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From 1966 to 1972, Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins, in the Super Bowl, sorted by yards descending

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff PYds PRYds KOYds KRYds
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins33:59110MIA 3514-0Larry Csonka for 49 yards491.2704.5103.2400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins10:3034WAS 286-0Bob Griese pass complete to Howard Twilley for 28 yards, touchdown282.8707.0004.1300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins20:4634WAS 217-0Bob Griese pass complete to Jim Mandich for 19 yards193.3406.7403.4000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins11:57110MIA 480-0Bob Griese pass complete to Paul Warfield for 18 yards (tackle by Brig Owens)182.1303.3101.1800
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins115:000-0Curt Knight kicks off 63 yards, returned by Mercury Morris for 17 yards170.0000.540.5406317
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins42:0714-7Curt Knight kicks off no gain, returned by Mercury Morris for no gain160.000-0.140-0.1400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins27:35110MIA 327-0Larry Csonka for 13 yards131.0701.930.8600
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins34:3424MIA 2314-0Larry Csonka for 12 yards (tackle by Charley Taylor)120.3501.270.9200
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:5127MIA 1914-7Bob Griese pass complete to Paul Warfield for 11 yards (tackle by Brig Owens)11-0.1800.9401.1200
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins12:2627MIA 400-0Jim Kiick for 8 yards (tackle by Jack Pardee)81.2602.130.8700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins27:16110MIA 457-0Jim Kiick for 8 yards (tackle by Myron Pottios)81.9302.460.5300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins18:27110MIA 320-0Larry Csonka for 7 yards (tackle by Chris Hanburger)71.0701.470.4000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins17:5923MIA 390-0Bob Griese pass complete to Paul Warfield for 7 yards (tackle by Mike Bass)71.4701.990.5200
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins45:08110WAS 4814-0Larry Csonka for 7 yards72.3902.790.4000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins212:10222MIA 417-0Larry Csonka for 6 yards60.2900.430.1400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins35:09110MIA 1714-0Mercury Morris for 6 yards (tackle by Chris Hanburger)6-0.0600.350.4100
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins39:49210MIA 2014-0Larry Csonka for 5 yards (tackle by Pat Fischer)5-0.270-0.300-0.0300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins32:4926WAS 1214-0Mercury Morris for 5 yards (tackle by Myron Pottios)54.5704.850.2800
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins16:07335MIA 210-0Mercury Morris for 4 yards (tackle by Diron Talbert)4-2.540-1.700.8400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins10:5928WAS 320-0Jim Kiick for 4 yards (tackle by Ron McDole)43.0402.870-0.1700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins211:40316MIA 477-0Bob Griese pass complete to Jim Kiick for 4 yards (tackle by Jack Pardee)40.4300.000-0.4300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins33:24110WAS 1614-0Mercury Morris for 4 yards (tackle by Manny Sistrunk)44.5104.570.0600
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins44:3823WAS 4114-0Jim Kiick for 4 yards (tackle by Diron Talbert)42.7903.120.3300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:39211MIA 2914-7Larry Csonka for 4 yards (tackle by Chris Hanburger)40.2600.100-0.1600
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins16:35238MIA 180-0Mercury Morris for 3 yards (tackle by Mike Bass)3-2.450-2.540-0.0900
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins12:55110MIA 370-0Jim Kiick for 3 yards (tackle by Myron Pottios)31.4001.260-0.1400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins212:40125MIA 387-0Mercury Morris for 3 yards (tackle by Myron Pottios)31.4700.290-1.1800
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins21:51110WAS 277-0Jim Kiick for 3 yards (tackle by Diron Talbert)33.7803.640-0.1400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins21:1827WAS 247-0Larry Csonka for 3 yards (tackle by Manny Sistrunk)33.6403.340-0.3000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins44:08110WAS 3714-0Jim Kiick for 3 yards (tackle by Jack Pardee)33.1202.980-0.1400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:57110MIA 1614-7Mercury Morris for 3 yards3-0.140-0.180-0.0400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:3137MIA 3314-7Mercury Morris for 3 yards (tackle by Jack Pardee)30.100-0.980-1.0800
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins114:31110MIA 240-0Jim Kiick for 2 yards (tackle by Ron McDole)20.5400.270-0.2700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins114:0228MIA 260-0Larry Csonka for 2 yards (tackle by Verlon Biggs)20.270-0.160-0.4300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins11:28110WAS 340-0Larry Csonka for 2 yards (tackle by Ron McDole)23.3103.040-0.2700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins39:1735MIA 2514-0Larry Csonka for 2 yards (tackle by Ron McDole)2-0.300-1.570-1.2700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins32:1431WAS 714-0Jim Kiick for 2 yards24.8506.0601.2100
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins414:05110MIA 4914-0Mercury Morris for 2 yards (tackle by Verlon Biggs)22.1901.920-0.2700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins413:1738WAS 4914-0Bob Griese pass complete to Jim Kiick for 2 yards (tackle by Chris Hanburger)21.2200.130-1.0900
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins26:3827MIA 487-0Mercury Morris for 1 yard (tackle by Pat Fischer)11.7901.220-0.5700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins20:2812WAS 27-0Jim Kiick for 1 yard (tackle by Chris Hanburger)16.7405.910-0.8300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins20:2121WAS 113-0Jim Kiick for 1 yard, touchdown15.9107.0001.0900
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins113:0447MIA 270-0Washington penalized 5 for illegal procedure.0-1.570-1.240.3300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins112:3542MIA 320-0Larry Seiple punts 50 yards0-1.240-0.610.63500
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins17:31110MIA 460-0Morris run right, loss of 1. Play nullified and Miami penalized 15 for illegal use of hands.01.9901.000-0.9900
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins15:39431MIA 250-0Larry Seiple punts 35 yards0-1.700-1.600.10350
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins213:10110WAS 477-0Griese 20 pass to Fleming. Play nullified and Miami penalized 15 for illegal man downfield (Kuechenberg).02.4601.470-0.9900
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins211:10412WAS 497-0Larry Seiple punts 49 yards, touchback00.000-0.280-0.28490
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins26:5722WAS 477-0Griese 47 pass to Warfield deep, touchdown. Play nullified and Miami penalized 5 for illegal procedure (Briscoe).02.4601.790-0.6700
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins26:00412MIA 437-0Larry Seiple punts 42 yards0-0.5200.060.58420
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins310:21110MIA 2014-0Larry Csonka for no gain (tackle by Myron Pottios)00.280-0.270-0.5500
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins38:4543MIA 2714-0Larry Seiple punts 49 yards0-1.570-0.0401.53490
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins31:3915WAS 514-0Larry Csonka for no gain (tackle by Diron Talbert)06.0605.150-0.9100
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins31:0425WAS 514-0Bob Griese pass incomplete intended for Marv Fleming is intercepted by Brig Owens05.150-0.280-5.4300
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins413:4128WAS 4914-0Bob Griese pass incomplete intended for Paul Warfield01.9201.220-0.7000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins412:5346WAS 4714-0Larry Seiple punts 36 yards00.1300.370.24360
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins43:3827WAS 3414-0Larry Csonka for no gain02.9802.280-0.7000
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins43:0837WAS 3414-0Bob Griese pass incomplete intended for Howard Twilley02.2801.060-1.2200
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins42:3847WAS 3414-6Yepremian's 42-yard field-goal attempt was blocked by Brundige, recovered by Yepremian, rollout right, fumbled, recovered by Washington, Bass 49 return down sideline, touchdown (2:07). Knight kicked extra point.01.060-7.000-8.0600
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:2344MIA 3614-7Larry Seiple punts 40 yards0-0.980-0.940.04400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins113:3336MIA 280-0Bob Griese pass complete to Larry Csonka for -1 yards (tackle by Jack Pardee)-1-0.160-1.570-1.4100
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins41:45110MIA 3014-7Jim Kiick for -1 yards (tackle by Brig Owens)-10.9400.260-0.6800
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins26:1936MIA 497-0Bob Griese sacked by Diron Talbert for -6 yards-61.220-0.520-1.7400
1973-01-14DolphinsRedskins17:03125MIA 310-0Bob Griese sacked by Verlon Biggs for -13 yards-131.000-2.450-3.4500
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