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In 2017, New York Giants vs. any team, in the regular season, from team's 1st game to 4th game, play type is rush, sorted by yards descending

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Individual Plays

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2017-09-24GiantsEagles411:5323PHI 2614-7Orleans Darkwa middle for 20 yards (tackle by Chris Maragos)203.7805.8302.05
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers17:47110NYG 257-0Paul Perkins middle for 14 yards140.6101.530.92
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers23:2524TAM 1413-9Eli Manning right end for 14 yards, touchdown144.6407.0002.36
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers37:08110TAM 3216-10Wayne Gallman right tackle for 13 yards (tackle by Chris Conte)133.4504.310.86
2017-09-18GiantsLions14:00110NYG 250-7Sterling Shepard right end for 12 yards (tackle by Glover Quin)120.6101.400.79
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys26:44110NYG 96-0Orleans Darkwa middle for 12 yards (tackle by Jaylon Smith)12-0.3800.340.72
2017-09-18GiantsLions28:43110NYG 257-14Orleans Darkwa left end for 11 yards (tackle by Glover Quin and Tahir Whitehead)110.6101.330.72
2017-09-18GiantsLions20:26110NYG 267-17Shane Vereen left guard for 8 yards (tackle by Tavon Wilson and Jarrad Davis)80.6701.210.54
2017-09-24GiantsEagles33:0821PHI 2814-0Paul Perkins middle for 7 yards (tackle by Chris Maragos and Malcolm Jenkins)73.7904.170.38
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers33:17110NYG 4516-17Wayne Gallman right tackle for 7 yards (tackle by Justin Evans)71.9302.330.40
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers20:1238NYG 4016-10Shane Vereen middle for 7 yards (tackle by Robert McClain)70.500-0.260-0.76
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers410:19110NYG 3516-17Wayne Gallman middle for 7 yards (tackle by Chris Baker)71.2701.670.40
2017-09-18GiantsLions40:26110NYG 2410-24Shane Vereen middle for 7 yards (tackle by Jeremiah Valoaga and Anthony Zettel)70.5400.940.40
2017-09-24GiantsEagles35:10110NYG 2414-0Paul Perkins middle for 7 yards (tackle by Chris Maragos)70.5400.940.40
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys313:18110NYG 4616-0Sterling Shepard left end for 6 yards (tackle by Jaylon Smith)61.9902.260.27
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers415:00310TAM 3116-17Eli Manning middle for 6 yards (tackle by Adarius Glanton)62.2801.880-0.40
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers23:57110TAM 2013-3Shane Vereen left guard for 6 yards (tackle by Robert Ayers)64.2404.640.40
2017-09-24GiantsEagles22:29110NYG 497-0Shane Vereen middle for 5 yards (tackle by Timmy Jernigan)52.1902.320.13
2017-09-18GiantsLions47:48110NYG 910-24Shane Vereen left guard for 5 yards (tackle by Anthony Zettel and Akeem Spence)5-0.380-0.390-0.01
2017-09-18GiantsLions315:00110NYG 257-17Orleans Darkwa left guard for 4 yards (tackle by Anthony Zettel and Tahir Whitehead)40.6100.600-0.01
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers15:33110TAM 367-0Shane Vereen left tackle for 4 yards43.1803.180.00
2017-09-18GiantsLions24:24110NYG 377-14Paul Perkins left guard for 4 yards (tackle by Tahir Whitehead and Jeremiah Ledbetter)41.4001.400.00
2017-09-18GiantsLions110:34313NYG 130-0Shane Vereen left guard for 4 yards (tackle by Tavon Wilson)4-1.750-2.320-0.57
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys30:5031NYG 1916-3Orleans Darkwa left tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Damien Wilson)4-0.3700.480.85
2017-09-18GiantsLions412:50210NYG 2510-24Paul Perkins left guard for 4 yards (tackle by Miles Killebrew)40.060-0.100-0.16
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers36:1429TAM 1816-10Wayne Gallman right tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Adarius Glanton)43.8803.760-0.12
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys212:37110NYG 116-0Paul Perkins right end for 3 yards (tackle by Sean Lee)3-0.370-0.530-0.16
2017-09-24GiantsEagles17:17110NYG 370-0Orleans Darkwa right tackle for 3 yards (tackle by Mychal Kendricks)31.4001.260-0.14
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers111:04110NYG 30-0Paul Perkins middle for 3 yards (tackle by Adarius Glanton)3-0.380-0.560-0.18
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers45:1922TAM 1022-17Wayne Gallman middle for 3 yards (tackle by Chris Conte and Adarius Glanton)35.2305.600.37
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers44:0125TAM 522-17Wayne Gallman middle for 3 yards (tackle by Clinton McDonald and Robert Ayers)35.1500.000-5.15
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys111:07110NYG 60-0Paul Perkins right guard for 3 yards (tackle by Demarcus Lawrence)3-0.380-0.560-0.18
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys211:28110NYG 266-0Paul Perkins left tackle for 3 yards (tackle by Orlando Scandrick and Damien Wilson)30.6700.540-0.13
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys210:5127NYG 296-0Paul Perkins middle for 3 yards (tackle by Jaylon Smith and Sean Lee)30.5400.230-0.31
2017-09-18GiantsLions39:10110NYG 417-17Paul Perkins right tackle for 3 yards (tackle by Anthony Zettel and Darius Slay)31.6601.530-0.13
2017-09-24GiantsEagles111:5624NYG 260-0Paul Perkins right tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham)20.5400.100-0.44
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers44:3817TAM 722-17Wayne Gallman middle for 2 yards (tackle by Kendell Beckwith)25.6005.150-0.45
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys38:51110DAL 1616-0Paul Perkins left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Tyrone Crawford)24.5104.210-0.30
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers38:43110TAM 4616-10Paul Perkins left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Kendell Beckwith)22.5202.250-0.27
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers20:25110NYG 3816-10Eli Manning middle for 2 yards (tackle by Gerald McCoy)21.4700.000-1.47
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers29:3131TAM 2313-0Paul Perkins right guard for 2 yards (tackle by Kendell Beckwith)23.4004.170.77
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers12:29110NYG 4613-0Wayne Gallman middle for 2 yards (tackle by Will Clarke)21.9901.720-0.27
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers17:24110NYG 397-0Paul Perkins left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Keith Tandy)21.5301.260-0.27
2017-09-18GiantsLions36:45211DET 117-17Shane Vereen left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Miles Killebrew)24.0203.360-0.66
2017-09-24GiantsEagles43:4124PHI 2021-21Paul Perkins middle for 2 yards (tackle by Nigel Bradham and Vinny Curry)24.1103.750-0.36
2017-09-24GiantsEagles110:33110PHI 450-0Paul Perkins left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Nigel Bradham)22.5902.310-0.28
2017-09-24GiantsEagles411:2616PHI 614-7Orleans Darkwa left tackle for 2 yards (tackle by Mychal Kendricks)25.8305.340-0.49
2017-09-18GiantsLions414:41110NYG 1910-17Orleans Darkwa right end for 2 yards (tackle by Miles Killebrew)20.150-0.060-0.21
2017-09-24GiantsEagles32:0024PHI 1514-0Paul Perkins middle for 2 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins)24.5504.240-0.31
2017-09-18GiantsLions46:16110NYG 4010-24Shane Vereen middle for 2 yards (tackle by Ezekiel Ansah)21.6001.320-0.28
2017-09-24GiantsEagles47:52110NYG 2214-14Orleans Darkwa left tackle for 1 yard (tackle by Nigel Bradham)10.4100.000-0.41
2017-09-24GiantsEagles15:2122PHI 350-0Orleans Darkwa left end for 1 yard (tackle by Fletcher Cox)13.2602.680-0.58
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys312:02110DAL 4216-0Paul Perkins left guard for 1 yard (tackle by Sean Lee)12.7902.380-0.41
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers36:43110TAM 1916-10Wayne Gallman middle for 1 yard (tackle by Ryan Russell)14.3103.880-0.43
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys37:2315DAL 516-0Paul Perkins middle for 1 yard (tackle by Tyrone Crawford and Charles Tapper)16.0605.340-0.72
2017-09-18GiantsLions411:45110NYG 4110-24Paul Perkins middle for 1 yard (tackle by Haloti Ngata and A'Shawn Robinson)11.6601.260-0.40
2017-09-24GiantsEagles32:35110PHI 2114-0Paul Perkins left tackle for 1 yard (tackle by Vinny Curry and Timmy Jernigan)14.1703.760-0.41
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers214:20110NYG 2213-0Paul Perkins middle for no gain (tackle by Kendell Beckwith)00.410-0.130-0.54
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers28:0131TAM 1213-0Shane Vereen middle for no gain (tackle by Robert Ayers and Noah Spence)04.4902.780-1.71
2017-09-18GiantsLions111:25110NYG 160-0Paul Perkins right tackle for no gain (tackle by Tahir Whitehead and Tavon Wilson)0-0.140-0.660-0.52
2017-09-24GiantsEagles45:10120NYG 3021-21Paul Perkins right tackle for no gain (tackle by Mychal Kendricks)00.940-0.300-1.24
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers35:0314TAM 416-10Wayne Gallman left guard for no gain (tackle by Justin Evans and Noah Spence)06.2805.340-0.94
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers30:37210TAM 3116-17Wayne Gallman right tackle for no gain (tackle by Chris Conte). Wayne Gallman fumbles (forced by Chris Conte), recovered by Wayne Gallman at TAM-3102.9702.280-0.69
2017-09-18GiantsLions11:29110DET 390-7Paul Perkins left guard for -1 yards (tackle by Darius Slay)-12.9802.300-0.68
2017-09-18GiantsLions411:1429NYG 4210-24Paul Perkins right guard for -1 yards (tackle by A'Shawn Robinson)-11.2600.430-0.83
2017-09-24GiantsEagles20:2441PHI 17-0Orleans Darkwa middle for -1 yards (tackle by Joe Walker and Vinny Curry)-13.5500.380-3.17
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers115:00110NYG 250-0Paul Perkins middle for -1 yards (tackle by Gerald McCoy and Robert Ayers)-10.610-0.070-0.68
2017-09-24GiantsEagles29:22110NYG 347-0Paul Perkins left tackle for -1 yards (tackle by Timmy Jernigan)-11.2000.520-0.68
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys20:05110NYG 2516-0Eli Manning kneels for -1 yards-10.610-0.070-0.68
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers28:54110TAM 2113-0Paul Perkins right tackle for -2 yards (tackle by Robert Ayers)-24.1703.360-0.81
2017-09-10GiantsCowboys413:37110NYG 4716-3Orleans Darkwa right guard for -2 yards (tackle by Sean Lee)-22.0601.250-0.81
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers14:5926TAM 327-0Shane Vereen middle for -3 yards (tackle by Gerald McCoy)-33.1802.080-1.10
2017-09-24GiantsEagles14:4331PHI 340-0Orleans Darkwa left end for -4 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins)-42.6800.720-1.96
2017-09-18GiantsLions310:43110NYG 257-17Sterling Shepard right end for -5 yards (tackle by Tahir Whitehead)-50.610-0.610-1.22
2017-10-01GiantsBuccaneers114:23211NYG 240-0Paul Perkins left end for -7 yards (tackle by Gerald McCoy and Adarius Glanton)-7-0.070-1.930-1.86
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