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In 2017, New York Giants vs. any team, in the regular season, in team's 5th game, play type is rush, sorted by yards descending

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Individual Plays

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2017-10-08GiantsChargers12:2425SDG 238-0Orleans Darkwa right tackle for 23 yards, touchdown233.8407.0003.16
2017-10-08GiantsChargers415:00110NYG 3916-17Wayne Gallman left tackle for 15 yards (tackle by Tre Boston)151.5302.520.99
2017-10-08GiantsChargers13:38110SDG 432-0Orleans Darkwa right tackle for 15 yards (tackle by Tre Boston and Jahleel Addae)152.7203.710.99
2017-10-08GiantsChargers212:5015NYG 219-7Wayne Gallman for 14 yards (tackle by Adrian Phillips)140.7401.270.53
2017-10-08GiantsChargers111:48110NYG 310-0Orleans Darkwa left guard for 11 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard and Tre Boston)111.0001.730.73
2017-10-08GiantsChargers14:35110NYG 362-0Odell Beckham right end for 8 yards (tackle by Tre Boston)81.3301.870.54
2017-10-08GiantsChargers212:18110NYG 409-7Wayne Gallman right tackle for 8 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard and Joey Bosa)81.6002.130.53
2017-10-08GiantsChargers411:00110NYG 2016-17Wayne Gallman middle for 6 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard and Darius Philon)60.2800.540.26
2017-10-08GiantsChargers310:0524NYG 269-10Orleans Darkwa right guard for 6 yards (tackle by Darius Philon and Kyle Emanuel)60.5401.070.53
2017-10-08GiantsChargers41:3632NYG 4722-27Shane Vereen left guard for 5 yards (tackle by Jatavis Brown and Kyle Emanuel)51.3600.000-1.36
2017-10-08GiantsChargers30:0321NYG 3416-17Wayne Gallman right end for 5 yards (tackle by Jahleel Addae and Desmond King)51.2801.530.25
2017-10-08GiantsChargers314:55110NYG 239-10Orleans Darkwa middle for 5 yards (tackle by Kyle Emanuel)50.4800.610.13
2017-10-08GiantsChargers28:54110SDG 439-7Shane Vereen left guard for 5 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard and Joey Bosa)52.7202.850.13
2017-10-08GiantsChargers13:05110SDG 282-0Orleans Darkwa middle for 5 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard and Corey Liuget)53.7103.840.13
2017-10-08GiantsChargers18:1821NYG 462-0Wayne Gallman left guard for 5 yards (tackle by Adrian Phillips)52.0702.320.25
2017-10-08GiantsChargers38:50110NYG 479-10Wayne Gallman right tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Damion Square and Joey Bosa)42.0602.060.00
2017-10-08GiantsChargers42:53110NYG 2422-27Shane Vereen right tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Desmond King)40.5400.540.00
2017-10-08GiantsChargers113:33110NYG 210-0Orleans Darkwa middle for 4 yards (tackle by Corey Liuget and Brandon Mebane)40.3400.340.00
2017-10-08GiantsChargers24:17110NYG 199-7Wayne Gallman right tackle for 3 yards (tackle by Adrian Phillips and Hayes Pullard)30.1500.070-0.08
2017-10-08GiantsChargers44:44110NYG 2022-17Shane Vereen middle for 3 yards (tackle by Hayes Pullard)30.2800.140-0.14
2017-10-08GiantsChargers211:4222NYG 489-7Wayne Gallman left tackle for 1 yard (tackle by Trevor Williams and Darius Philon)12.1301.550-0.58
2017-10-08GiantsChargers41:5823NYG 4622-27Shane Vereen right guard for 1 yard (tackle by Chris McCain)11.9301.360-0.57
2017-10-08GiantsChargers111:11110NYG 420-0Orleans Darkwa middle for no gain (tackle by Melvin Ingram and Jahleel Addae)01.7301.190-0.54
2017-10-08GiantsChargers211:1531NYG 499-7Wayne Gallman left tackle for -2 yards (tackle by Brandon Mebane and Joey Bosa)-21.550-0.260-1.81
2017-10-08GiantsChargers414:25110SDG 4616-17Wayne Gallman middle for -2 yards (tackle by Melvin Ingram)-22.5201.710-0.81
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