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In 2017, Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers, in the regular season, play type is rush, sorted by yards descending

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Individual Plays

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers44:02110DAL 4110-40Rod Smith right tackle for 45 yards (tackle by Jimmie Ward)451.6604.6502.99
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers17:57110SFO 250-13Ezekiel Elliott right guard for 25 yards, touchdown253.9107.0003.09
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers44:4833DAL 2610-40Cooper Rush left tackle for 15 yards (tackle by Adrian Colbert)15-0.1601.6601.82
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers114:00110SFO 200-0Ezekiel Elliott left guard for 14 yards (tackle by Ray-Ray Armstrong)144.2405.8301.59
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers35:12110SFO 453-27Ezekiel Elliott left end for 14 yards (tackle by Ray-Ray Armstrong)142.5903.510.92
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers36:39215DAL 343-27Alfred Morris middle for 14 yards (tackle by Adrian Colbert)140.3101.4901.18
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers10:24210DAL 143-14Dak Prescott left end for 13 yards (tackle by Dontae Johnson)13-0.7500.7401.49
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers20:20110DAL 323-20Ezekiel Elliott middle for 13 yards (tackle by Jaquiski Tartt)131.0700.000-1.07
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers414:1726SFO 253-33Ezekiel Elliott left end for 10 yards (tackle by Jimmie Ward)103.6404.580.94
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers20:2825DAL 243-20Dak Prescott middle for 8 yards (tackle by Dontae Johnson and Reuben Foster)80.3400.000-0.34
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers41:2035SFO 1910-40Rod Smith right end for 7 yards (tackle by Jimmie Ward)73.4104.7801.37
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers38:27110DAL 203-27Ezekiel Elliott right tackle for 7 yards (tackle by Jaquiski Tartt)70.2800.680.40
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers413:0027SFO 123-33Ezekiel Elliott middle for 6 yards (tackle by DeForest Buckner)64.4504.900.45
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers213:42110DAL 383-14Ezekiel Elliott left tackle for 6 yards (tackle by D.J. Jones)61.4701.730.26
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers19:27110SFO 410-7Ezekiel Elliott left tackle for 5 yards (tackle by Xavier Cooper)52.8502.980.13
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers37:15110DAL 393-27Ezekiel Elliott left tackle for 5 yards (tackle by Reuben Foster)51.5301.660.13
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers113:2316SFO 60-0Ezekiel Elliott left guard for 5 yards (tackle by DeForest Buckner)55.8305.910.08
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers115:00110DAL 250-0Ezekiel Elliott right end for 5 yards (tackle by Earl Mitchell and Reuben Foster)50.6100.740.13
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers42:13110SFO 2410-40Rod Smith middle for 5 yards (tackle by Ahkello Witherspoon)53.9700.000-3.97
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers45:3227DAL 2210-40Rod Smith left tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Eli Harold)40.070-0.160-0.23
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers211:17110SFO 213-14Ezekiel Elliott right end for 4 yards (tackle by Jimmie Ward). Penalty on James Hanna: Offensive Holding, 10 yards44.1703.780-0.39
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers111:24110DAL 260-7Ezekiel Elliott middle for 4 yards (tackle by Ray-Ray Armstrong)40.6700.670.00
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers415:00110SFO 293-33Ezekiel Elliott right tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Tony McDaniel)43.6403.640.00
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers46:14110DAL 1910-40Rod Smith middle for 3 yards (tackle by Ray-Ray Armstrong)30.1500.070-0.08
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers411:3325SFO 53-33Ezekiel Elliott right guard for 3 yards (tackle by DeForest Buckner)35.1504.950-0.20
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers413:41110SFO 153-33Ezekiel Elliott right guard for 3 yards (tackle by Tony McDaniel)34.5804.450-0.13
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers110:11110DAL 390-7Ryan Switzer left end for 3 yards (tackle by Jaquiski Tartt)31.5301.390-0.14
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers32:0932SFO 73-27Dak Prescott left guard for 3 yards (tackle by Eric Reid)34.6806.2801.60
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers34:44110SFO 313-27Ezekiel Elliott middle for 3 yards (tackle by D.J. Jones)33.5103.370-0.14
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers212:20110DAL 493-14Ezekiel Elliott right tackle for 3 yards (tackle by DeForest Buckner and Reuben Foster)32.1902.050-0.14
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers30:4622SFO 23-33Dak Prescott middle for 2 yards, touchdown25.7207.0001.28
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers31:3014SFO 43-27Ezekiel Elliott middle for 2 yards (tackle by Leger Douzable)26.2805.720-0.56
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers20:11110DAL 453-20Ezekiel Elliott middle for 2 yards (tackle by Solomon Thomas)21.9301.650-0.28
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers25:49110DAL 63-20Ezekiel Elliott left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by D.J. Jones)2-0.380-0.630-0.25
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers412:1831SFO 63-33Ezekiel Elliott right guard for 1 yard (tackle by DeForest Buckner)14.9006.0601.16
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers112:4621SFO 10-6Ezekiel Elliott middle for 1 yard, touchdown15.9107.0001.09
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers25:1328DAL 83-20Ezekiel Elliott left end for 1 yard (tackle by Dontae Johnson)1-0.630-1.070-0.44
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers13:51110DAL 493-14Alfred Morris right tackle for 1 yard (tackle by Ray-Ray Armstrong)12.1901.780-0.41
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers42:0025SFO 1910-40Rod Smith middle for no gain (tackle by Tony McDaniel)04.1203.410-0.71
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers43:06310SFO 1410-40Rod Smith middle for -1 yards (tackle by Elvis Dumervil)-13.1100.000-3.11
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers215:00110DAL 273-14Ezekiel Elliott right guard for -1 yards (tackle by Reuben Foster)-10.7400.060-0.68
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers43:52110SFO 1410-40Rod Smith right end for -2 yards (tackle by D.J. Jones)-24.6503.720-0.93
2017-10-22Cowboys49ers40:35110SFO 1210-40Cooper Rush kneels for -2 yards-24.7803.790-0.99
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