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In 2016, any team vs. Detroit Lions, in the regular season, play type is pass or rush, gain of between -100 and 0 yards, sorted by yards descending

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2016-12-04SaintsLions113:3631NOR 270-0Drew Brees pass incomplete. Drew Brees fumbles, recovered by Drew Brees at NOR-11. Drew Brees fumbles, recovered by Drew Brees at NOR-110-0.020-2.490-2.47
2016-12-04SaintsLions16:4931NOR 470-3Tim Hightower left tackle for no gain (tackle by Haloti Ngata and Brandon Copeland)01.420-0.260-1.68
2016-12-04SaintsLions28:5015DET 430-10Mark Ingram left tackle for no gain (tackle by Tyrunn Walker)03.1202.520-0.60
2016-12-04SaintsLions30:17110DET 146-19Mark Ingram right end for no gain (tackle by Tavon Wilson)04.6504.000-0.65
2016-12-04SaintsLions40:0323DET 913-28Drew Brees spiked the ball05.1604.390-0.77
2016-12-11BearsLions212:17210CHI 380-3Jeremy Langford middle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)00.9200.230-0.69
2016-12-18GiantsLions112:09110NYG 490-0Rashad Jennings left guard for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead and Asa Jackson)02.1901.650-0.54
2016-12-18GiantsLions16:0124NYG 137-0Paul Perkins right guard for no gain (tackle by Rafael Bush)0-0.340-0.720-0.38
2016-12-18GiantsLions44:56110NYG 3117-6Rashad Jennings right tackle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)01.0000.000-1.00
2016-12-18GiantsLions41:1138NYG 2217-6Rashad Jennings right guard for no gain (tackle by DeAndre Levy and Josh Bynes)0-0.6900.000.69
2016-12-26CowboysLions114:47115DAL 290-0Ezekiel Elliott right tackle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead and Tyrunn Walker)00.870-0.020-0.89
2016-12-26CowboysLions37:27110DAL 1628-21Ezekiel Elliott right end for no gain (tackle by Tavon Wilson and Ezekiel Ansah)0-0.140-0.660-0.52
2017-01-01PackersLions41:30110GNB 2017-31Joe Kerridge middle for no gain (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)00.2800.000-0.28
2016-09-11ColtsLions415:0031DET 4118-28Andrew Luck pass incomplete. Penalty on DeAndre Levy: Taunting, 15 yards02.2103.8401.63
2016-09-11ColtsLions412:38110CLT 621-28Andrew Luck pass incomplete deep right intended for T.Y. Hilton. Penalty on Jack Doyle: Offensive Holding (Declined)0-0.380-0.780-0.40
2016-09-18TitansLions26:42110DET 269-3Derrick Henry middle for no gain03.8403.300-0.54
2016-09-18TitansLions20:3133OTI 2512-3Marcus Mariota sacked by Kerry Hyder for 0 yards0-0.270-0.270.00
2016-09-25PackersLions35:23110DET 3231-17Eddie Lacy left end for no gain (tackle by Zaviar Gooden and Nevin Lawson)03.4502.900-0.55
2016-09-25PackersLions410:1728GNB 4834-20Aaron Rodgers sacked by Haloti Ngata for 0 yards01.7201.030-0.69
2016-10-02BearsLions114:23110 500-0Jordan Howard left tackle for no gain02.2601.710-0.55
2016-10-02BearsLions20:02115DET 497-3Brian Hoyer pass incomplete deep left intended for Kevin White (defended by Darius Slay). Penalty on Charles Leno: Offensive Holding (Declined)02.3201.440-0.88
2016-10-09EaglesLions312:12110DET 3121-10Josh Huff right end for no gain (tackle by Glover Quin)03.5102.970-0.54
2016-10-09EaglesLions49:3722DET 4621-20Carson Wentz sacked by A'Shawn Robinson for 0 yards02.5301.820-0.71
2016-10-09EaglesLions42:4132PHI 4521-23Ryan Mathews right end for no gain (tackle by Darius Slay). Ryan Mathews fumbles (forced by Darius Slay), recovered by Tyrunn Walker at PHI-45 (tackle by Nelson Agholor)01.220-2.590-3.81
2016-10-16RamsLions22:3224RAM 2414-14Tavon Austin right tackle for no gain (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)00.410-0.400-0.81
2016-10-16RamsLions37:17110DET 1521-14Todd Gurley middle for no gain (tackle by Anthony Zettel)04.5803.950-0.63
2016-10-16RamsLions415:0022DET 921-21Todd Gurley left tackle for no gain (tackle by Anthony Zettel)05.2904.570-0.72
2016-10-23RedskinsLions110:20110 500-0Kirk Cousins for no gain. Kirk Cousins fumbles, recovered by Matt Jones02.2601.710-0.55
2016-10-23RedskinsLions49:0611DET 113-3Matt Jones left tackle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)06.9705.910-1.06
2016-11-06VikingsLions415:00110DET 319-10Jerick McKinnon middle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)03.5102.970-0.54
2016-11-06VikingsLions48:1441DET 59-13Matt Asiata middle for no gain (tackle by Josh Bynes)03.0300.380-2.65
2016-11-20JaguarsLions110:23110JAX 350-0T.J. Yeldon left tackle for no gain (tackle by Haloti Ngata)01.2700.720-0.55
2016-11-24VikingsLions48:3821MIN 2910-13Matt Asiata middle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)00.9500.230-0.72
2016-12-26CowboysLions48:10110DAL 342-21Darren McFadden left tackle for -1 yards (tackle by Tavon Wilson)-1-0.380-0.850-0.47
2016-12-26CowboysLions42:33212DAL 1542-21Darren McFadden left tackle for -1 yards (tackle by Ezekiel Ansah)-1-0.850-1.720-0.87
2017-01-01PackersLions41:16210GNB 2017-31Aaron Rodgers kneels for -1 yards-1-0.2700.000.27
2017-01-01PackersLions40:12110DET 4624-31Aaron Rodgers kneels for -1 yards-12.5201.840-0.68
2016-09-18TitansLions114:3115OTI 120-0DeMarco Murray middle for -1 yards (tackle by Antwione Williams)-1-0.120-0.490-0.37
2016-09-18TitansLions12:13110OTI 399-0Marcus Mariota pass complete short right to Delanie Walker for -1 yards (tackle by Tavon Wilson)-11.5300.850-0.68
2016-09-18TitansLions40:18110DET 4715-16Matt Cassel kneels for -1 yards-12.4601.780-0.68
2016-09-25PackersLions10:33110GNB 3314-3Ty Montgomery right end for -1 yards (tackle by Quandre Diggs)-11.1400.460-0.68
2016-09-25PackersLions46:31210GNB 2634-20James Starks middle for -1 yards-10.130-0.690-0.82
2016-09-25PackersLions43:34110GNB 2534-27Eddie Lacy middle for -1 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-10.6100.610.00
2016-09-25PackersLions42:00110DET 4434-27Aaron Rodgers kneels for -1 yards-12.6501.980-0.67
2016-09-25PackersLions41:18211DET 4534-27Aaron Rodgers kneels for -1 yards-11.9801.160-0.82
2016-09-25PackersLions40:39312DET 4634-27Aaron Rodgers kneels for -1 yards-11.1600.130-1.03
2016-10-02BearsLions113:56210 500-0Jordan Howard left tackle for -1 yards (tackle by Tyrunn Walker)-11.7100.890-0.82
2016-10-02BearsLions20:5426DET 307-3Brian Hoyer sacked by Kerry Hyder for -1 yards-13.3103.310.00
2016-10-02BearsLions43:09110CHI 3117-6Jordan Howard right guard for -1 yards (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)-11.0001.000.00
2016-10-02BearsLions41:51110DET 3617-14Brian Hoyer kneels for -1 yards-13.1802.500-0.68
2016-10-02BearsLions41:10211DET 3717-14Brian Hoyer kneels for -1 yards-12.5001.690-0.81
2016-10-02BearsLions40:36312DET 3817-14Brian Hoyer kneels for -1 yards-11.6900.660-1.03
2016-10-16RamsLions20:0441DET 114-14Todd Gurley middle for -1 yards (tackle by Tyrunn Walker and Stefan Charles)-13.5500.000-3.55
2016-10-16RamsLions314:53110RAM 1014-14Todd Gurley middle for -1 yards (tackle by Kerry Hyder)-1-0.380-0.850-0.47
2016-10-30TexansLions211:38110HTX 477-0Brock Osweiler pass complete short left to Ryan Griffin for -1 yards (tackle by Antwione Williams)-12.0601.380-0.68
2016-10-30TexansLions42:00110DET 1920-13Brock Osweiler kneels for -1 yards-14.3103.630-0.68
2016-10-30TexansLions41:19211DET 2020-13Brock Osweiler kneels for -1 yards-13.6302.810-0.82
2016-10-30TexansLions40:38312DET 2120-13Brock Osweiler kneels for -1 yards-12.8101.990-0.82
2016-11-20JaguarsLions310:0632DET 3316-9Blake Bortles pass complete short left to Julius Thomas for -1 yards (tackle by Rafael Bush)-12.6801.090-1.59
2016-11-20JaguarsLions415:0024JAX 4016-19Chris Ivory right end for -1 yards (tackle by Kerry Hyder)-11.4700.630-0.84
2016-12-11BearsLions18:4015CHI 250-0Jordan Howard right end for -2 yards (tackle by Josh Bynes)-21.0100.140-0.87
2016-12-11BearsLions23:2022CHI 333-3Jordan Howard right end for -2 yards (tackle by Ezekiel Ansah and DeAndre Levy)-21.1400.170-0.97
2016-12-26CowboysLions43:16110DAL 1742-21Darren McFadden middle for -2 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-2-0.060-0.850-0.79
2017-01-01PackersLions41:14311GNB 1917-31Aaron Rodgers kneels for -2 yards-2-1.1400.0001.14
2016-09-11ColtsLions21:00110DET 133-21Josh Ferguson right end for -2 yards (tackle by Ezekiel Ansah)-24.7103.760-0.95
2016-09-18TitansLions19:3322DET 290-0DeMarco Murray middle for -2 yards (tackle by Khyri Thornton)-23.6502.680-0.97
2016-09-18TitansLions18:5034DET 310-0Marcus Mariota sacked by Devin Taylor for -2 yards-22.6801.160-1.52
2016-10-02BearsLions26:3541DET 367-0Joique Bell left guard for -2 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-20.890-1.470-2.36
2016-10-09EaglesLions16:4935PHI 407-0Carson Wentz sacked by Armonty Bryant for -2 yards-20.700-0.850-1.55
2016-11-20JaguarsLions20:19110JAX 259-9Chad Henne kneels for -2 yards-20.610-0.210-0.82
2016-12-11BearsLions34:45110DET 4413-3Jordan Howard middle for -3 yards (tackle by Josh Bynes)-32.6501.710-0.94
2016-12-18GiantsLions212:4832NYG 337-3Rashad Jennings right end for -3 yards (tackle by Tahir Whitehead and Haloti Ngata)-30.430-1.370-1.80
2016-12-18GiantsLions33:1525DET 3410-6Rashad Jennings middle for -3 yards (tackle by Tyrunn Walker)-33.1202.020-1.10
2017-01-01PackersLions34:10110GNB 4214-17Ty Montgomery right end for -3 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-31.7300.780-0.95
2016-10-16RamsLions110:09110RAM 407-0Case Keenum pass complete short right to Tavon Austin for -3 yards (tackle by Quandre Diggs)-31.6000.650-0.95
2016-10-30TexansLions11:13110DET 210-0Lamar Miller right tackle for -3 yards (tackle by Kerry Hyder)-34.1703.220-0.95
2016-10-30TexansLions22:1639DET 4614-0Brock Osweiler pass complete short middle to Braxton Miller for -3 yards (tackle by Glover Quin and Ezekiel Ansah)-31.3500.000-1.35
2016-10-30TexansLions314:36115HTX 2014-3Lamar Miller right end for -3 yards (tackle by Tyrunn Walker)-30.280-1.150-1.43
2016-10-30TexansLions37:16110DET 1714-3Lamar Miller middle for -3 yards (tackle by Tavon Wilson and Tyrunn Walker)-34.4403.490-0.95
2016-11-06VikingsLions215:00110DET 230-3Jerick McKinnon middle for -3 yards (tackle by Ezekiel Ansah)-34.0403.090-0.95
2016-11-20JaguarsLions14:2126DET 430-0Chris Ivory right end for -3 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-32.4501.350-1.10
2016-12-04SaintsLions36:4126NOR 446-16Drew Brees pass complete short left to Mark Ingram for -4 yards (tackle by Josh Bynes). Penalty on Mark Ingram: Delay of Game, 5 yards-41.590-0.300-1.89
2016-09-25PackersLions20:24210GNB 2531-10Aaron Rodgers sacked by Kerry Hyder for -4 yards-40.060-1.150-1.21
2016-10-23RedskinsLions33:2831DET 3410-3Kirk Cousins for -4 yards (tackle by Khyri Thornton). Kirk Cousins fumbles (forced by Khyri Thornton), recovered by Kerry Hyder at DET-38 (tackle by Ty Nsekhe)-42.680-1.470-4.15
2016-11-06VikingsLions211:21219DET 273-3Ronnie Hillman right end for -4 yards (tackle by Glover Quin)-42.6101.420-1.19
2016-11-24VikingsLions211:1524MIN 187-7Jerick McKinnon left tackle for -4 yards (tackle by Josh Bynes)-4-0.070-1.190-1.12
2016-11-24VikingsLions22:00110MIN 4910-7Sam Bradford pass complete short left to Cordarrelle Patterson for -4 yards (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)-42.1901.110-1.08
2017-01-01PackersLions111:2225GNB 490-0Aaron Rodgers sacked by Tavon Wilson for -5 yards-51.9900.630-1.36
2016-09-18TitansLions17:20110OTI 52-0DeMarco Murray for -5 yards, safety-5-0.380-2.000-1.62
2016-10-30TexansLions414:1029HTX 2617-10Brock Osweiler sacked by A'Shawn Robinson for -5 yards-50.200-1.150-1.35
2016-11-06VikingsLions311:2633MIN 423-10Sam Bradford sacked by Kerry Hyder for -5 yards-50.960-0.910-1.87
2016-11-20JaguarsLions49:54110JAX 4423-19Chris Ivory right end for -5 yards (tackle by Stefan Charles)-51.8600.640-1.22
2016-09-11ColtsLions111:07110DET 460-0Andrew Luck sacked by Kerry Hyder for -6 yards-62.5201.170-1.35
2016-10-09EaglesLions20:53120DET 3721-7Carson Wentz sacked by Devin Taylor for -6 yards-63.1203.120.00
2016-10-09EaglesLions33:2623PHI 2621-20Carson Wentz pass complete short left to Ryan Mathews for -6 yards (tackle by Thurston Armbrister)-60.610-0.940-1.55
2016-10-16RamsLions20:5219DET 914-14Tavon Austin right end for -6 yards (tackle by Kerry Hyder)-65.1405.140.00
2016-12-04SaintsLions47:10110NOR 2513-28Drew Brees sacked by Devin Taylor for -7 yards-70.610-0.980-1.59
2016-12-18GiantsLions26:4725DET 237-3Eli Manning sacked by Anthony Zettel for -7 yards-73.8402.210-1.63
2016-10-02BearsLions14:1435DET 397-0Brian Hoyer sacked by Darius Slay for -7 yards-72.0800.200-1.88
2016-10-30TexansLions45:0039DET 1117-10Brock Osweiler sacked by Khyri Thornton for -7 yards-73.2902.250-1.04
2016-12-11BearsLions48:5139DET 4313-10Matt Barkley sacked by Kerry Hyder for -8 yards-81.550-0.130-1.68
2016-12-18GiantsLions30:16110NYG 4810-6Eli Manning sacked by Ezekiel Ansah for -8 yards-82.1300.500-1.63
2016-10-16RamsLions21:0619DET 914-14Case Keenum sacked by Devin Taylor for -9 yards. Case Keenum fumbles (forced by Devin Taylor), recovered by Case Keenum at DET-19-95.1405.140.00
2016-10-23RedskinsLions19:36210 500-0Kirk Cousins sacked by Armonty Bryant for -9 yards. Kirk Cousins fumbles (forced by Armonty Bryant), recovered by Kirk Cousins at WAS-41-91.710-0.160-1.87
2016-10-23RedskinsLions28:02110DET 493-0Kirk Cousins sacked by Rafael Bush for -9 yards-92.3200.570-1.75
2016-11-06VikingsLions210:42323DET 313-3Sam Bradford sacked by Kerry Hyder for -9 yards-91.4200.590-0.83
2016-10-30TexansLions110:0333HTX 450-0Brock Osweiler sacked by Armonty Bryant for -10 yards-101.160-1.040-2.20
2016-12-26CowboysLions212:4727DAL 3214-14Dak Prescott sacked by Ezekiel Ansah for -11 yards-110.730-1.420-2.15
2016-09-11ColtsLions26:30110DET 380-14Andrew Luck sacked by Kerry Hyder for -11 yards-113.0501.020-2.03
2016-09-18TitansLions25:54310DET 269-3Marcus Mariota sacked by Haloti Ngata and Devin Taylor for -12 yards-122.6100.720-1.89
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