5648WAS 3913-29Donald Hollas pass complete to Kenny Shedd for 14 yards (tackle by Darrell Green)140.6603.9103.25
2007-10-28BengalsSteelers31:2748PIT 386-21Carson Palmer pass complete short right to Chad Ochocinco for 14 yards (tackle by Ike Taylor)140.7203.9703.25
2013-11-17FalconsBuccaneers313:1848ATL 4424-6Jacquizz Rodgers right end for 14 yards (tackle by Jonathan Casillas)14-0.4602.7903.25
2017-11-26PatriotsDolphins114:1248NWE 270-0Nate Ebner right end for 14 yards (tackle by Alterraun Verner). Nate Ebner fumbles (forced by Alterraun Verner), ball out of bounds at NWE-4114-1.5701.6603.23
2011-01-02BroncosChargers44:4648DEN 3721-33Tim Tebow pass complete short left to Brandon Lloyd for 14 yards14-0.9102.3203.23
2015-10-11SaintsEagles40:0448PHI 1439-16Drew Brees pass complete short right to Brandin Cooks for 14 yards, touchdown142.5107.0004.49
2003-09-1449ersRams40:2348RAM 1324-23Jeff Garcia pass complete to Terrell Owens for 13 yards, touchdown132.5707.0004.43
2006-10-01JaguarsRedskins40:3948 5030-27Byron Leftwich pass complete short left to Ernest Wilford for 13 yards13-0.0603.1203.18
2004-12-05DolphinsBills40:0248MIA 2432-42Travis Minor up the middle for 13 yards (tackle by Nate Clements)13-1.7701.4003.17
2002-10-2749ersCardinals41:5648CRD 1638-28Jeff Garcia pass complete to Terrell Owens for 13 yards (tackle by Justin Lucas and Adrian Wilson)132.3806.5104.13
2000-11-05BearsColts17:3248CLT 270-0Louie Aguiar pass complete to Mike Wells for 13 yards (tackle by Dwight Hollier)131.6704.6502.98
2006-12-03RamsCardinals40:5848CRD 1413-34Marc Bulger pass complete short right to Torry Holt for 13 yards (tackle by Antrel Rolle)132.5106.9704.46
2001-09-30SeahawksRaiders49:3548RAI 4038-7Brock Huard pass complete to Koren Robinson for 13 yards (tackle by Tory James)130.5903.7803.19
2000-12-24JetsRavens43:0248RAV 4134-20Vinny Testaverde pass complete to Dedric Ward for 13 yards (tackle by Duane Starks)130.5303.7103.18
2005-10-16RavensBrowns40:3348CLE 1516-3Chester Taylor left tackle for 13 yards (tackle by Daylon McCutcheon). Penalty on CLE: Defensive 12 On-field (Declined)132.4406.7404.30
1998-09-06LionsPackers40:1748DET 4938-19Scott Mitchell left end for 13 yards13-0.1303.0503.18
1996-09-22RaidersChargers448SDG 4221-33Jeff Hostetler pass complete right to Tim Brown for 13 yards (tackle by Rodney Harrison)13
2003-10-26LionsBears45:4048CHI 3724-8Joey Harrington pass complete to Bill Schroeder for 12 yards (tackle by R.W. McQuarters)120.7903.9103.12
1994-10-09SaintsBears248CHI 440-7Jim Everett pass complete left to Michael Haynes for 12 yards (tackle by Jeremy Lincoln)120.3303.4503.12
2013-12-15PatriotsDolphins40:5748NWE 3324-20Tom Brady pass complete short middle to Danny Amendola for 12 yards (tackle by Reshad Jones)12-1.180-1.180.00
2010-12-26SeahawksBuccaneers413:0648TAM 4231-7Charlie Whitehurst pass complete short middle to John Carlson for 12 yards (tackle by Geno Hayes and Dekoda Watson)120.4603.5803.12
1994-11-13ChiefsChargers448KAN 2513-14Joe Montana pass complete left to Derrick Walker for 12 yards (tackle by Lonnie Young)12-1.7001.4003.10
2002-12-15FalconsSeahawks40:2148SEA 1223-24Michael Vick pass complete to Trevor Gaylor for 12 yards, touchdown122.6307.0004.37
2016-09-18ColtsBroncos40:4148CLT 3834-20Andrew Luck pass complete short middle to Dwayne Allen for 12 yards (tackle by Will Parks)12-0.8502.2603.11
2012-10-28SaintsBroncos43:1148DEN 4334-7Drew Brees pass complete short right to Darren Sproles for 11 yards (tackle by Wesley Woodyard)110.4003.4503.05
1995-10-29JetsColts448CLT 1817-10Bubby Brister pass complete middle to Adrian Murrell for 11 yards (tackle by Quentin Coryatt)112.2505.6003.35
2013-11-17JaguarsCardinals42:0648JAX 2914-27Chad Henne pass complete short right to Cecil Shorts for 11 yards (tackle by Jerraud Powers)11-1.4401.6003.04
2009-12-13RamsTitans413:0848OTI 1133-6Keith Null pass complete short right to Randy McMichael for 11 yards, touchdown112.7007.0004.30
1995-12-11ChiefsDolphins448MIA 3413-6Steve Bono right for 11 yards (tackle by Gene Atkins)111.0604.0402.98
2008-11-09ChiefsChargers41:0548SDG 2920-13Tyler Thigpen pass complete short left to Mark Bradley for 11 yards (tackle by Antoine Cason)111.5004.3702.87
2003-09-28LionsBroncos42:0048DET 2220-16Joey Harrington pass complete to Charles Rogers for 10 yards (tackle by Deltha O'Neal)10-1.9001.0702.97
2016-12-2449ersRams45:5748RAM 2321-7Colin Kaepernick pass complete short left to Rod Streater for 10 yards (tackle by E.J. Gaines)101.9304.7102.78
2007-10-01BengalsPatriots410:3348NWE 3910-27Carson Palmer pass complete short middle to T.J. Houshmandzadeh for 10 yards (tackle by Rashad Baker)100.6603.6402.98
2015-12-27BrownsChiefs33:2148CLE 2217-10Jordan Poyer middle for 10 yards (tackle by Daniel Sorensen). Penalty on Jordan Poyer: Delay of Game, 5 yards10-1.9000.7402.64
2009-10-18GiantsSaints413:1848NOR 2041-17Eli Manning pass complete short left to Domenik Hixon for 10 yards (tackle by Tracy Porter)102.1204.9102.79
2016-01-03BuccaneersPanthers45:2248TAM 4838-10Jameis Winston pass complete short right to Cameron Brate for 10 yards (tackle by Robert McClain)10-0.1902.7902.98
1997-10-05BearsSaints448CHI 5017-20Erik Kramer pass complete right to Bobby Engram for 10 yards (tackle by Je'Rod Cherry)10-0.0602.9202.98
2008-09-28CardinalsJets37:3748NYJ 2834-7Kurt Warner pass complete short right to Larry Fitzgerald for 10 yards (tackle by Cody Spencer)101.5904.3702.78
2005-12-11ChargersDolphins15:1448MIA 330-0Drew Brees pass complete to Reche Caldwell for 10 yards (tackle by Zach Thomas)101.1504.0402.89
2004-11-07CardinalsDolphins41:2348CRD 3223-17Josh McCown left end for 9 yards (tackle by Patrick Surtain)9-1.2401.6602.90
2007-12-09JetsBrowns34:4748CLE 343-14Kellen Clemens pass complete short right to Laveranues Coles for 9 yards (tackle by Daven Holly)91.0603.9102.85
2000-12-10BrownsEagles42:3448CLE 2224-35Doug Pederson pass complete to Travis Prentice for 9 yards (tackle by Jeremiah Trotter)9-1.9001.0002.90
1996-11-24RamsPackers448RAM 219-24Tony Banks pass complete left to Harold Green for 9 yards (tackle by Shannon Clavelle)9-1.9600.9402.90
2008-09-28JaguarsTexans42:2748HTX 1820-24David Garrard up the middle for 9 yards (tackle by Dominique Barber)92.2505.1402.89
2005-11-27BillsPanthers41:0248BUF 489-13J.P. Losman pass complete to Lee Evans for 9 yards (tackle by Dante Wesley)9-0.1902.7202.91
2003-12-14LionsChiefs20:2248KAN 828-9Joey Harrington pass complete to Az-Zahir Hakim for 8 yards, touchdown82.9507.0004.05
2009-09-13RedskinsGiants20:3348NYG 817-6Hunter Smith right end for 8 yards, touchdown82.9507.0004.05
2007-11-25VikingsGiants40:3948NYG 917-41Mewelde Moore right guard for 8 yards (tackle by R.W. McQuarters and Kevin Dockery)82.8304.4401.61
2016-11-20BrownsSteelers42:1648CLE 279-24Josh McCown pass complete short middle to Terrelle Pryor for 8 yards (tackle by Lawrence Timmons)8-1.5701.2702.84
2007-09-16BillsSteelers43:5848PIT 2926-3J.P. Losman pass complete short left to Roscoe Parrish for 7 yards (tackle by Deshea Townsend)71.500-0.410-1.91
2006-11-12CowboysCardinals42:0048CRD 2210-27Keylon Kincade right end for 7 yards (tackle by Gerald Hayes)71.9900.220-1.77
2000-12-10BengalsTitans33:4848OTI 828-3Scott Mitchell up the middle for 7 yards (tackle by Joe Salave'a and Bobby Myers)72.9500.380-2.57
2008-09-21CowboysPackers41:5948GNB 3216-27Tony Romo pass complete short left to Jason Witten for 7 yards (tackle by A.J. Hawk)71.240-0.610-1.85
1998-09-06ChiefsRaiders21:5348RAI 3220-0Elvis Grbac pass complete to Tony Gonzalez for 7 yards (tackle by Greg Biekert). Tony Gonzalez fumbles, ball out of bounds at OAK-2571.240-0.610-1.85
2015-10-25CowboysGiants41:5648NYG 3027-20Matt Cassel pass complete short right to James Hanna for 6 yards (tackle by Trevin Wade and Jonathan Casillas)61.410-0.610-2.02
1995-09-24BearsRams448CHI 4934-28Erik Kramer pass complete middle to Curtis Conway for 6 yards (tackle by Carlos Jenkins)6-0.130-1.930-1.80
1996-09-15SeahawksChiefs448KAN 4817-35Rick Mirer pass complete left to Lamar Smith for 6 yards60.070-1.800-1.87
2005-09-11BengalsBrowns40:5448CLE 2613-27Carson Palmer pass complete to Chris Perry for 6 yards61.740-0.280-2.02
1999-09-26JaguarsTitans20:1948OTI 83-0Bryan Barker left end for 6 yards (tackle by Barron Wortham)62.9500.380-2.57
2017-10-08CardinalsEagles411:2048PHI 3831-7Carson Palmer pass complete short left to Jaron Brown for 6 yards (tackle by Patrick Robinson)60.720-1.070-1.79
1999-11-25DolphinsCowboys40:5348DAL 4420-0Damon Huard up the middle for 6 yards (tackle by Darren Woodson)60.330-1.470-1.80
2006-12-24BroncosBengals20:0248DEN 4214-17Jay Cutler pass complete short middle to Rod Smith for 5 yards. Rod Smith fumbles, recovered by Rod Smith at DEN-475-0.5901.4001.99
2000-12-23GiantsJaguars20:3948JAX 287-7Kerry Collins pass complete to Ike Hilliard for 5 yards (tackle by Brant Boyer and Tony Brackens)51.590-0.540-2.13
1999-09-26BroncosBuccaneers44:0848DEN 4413-10Brian Griese pass complete to Shannon Sharpe for 5 yards (tackle by Derrick Brooks)5-0.460-2.390-1.93
2011-10-16VikingsBears44:1548CHI 3539-10Christian Ponder pass complete short right to Bernard Berrian for 5 yards (tackle by D.J. Moore)50.970-0.940-1.91
1999-12-05RamsPanthers40:3148CAR 2321-34Robert Holcombe left end for 5 yards (tackle by Steve Tovar)51.930-0.040-1.97
2011-12-18SeahawksBears42:0048CHI 3514-38Leon Washington left tackle for 5 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather)50.970-1.000-1.97
1995-10-08PatriotsBroncos448DEN 323-37Drew Bledsoe pass complete right to Rupert Grant for 4 yards (tackle by Tyrone Braxton)41.240-0.810-2.05
2002-12-01BillsDolphins42:1148MIA 2038-21Travis Henry right guard for 4 yards (tackle by David Bowens and Arturo Freeman)42.1200.140-1.98
2014-12-28PanthersFalcons42:4148ATL 353-34Fozzy Whittaker right end for 4 yards (tackle by Prince Shembo)40.970-1.000-1.97
1996-10-27ChiefsBroncos448DEN 2534-7Steve Bono pass complete right to Keith Cash for 4 yards (tackle by Tyrone Braxton)41.800-0.340-2.14
2006-01-01BearsVikings41:1548CHI 4934-10Cedric Benson up the middle for 4 yards (tackle by Spencer Johnson and Will Hunter)4-0.130-2.130-2.00
2012-09-09DolphinsTexans48:2448HTX 930-10Ryan Tannehill pass complete short left to Anthony Fasano for 3 yards (tackle by Johnathan Joseph)32.8300.380-2.45
2000-01-02SaintsPanthers35:5648CAR 2824-0Jake Delhomme pass complete to Lawrence Dawsey for 3 yards (tackle by Mike Minter)31.590-0.610-2.20
2010-09-19JaguarsChargers45:1748SDG 1538-6Luke McCown pass complete short right to Ernest Wilford for 3 yards (tackle by Quentin Jammer)32.4400.350-2.09
2013-12-15ColtsTexans415:0048CLT 4625-3Corey Lynch left end for 3 yards (tackle by Brandon Harris)3-0.320-2.320-2.00
2017-09-24RavensJaguars49:4548JAX 4044-0Ryan Mallett pass complete short right to Javorius Allen for 3 yards (tackle by Telvin Smith)30.590-1.400-1.99
2000-12-17ChiefsBroncos214:5648DEN 223-0Elvis Grbac pass complete to Sylvester Morris for 3 yards (tackle by John Mobley). Sylvester Morris fumbles (forced by John Mobley), recovered by Deltha O'Neal at DEN-19 and returned for 6 yards (tackle by Derrick Alexander)31.990-0.610-2.60
2001-09-30ChiefsRedskins40:3048WAS 4313-45Priest Holmes left end for 2 yards (tackle by Eddie Mason)20.400-1.660-2.06
2009-11-16RavensBrowns40:2648CLE 370-16Willis McGahee left guard for 2 yards (tackle by Brodney Pool)20.790-1.270-2.06
2002-10-06PanthersCardinals19:4648CRD 360-0Karl Hankton right tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Raynoch Thompson)20.880-1.270-2.15
2015-09-27JaguarsPatriots32:0148JAX 2237-10Corey Grant right end for 2 yards (tackle by Matt Slater)2-1.900-3.970-2.07
2002-01-06BearsJaguars41:4248JAX 2733-13Leon Johnson right end for 2 yards (tackle by Seth Payne)21.670-0.610-2.28
2000-09-03BrownsJaguars41:5948JAX 307-27Tim Couch pass complete to Errict Rhett for 2 yards (tackle by Aaron Beasley)21.410-0.810-2.22
1997-11-30Chiefs49ers448SFO 2244-9Greg Hill middle for 1 yard (tackle by Lee Woodall)1
2013-09-22PanthersGiants44:0248NYG 3138-0Mike Tolbert up the middle for 1 yard (tackle by Mathias Kiwanuka)11.320-0.940-2.26
2010-10-10TexansGiants42:4848HTX 3410-34Arian Foster left end for 1 yard (tackle by Terrell Thomas)1-1.110-3.250-2.14
2004-12-26Bills49ers40:3348SFO 307-41Shaud Williams left guard for 1 yard (tackle by Saleem Rasheed)11.410-0.870-2.28
2010-01-03LionsBears313:0848DET 3810-13id_ for 1 yard (tackle by Gaines Adams). (forced by Gaines Adams), recovered by DeAndre Levy at DET-391-0.850-2.980-2.13
1997-09-14CardinalsRedskins348CRD 3510-7id_ for no gain. , recovered by Jeff Feagles0-1.0402.2603.30
2000-01-02PackersCardinals22:3148CRD 2614-3Matt Hasselbeck for no gain. Matt Hasselbeck fumbles, recovered by Matt Hasselbeck at ARI-4201.740-1.730-3.47
2010-10-17GiantsLions111:5148 500-0Matt Dodge for no gain. Matt Dodge fumbles, recovered by Lawrence Jackson at NYG-43 (tackle by Chase Blackburn)0-0.060-2.720-2.66
2001-10-21JetsRams44:0548RAM 217-34Chad Pennington pass incomplete intended for Matthew Hatchette. Penalty on Kerry Jenkins: Offensive Holding (Declined)02.060-0.340-2.40
1996-10-13CardinalsCowboys448DAL 3410-001.0604.5103.45
2009-11-29BuccaneersFalcons412:5948ATL 3913-17Dirk Johnson pass incomplete short middle intended for John Gilmore (defended by Erik Coleman). Penalty on Adam Hayward: Ineligible Downfield Pas (Declined)00.660-1.530-2.19
2011-09-11BrownsBengals42:1248CLE 4617-20Colt McCoy pass incomplete short middle intended for Alex Mack. Penalty on Alex Mack: Illegal Touch Pass (Declined)0-0.320-2.520-2.20
1999-09-1949ersSaints115:0048SFO 400-0Chad Stanley for no gain. Joe Zelenka fumbles, recovered by Joe Zelenka at SFO-SF0-0.720-3.910-3.19
2004-09-19PackersBears41:1848CHI 1110-21Brett Favre pass incomplete. Penalty on Brett Favre: Intentional Grounding, 15 yards02.700-0.670-3.37
2005-10-30ChiefsChargers44:3048SDG 928-13Trent Green pass incomplete. Penalty on Casey Wiegmann: Illegal Touch Pass (Declined)02.8300.380-2.45
1997-10-26Saints49ers448SFO 270-23Doug Nussmeier pass incomplete right intended for Wes Bender (defended by Ken Norton). Penalty on Ken Norton: Unnecessary Roughness, 13 yards01.6700.280-1.39
2005-11-20TexansChiefs21:4948KAN 357-24Chad Stanley for no gain. Chad Stanley fumbles, recovered by Dewayne Washington at KAN-44 (tackle by Chad Stanley)00.970-1.860-2.83
1998-09-28LionsBuccaneers348DET 4920-3John Jett pass incomplete (defended by Tony Bouie). Penalty on John Jett: Intentional Grounding, 10 yards0-0.130-2.980-2.85
2017-12-31DolphinsBills38:4948BUF 370-13David Fales pass incomplete. Penalty on David Fales: Intentional Grounding, 13 yards00.790-2.260-3.05
2003-11-23SaintsEagles214:1648PHI 3610-0Aaron Brooks pass incomplete intended for Joe Horn (defended by Sheldon Brown). Penalty on Victor Riley: Offensive Holding (Declined)00.880-1.330-2.21
1994-12-11RedskinsCardinals148CRD 370-0id_ for no gain. , recovered by Reggie Roby00.790-0.340-1.13
1996-12-09RaidersChiefs448KAN 1526-7Leo Araguz middle for no gain (tackle by James Hasty and Tony Stargell). Leo Araguz fumbles, recovered by Leo Araguz02.440-1.860-4.30
1998-12-13SeahawksChargers40:3248SDG 838-17Jon Kitna for -1 yards-12.9500.380-2.57
2012-10-28SteelersRedskins40:2948WAS 1927-12Baron Batch up the middle for -1 yards (tackle by Madieu Williams)-12.180-0.340-2.52
2000-11-05CowboysEagles20:0148DAL 350-7Randall Cunningham up the middle for -1 yards (tackle by Carlos Emmons)-1-1.0401.3302.37
2011-11-13TexansBuccaneers43:1348TAM 189-37Derrick Ward right guard for -1 yards (tackle by Roy Miller)-12.250-0.150-2.40
2000-11-05BuccaneersFalcons42:0048ATL 197-27Joe Hamilton sacked for -2 yards. Joe Hamilton fumbles, recovered by Ray Buchanan at ATL-20 and returned for 1 yards-22.180-0.340-2.52
2014-11-02DolphinsChargers40:4948SDG 1137-0Damien Williams right end for -2 yards (tackle by Darrell Stuckey and Tourek Williams)-22.7000.320-2.38
2017-11-05EaglesBroncos41:4648DEN 3251-23Wendell Smallwood right end for -3 yards (tackle by Will Parks)-31.240-1.330-2.57
2003-12-07DolphinsPatriots41:1848MIA 312-0Jay Fiedler sacked by Jarvis Green and Mike Vrabel for -3 yards, safety-3-2.490-2.000.49
1997-12-20RamsPanthers448RAM 318-30Mike Horan left for -3 yards (tackle by Dwight Stone), safety-3-2.490-2.000.49
2005-12-04ChiefsBroncos40:0848DEN 2731-27Trent Green up the middle for -3 yards (tackle by Ian Gold)-31.670-1.000-2.67
1997-09-21ChargersSeahawks448SDG 2126-22Stan Humphries sacked by Michael Sinclair for -4 yards-4-1.960-4.440-2.48
2014-10-26RamsChiefs42:4248KAN 2434-7Austin Davis sacked by Jaye Howard and Vance Walker for -4 yards-41.870-0.810-2.68
1994-10-16CardinalsRedskins410:4848CRD 416-9Jeff Feagles middle for -4 yards, safety-4-2.490-2.000.49
2011-09-18SeahawksSteelers48:2848PIT 3124-0Tarvaris Jackson sacked by James Harrison for -4 yards-41.320-1.270-2.59
1997-10-26BengalsGiants348NYG 3416-21Jeff Blake sacked by Michael Strahan for -4 yards. Jeff Blake fumbles, recovered by Darrick Brilz-41.060-1.470-2.53
2007-12-23PatriotsDolphins49:0848MIA 2628-7Tom Brady sacked by Joey Porter for -5 yards. Tom Brady fumbles (forced by Joey Porter), recovered by Courtney Bryan at MIA-28 (tackle by Donte Stallworth)-51.740-0.810-2.55
2013-12-01Rams49ers414:4248RAM 2216-6Matt Giordano for -5 yards (tackle by Anthony Dixon)-5-1.900-4.440-2.54
2009-11-08PanthersSaints42:5148NOR 4323-20Jake Delhomme sacked by Will Smith for -5 yards. Jake Delhomme fumbles (forced by Will Smith), recovered by Anthony Hargrove at NOR-48 (tackle by Keydrick Vincent)-50.400-2.130-2.53
1996-09-08BuccaneersLions448DET 3321-6Casey Weldon sacked by Tracy Scroggins for -6 yards-61.150-1.530-2.68
2015-11-01LionsChiefs414:5548KAN 3931-3Matthew Stafford sacked by Justin Houston and Tamba Hali for -6 yards-60.660-1.930-2.59
1996-11-24LionsBears448CHI 831-14Scott Mitchell sacked by John Mangum for -6 yards-62.9500.280-2.67
2017-09-24EaglesGiants22:3648NYG 437-0Carson Wentz sacked by Devon Kennard for -6 yards-60.400-2.190-2.59
2000-12-17BrownsTitans30:4848OTI 300-17Doug Pederson sacked by Joe Salave'a for -7 yards-71.410-1.400-2.81
2006-01-01SeahawksPackers211:1748GNB 356-7Matt Hasselbeck sacked by Kenny Peterson for -7 yards-70.970-1.730-2.70
2012-12-09ChiefsBrowns46:2748CLE 1630-7Brady Quinn sacked by Juqua Parker for -8 yards-82.380-0.540-2.92
2013-11-17RavensBears37:4548CHI 3213-17Joe Flacco sacked by Cheta Ozougwu for -8 yards. Joe Flacco fumbles (forced by Cheta Ozougwu), recovered by Joe Flacco at CHI-39-81.240-1.530-2.77
1999-10-24ChargersPackers412:2748GNB 453-28Jim Harbaugh sacked by Keith McKenzie for -8 yards-80.270-2.460-2.73
1996-12-01BuccaneersPanthers348CAR 3617-0Trent Dilfer sacked by Rod Smith and Shawn King for -9 yards-90.880-1.930-2.81
1994-12-04BillsDolphins448BUF 2423-42Chris Mohr left for -9 yards (tackle by Frankie Smith)-9-1.770-2.590-0.82
1994-12-11Chargers49ers148SFO 310-0Stan Humphries sacked by Tim Harris for -9 yards-91.320-1.600-2.92
2002-10-13BuccaneersBrowns41:4348CLE 817-3Tom Tupa for -9 yards-92.9500.060-2.89
1998-10-25JetsFalcons20:4348ATL 3814-0Vinny Testaverde sacked by Lester Archambeau for -9 yards-90.720-2.060-2.78
2004-10-24RamsDolphins42:4948MIA 2731-14Marc Bulger sacked by Zach Thomas for -9 yards-91.670-1.330-3.00
2005-11-06TitansBrowns41:5448OTI 2820-14Steve McNair sacked for -10 yards-10-1.500-4.370-2.87
1995-12-24SeahawksChiefs448KAN 3526-3Rick Mirer sacked by Dan Saleaumua for -10 yards-100.970-1.930-2.90
1997-12-21CowboysGiants448NYG 107-20Jason Garrett sacked by Ray Agnew for -10 yards-102.760-0.280-3.04
2006-01-01FalconsPanthers49:4948CAR 203-37Matt Schaub sacked by Kindal Moorehead for -10 yards-102.120-0.940-3.06
2001-11-12RavensTitans312:1348RAV 190-0Kyle Richardson pass complete to Anthony Mitchell for -11 yards (tackle by Mike Green). Kyle Richardson fumbles, recovered by Kyle Richardson at BAL-4-11-2.140-5.370-3.23
2003-10-26BroncosRavens44:1448DEN 2616-6Danny Kanell sacked by Terrell Suggs for -12 yards. Danny Kanell fumbles (forced by Terrell Suggs), recovered by Dwayne Carswell at DEN-14-12-1.630-4.650-3.02
2002-12-22LionsFalcons41:2948DET 2736-15Mike McMahon sacked by Patrick Kerney for -12 yards-12-1.570-4.580-3.01
2015-09-14Vikings49ers43:0448SFO 3820-3Teddy Bridgewater sacked by Aaron Lynch for -14 yards-140.720-2.390-3.11
2008-11-03RedskinsSteelers43:4348PIT 126-23Jason Campbell sacked by Lawrence Timmons for -14 yards-142.630-0.670-3.30
2016-11-27RavensBengals40:1148RAV 2319-14Sam Koch for -23 yards, safety. Penalty on BAL: Offensive Holding (Declined)-23-1.830-2.000-0.17
1998-09-06RavensSteelers348RAV 363-6Kyle Richardson for -31 yards (tackle by Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala). Kyle Richardson fumbles, recovered by Kyle Richardson at BAL-5-31-0.980-6.060-5.08
1996-12-15SeahawksJaguars448SEA 2920-13Rick Mirer pass incomplete left intended for Joey Galloway-1.440-3.710-2.27
1998-11-08ChargersBroncos41:2748DEN 4627-10Craig Whelihan pass incomplete intended for Webster Slaughter0.200-1.990-2.19
1994-12-18RedskinsBuccaneers448TAM 4714-17Heath Shuler pass incomplete left intended for Desmond Howard0.130-2.060-2.19
1996-12-15GiantsSaints448NOR 313-17Danny Kanell pass incomplete right intended for Lawrence Dawsey1.320-1.070-2.39
2015-11-01BrownsCardinals41:1148CLE 3320-34Johnny Manziel pass incomplete short right intended for Travis Benjamin (defended by Justin Bethel)-1.180-3.380-2.20
2016-12-05JetsColts46:3748NYJ 4110-41Bryce Petty pass incomplete deep right intended for Brandon Marshall-0.650-2.850-2.20
1999-12-26ChiefsSeahawks42:3048SEA 4323-14Elvis Grbac pass incomplete intended for Tony Gonzalez (defended by Kerry Joseph)0.400-1.800-2.20
1997-11-09RavensSteelers348PIT 3530-0Vinny Testaverde pass incomplete left intended for Derrick Alexander0.970-1.270-2.24
1997-11-09RaidersSaints448RAI 4810-13Jeff George pass incomplete intended for Tim Brown is intercepted by Sammy Knight and returned for 39 yards-0.190-3.380-3.19
2003-12-14FalconsColts42:3648CLT 2138-7Doug Johnson pass incomplete intended for Brian Finneran (defended by Walt Harris)2.060-0.340-2.40
2000-09-24FalconsRams41:5248ATL 2220-41Danny Kanell pass incomplete intended for Terance Mathis (defended by Dexter McCleon)-1.900-4.110-2.21
2017-11-09CardinalsSeahawks44:2048SEA 1510-22Drew Stanton pass incomplete short middle intended for Jaron Brown (defended by Bradley McDougald)2.4400.220-2.22
2003-09-21RamsSeahawks40:3448RAM 3124-23Marc Bulger pass incomplete intended for Torry Holt-1.310-3.510-2.20
1997-09-21ColtsBills448BUF 4630-29Jim Harbaugh pass incomplete right intended for Aaron Bailey (defended by Ken Irvin)0.200-1.990-2.19
2012-09-20PanthersGiants46:3648NYG 87-33Cam Newton pass incomplete short middle intended for Brandon LaFell is intercepted by Stevie Brown at NYG--1 and returned for 44 yards (tackle by Kealoha Pilares)2.950-1.800-4.75
2012-09-23CowboysBuccaneers20:0248TAM 4610-7Tony Romo pass incomplete deep middle intended for Jason Witten (defended by Mark Barron)0.2001.9901.79
2003-09-28BillsEagles41:0948BUF 4813-23Drew Bledsoe pass incomplete-0.190-2.390-2.20
1997-11-16BuccaneersPatriots448NWE 2527-0Trent Dilfer pass incomplete middle intended for Karl Williams (defended by Willie Clay)1.800-0.610-2.41
2006-10-08RedskinsGiants42:0048WAS 3519-3Mark Brunell pass incomplete short middle intended for Chris Cooley (defended by Antonio Pierce)-1.040-3.310-2.27
2000-10-01LionsVikings48:3748MIN 3517-24Charlie Batch pass incomplete intended for Germane Crowell (defended by Kenny Wright)0.970-1.270-2.24
2013-09-08BrownsDolphins41:2348MIA 1810-23Brandon Weeden pass incomplete short right intended for Tori Gurley2.250-0.150-2.40
2015-11-26PackersBears40:2948CHI 813-17Aaron Rodgers pass incomplete short middle intended for Davante Adams2.9500.380-2.57
2000-10-08BrownsCardinals41:5648CLE 3429-21Tim Couch pass incomplete intended for Dennis Northcutt (defended by Pat Tillman)-1.110-3.380-2.27
1998-12-06BearsVikings348MIN 1034-7Steve Stenstrom pass incomplete intended for Chris Penn2.7600.370-2.39
2007-10-07JaguarsChiefs42:0048KAN 290-17David Garrard pass incomplete deep right intended for Reggie Williams1.500-0.940-2.44
2004-12-05GiantsRedskins48:1848WAS 2331-7Eli Manning pass incomplete intended for Amani Toomer (defended by Fred Smoot)1.930-0.480-2.41
2010-09-2649ersChiefs412:3948KAN 2724-3Alex Smith pass incomplete deep right intended for Dominique Zeigler1.670-0.740-2.41
2017-01-01CardinalsRams41:5448RAM 356-44Drew Stanton pass incomplete deep right intended for Brittan Golden is intercepted by T.J. McDonald at LAR-140.9700.280-0.69
2003-12-22RaidersPackers49:3548GNB 237-34Rob Johnson pass incomplete intended for Alvis Whitted1.930-0.480-2.41
2009-09-13JaguarsColts41:2348JAX 3714-12David Garrard pass incomplete short middle intended for Maurice Jones-Drew (defended by Dwight Freeney)-0.910-3.120-2.21
2012-10-29Cardinals49ers20:0448CRD 470-17John Skelton pass incomplete deep right intended for Larry Fitzgerald is intercepted by Chris Culliver at SFO-8-0.2600.000.26
1997-11-24RaidersBroncos448DEN 931-3Jeff George pass incomplete right intended for James Jett2.8300.380-2.45
1998-12-19BillsJets41:4848BUF 3910-17Doug Flutie pass incomplete intended for Kevin Williams (defended by Corwin Brown)-0.780-2.980-2.20
1996-09-22PackersVikings448GNB 1627-21Brett Favre pass incomplete right intended for Mark Chmura (defended by Corey Fuller)-2.390-4.510-2.12
2012-11-11BearsTexans41:0548CHI 406-13Jason Campbell pass incomplete short middle intended for Matt Forte-0.720-2.920-2.20
1995-10-29BillsDolphins448MIA 3623-6Todd Collins pass incomplete middle intended for Tony Cline0.8801.330.45
2000-10-29BengalsBrowns22:0748CLE 340-7Akili Smith pass incomplete intended for Peter Warrick1.060-1.200-2.26
2006-11-19FalconsRavens42:1048ATL 2924-10Michael Vick pass incomplete deep left intended for Michael Jenkins-1.440-3.640-2.20
1995-10-29JaguarsSteelers448PIT 2124-7Mark Brunell pass incomplete left intended for Jimmy Smith (defended by Alvoid Mays)2.060-0.340-2.40
2007-11-11RavensBengals11:1448CIN 320-0Steve McNair pass incomplete deep right intended for Demetrius Williams (defended by Deltha O'Neal)1.240-1.070-2.31
1996-11-17ChiefsBears248CHI 3414-7Steve Bono pass incomplete middle intended for Derrick Walker1.060-1.200-2.26
2001-09-09SteelersJaguars21:1248JAX 3221-3Kordell Stewart pass incomplete is intercepted by Hardy Nickerson at JAX-21 and returned for 2 yards (tackle by Hines Ward)1.240-0.480-1.72
2012-12-02JaguarsBills45:4748BUF 3934-18Chad Henne pass incomplete deep left intended for Justin Blackmon0.660-1.530-2.19
2003-10-19BrownsChargers42:2048CLE 4720-26Kelly Holcomb pass incomplete intended for Kevin Johnson (defended by Sammy Davis)-0.260-2.460-2.20
2010-10-31JetsPackers44:1848GNB 350-6Mark Sanchez pass incomplete deep left intended for Jerricho Cotchery (defended by Charlie Peprah)0.970-1.270-2.24
2003-10-19LionsCowboys44:4548DAL 87-38Mike McMahon pass incomplete intended for Bill Schroeder2.9500.380-2.57
2014-09-14JetsPackers43:3748GNB 2831-24Geno Smith pass incomplete deep middle intended for Jeremy Kerley (defended by Sam Shields)1.590-0.810-2.40
2014-09-14PatriotsVikings42:0048MIN 197-30Tom Brady pass incomplete short left intended for Tim Wright2.180-0.150-2.33
2015-12-27BrownsChiefs43:0148KAN 3017-13Johnny Manziel pass incomplete deep right intended for Travis Benjamin1.410-0.940-2.35
2012-12-09FalconsPanthers46:2548CAR 4823-13Matt Ryan pass incomplete short right intended for Roddy White is intercepted by Thomas Davis at CAR-400.070-1.600-1.67
1995-11-12GiantsRaiders448RAI 2813-17Dave Brown pass incomplete middle intended for Mike Sherrard (defended by Chester McGlockton)1.590-0.810-2.40
2014-09-21BengalsTitans43:2448OTI 2733-7Jason Campbell pass incomplete short right intended for James Wright1.670-0.740-2.41
2000-11-12Chiefs49ers42:3448KAN 2821-7Elvis Grbac pass incomplete intended for Kevin Lockett (defended by Bryant Young)-1.500-3.710-2.21
2000-11-13RaidersBroncos20:0148DEN 447-10Rich Gannon pass incomplete0.3301.8601.53
1994-09-25ChiefsRams248RAM 290-13Joe Montana pass incomplete left intended for Willie Davis1.500-0.870-2.37
1996-09-30EaglesCowboys448DAL 2916-24Ty Detmer pass incomplete is intercepted by George Teague and returned for 22 yards, lateral to Darren Woodson for no gain1.500-0.940-2.44
2012-12-16BrownsRedskins43:4148CLE 3321-38Brandon Weeden pass incomplete short right intended for Greg Little-1.180-3.380-2.20
2009-10-19ChargersBroncos45:4448DEN 3823-27Philip Rivers pass incomplete short left intended for Malcom Floyd0.720-1.470-2.19
1994-09-25Saints49ers448SFO 4223-13Jim Everett pass incomplete intended for Michael Haynes is intercepted by Deion Sanders and returned for 74 yards, touchdown0.460-7.000-7.46
2014-10-02VikingsPackers40:1448GNB 842-10Christian Ponder pass incomplete short left intended for Greg Jennings2.9500.380-2.57
2000-11-19CowboysRavens24:4048RAV 3310-0Troy Aikman pass incomplete intended for Wane McGarity is intercepted by Rod Woodson at BAL-291.150-0.870-2.02
2007-12-16ColtsRaiders40:0548CLT 3514-21Peyton Manning pass incomplete intended for Reggie Wayne-1.0401.2702.31
2000-11-20RamsRedskins40:5848WAS 820-33Trent Green pass incomplete intended for Ricky Proehl (defended by Dana Stubblefield)2.9500.380-2.57
2003-10-26JaguarsTitans34:5148OTI 4110-27Byron Leftwich pass incomplete0.530-1.660-2.19
2014-11-02BroncosPatriots411:2548NWE 843-21Peyton Manning pass incomplete short left intended for Jacob Tamme2.9500.380-2.57
2010-12-19SaintsRavens41:5648NOR 1727-24Drew Brees pass incomplete short middle intended for Robert Meachem is intercepted by Cory Redding at NOR-18. Penalty on Jermon Bushrod: Offensive Holding (Declined)-2.320-4.370-2.05
2010-12-19SeahawksFalcons42:0148SEA 2618-34Charlie Whitehurst pass incomplete short right intended for Mike Williams (defended by Brent Grimes)-1.630-3.840-2.21
2013-12-29BuccaneersSaints410:0348TAM 4742-17Mike Glennon pass incomplete short middle intended for Tim Wright (defended by Curtis Lofton)-0.260-2.460-2.20
2014-11-13BillsDolphins43:2348BUF 1219-9Kyle Orton pass incomplete short middle intended for Scott Chandler-2.490-4.780-2.29
2009-12-06ChiefsBroncos314:0848KAN 286-14Brodie Croyle pass incomplete short left intended for Thomas Gafford-1.500-3.780-2.28
2000-12-24ChiefsFalcons44:4648KAN 4126-7Elvis Grbac pass incomplete intended for Tony Gonzalez (defended by Gerald McBurrows)-0.650-2.850-2.20
2009-12-13SeahawksTexans49:5848HTX 834-7Matt Hasselbeck pass incomplete short right intended for T.J. Houshmandzadeh (defended by Brice McCain)2.9500.380-2.57
2014-12-15BearsSaints42:5548CHI 238-24Jay Cutler pass incomplete deep left intended for Josh Morgan-1.830-4.040-2.21
2002-12-15BearsJets28:1648NYJ 353-0id_ for no gain0.970-1.600-2.57
2005-10-09BearsBrowns41:2048CHI 4620-10Kyle Orton pass incomplete intended for Muhsin Muhammad-0.320-2.520-2.20
2001-11-25GiantsRaiders412:3648RAI 3510-21Kerry Collins pass incomplete intended for Joe Jurevicius (defended by Tory James)0.970-1.270-2.24
2002-12-15CowboysGiants21:3148NYG 3424-0Chad Hutchinson pass incomplete intended for Ken-Yon Rambo1.060-1.200-2.26
1995-12-10RamsBills448RAM 4227-42Mark Rypien pass incomplete middle intended for Isaac Bruce-0.590-2.790-2.20
1997-10-16ChargersChiefs448KAN 3931-3Craig Whelihan pass incomplete left intended for Tony Martin0.660-1.530-2.19
2002-09-15RavensBuccaneers40:0948RAV 190-25Chris Redman pass incomplete intended for Javin Hunter (defended by Ronde Barber)-2.140-4.310-2.17
1994-11-20VikingsJets248NYJ 317-10Mike Saxon pass incomplete right intended for Andrew Jordan1.320-1.070-2.39
2002-12-22ChargersChiefs110:3948KAN 340-0Drew Brees pass incomplete intended for Tim Dwight1.060-1.200-2.26
2002-09-22CardinalsChargers414:5048CRD 127-16id_ for no gain-2.4900.0002.49
1999-09-19BillsJets215:0048NYJ 270-0id_ for no gain1.670-1.330-3.00
2017-12-17DolphinsBills38:0148BUF 3821-6Jay Cutler pass incomplete short left intended for Kenny Stills is intercepted by Shareece Wright at BUF-23 and returned for 46 yards. Shareece Wright fumbles, recovered by Shareece Wright at MIA-240.720-4.040-4.76
2005-10-30SaintsDolphins46:5748NOR 446-21Aaron Brooks pass incomplete intended for Joe Horn-0.460-2.650-2.19
2005-10-30BillsPatriots42:0348NWE 4021-16Kelly Holcomb pass complete to Eric Moulds for no gain0.590-1.600-2.19
2016-10-09BearsColts41:0248CLT 2829-23Brian Hoyer pass incomplete deep right intended for Cameron Meredith1.590-0.810-2.40
2005-10-31RavensSteelers20:0848PIT 4210-10Anthony Wright pass incomplete intended for Randy Hymes is intercepted by Ike Taylor at PIT-00.4600.000-0.46
1998-09-06ChiefsRaiders20:0148RAI 3220-0Elvis Grbac pass incomplete (defended by Greg Biekert)1.2401.070-0.17
2001-12-16CowboysSeahawks20:0448SEA 3710-3Quincy Carter pass incomplete intended for Joey Galloway (defended by Marcus Robertson)0.7901.400.61
1999-10-10GiantsCardinals46:5348CRD 1014-3Kerry Collins pass incomplete intended for Ike Hilliard2.7600.380-2.38
2016-10-09RavensRedskins40:2048WAS 2110-16Joe Flacco pass incomplete short middle intended for Mike Wallace2.060-0.340-2.40
2016-10-1649ersBills42:4148BUF 1045-16Colin Kaepernick pass incomplete short right intended for Torrey Smith (defended by Ronald Darby)2.7600.370-2.39
2005-11-13TexansColts47:1148CLT 2731-17David Carr pass incomplete intended for Jabar Gaffney1.670-0.740-2.41
2005-11-20FalconsBuccaneers211:4748TAM 330-10Michael Vick pass incomplete intended for Warrick Dunn1.150-1.140-2.29
2016-10-23RavensJets41:0248NYJ 4424-16Joe Flacco pass incomplete deep right intended for Chris Moore (defended by Marcus Williams)0.330-1.860-2.19
1999-11-0749ersSteelers115:0048PIT 310-0Jeff Garcia pass incomplete intended for J.J. Stokes1.320-1.000-2.32
1999-11-14BengalsTitans414:0948OTI 267-24Jeff Blake pass incomplete intended for Darnay Scott (defended by Denard Walker)1.740-0.670-2.41
1994-12-11BillsVikings448BUF 3417-21Jim Kelly pass incomplete right intended for Bill Brooks (defended by Malik Boyd)-1.110-3.310-2.20
2002-10-13TexansBills40:3048BUF 1224-31David Carr pass incomplete intended for Jermaine Lewis (defended by Antoine Winfield)2.6300.350-2.28
2011-11-20BearsChargers41:5948SDG 4531-20Adam Podlesh pass incomplete intended for Craig Steltz0.270-1.930-2.20
1999-11-21CowboysCardinals115:0048CRD 320-0Jason Garrett pass incomplete intended for Rocket Ismail (defended by Aeneas Williams)1.240-1.140-2.38
2011-11-20VikingsRaiders41:5848MIN 4621-27Christian Ponder pass incomplete short middle intended for Percy Harvin-0.320-2.520-2.20
1999-11-28BillsPatriots43:3248NWE 3317-0Doug Flutie pass incomplete intended for Peerless Price1.150-1.140-2.29
2005-12-1849ersJaguars40:4748SFO 2210-9Alex Smith pass incomplete intended for Rasheed Marshall-1.900-4.110-2.21
1999-11-28SeahawksBuccaneers46:4248TAM 383-16Jon Kitna pass incomplete is intercepted by Brian Kelly at TAM-25 and returned for 26 yards (tackle by Christian Fauria)0.720-2.320-3.04
2004-10-24PanthersChargers41:1648CAR 386-17Jake Delhomme pass incomplete intended for Keary Colbert (defended by Stephen Cooper)-0.850-3.050-2.20
2003-09-07PatriotsBills37:5548BUF 821-0Tom Brady pass incomplete intended for Deion Branch (defended by Kevin Thomas)2.9500.380-2.57
1998-10-25RavensPackers348GNB 3728-3Jim Harbaugh pass incomplete intended for Jermaine Lewis is intercepted by Tyrone Williams at GNB-28 and returned for 7 yards0.790-1.270-2.06
1997-12-07SaintsRams448NOR 4827-34Billy Joe Hobert pass incomplete right intended for Irv Smith
2004-10-24JetsPatriots42:1948NWE 3013-7Chad Pennington pass incomplete intended for Wayne Chrebet (defended by Rodney Harrison)1.410-0.940-2.35
2003-09-07RamsGiants42:2648NYG 2423-13Kurt Warner pass incomplete intended for Shaun McDonald (defended by Keith Hamilton)1.870-0.610-2.48
2011-12-18PackersChiefs414:5648KAN 399-7Aaron Rodgers pass incomplete deep right intended for Jermichael Finley0.660-1.530-2.19
2017-11-05ChiefsCowboys45:1248DAL 4328-17Alex Smith pass incomplete short middle intended for Travis Kelce is intercepted by Jeff Heath at DAL-36 and returned for 3 yards0.400-1.530-1.93
2011-12-24CowboysEagles42:2248PHI 160-20Stephen McGee pass incomplete deep left intended for Martellus Bennett2.3800.140-2.24
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