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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff PYds PRYds KOYds KRYds
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys43:3134PIT 3621-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 64 yards, touchdown640.5007.0006.5000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys22:5336PIT 107-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 53 yards (tackle by Mark Washington)53-0.9503.1204.0700
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys18:0525DAL 480-7Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 32 yards322.1904.5102.3200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys110:240-7Toni Fritsch kicks off 64 yards, returned by Mel Blount for 27 yards270.0001.1401.1406427
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys414:46110PIT 177-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Franco Harris for 26 yards26-0.0601.8001.8600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys411:289-10Mitch Hoopes kicks off 40 yards, returned by Mike Collier for 25 yards250.0002.5902.5904025
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys214:457-10Toni Fritsch kicks off 57 yards, returned by Mel Blount for 19 yards190.0001.0701.0705719
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys315:007-10Toni Fritsch kicks off 62 yards, returned by Mel Blount for 18 yards180.0000.670.6706218
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys212:19215DAL 497-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for 13 yards131.4402.4801.0400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys35:5427PIT 277-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Lynn Swann for 12 yards (tackle by Mark Washington)120.4001.5301.1300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys213:13110PIT 457-10Franco Harris for 11 yards (tackle by Lee Roy Jordan)111.9302.650.7200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys113:12110PIT 170-0Franco Harris for 8 yards (tackle by Mel Renfro)8-0.0600.620.6800
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys112:4622PIT 250-0Rocky Bleier for 8 yards80.6201.140.5200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys49:4929DAL 289-10Terry Bradshaw for 8 yards. Terry Bradshaw fumbles, ball out of bounds at tm_83.2403.600.3600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys110:13110PIT 330-7Franco Harris for 7 yards (tackle by Bill Gregory)71.1401.540.4000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys16:2931DAL 76-7Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Randy Grossman for 7 yards, touchdown74.8507.0002.1500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys213:4034PIT 387-10Terry Bradshaw for 7 yards (tackle by Mel Renfro)70.6301.9301.3000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys21:59210DAL 377-10Rocky Bleier for 7 yards (tackle by D.D. Lewis)72.5702.810.2400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys21:10110DAL 267-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to Larry Brown for 7 yards (tackle by D.D. Lewis)73.8404.270.4300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys410:3331DAL 369-10Franco Harris for 7 yards72.5403.6401.1000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys214:07210PIT 327-10Rocky Bleier for 6 yards (tackle by Thomas Henderson)60.5300.630.1000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys311:4927DAL 227-10Franco Harris for 6 yards (tackle by Charlie Waters)63.7704.060.2900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys35:1227PIT 427-10Franco Harris for 6 yards61.3901.490.1000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys112:20110PIT 330-0Franco Harris for 5 yards (tackle by Harvey Martin)51.1401.270.1300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys19:0931PIT 420-7Franco Harris for 5 yards51.0902.060.9700
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys18:37110PIT 470-7Rocky Bleier for 5 yards (tackle by Charlie Waters)52.0602.190.1300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys17:33110DAL 160-7Rocky Bleier for 5 yards (tackle by Jethro Pugh)54.5104.760.2500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys411:17110DAL 459-10Franco Harris for 5 yards (tackle by D.D. Lewis)52.5902.720.1300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys111:5425PIT 380-0Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Harvey Martin)41.2701.090-0.1800
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys17:0125DAL 110-7Franco Harris for 4 yards44.7604.850.0900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys21:4033DAL 307-10Franco Harris for 4 yards42.8103.8401.0300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys410:5525DAL 409-10Rocky Bleier for 4 yards (tackle by D.D. Lewis)42.7202.540-0.1800
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys44:25110PIT 3015-10Franco Harris for 4 yards (tackle by Jethro Pugh)40.9400.930-0.0100
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys314:51110PIT 267-10Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Too Tall Jones)30.6700.540-0.1300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys312:12110DAL 257-10Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Lee Roy Jordan)33.9103.770-0.1400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys36:15110PIT 247-10Franco Harris for 3 yards (tackle by Lee Roy Jordan)30.5400.400-0.1400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys35:33110PIT 397-10Rocky Bleier for 3 yards (tackle by Dave Edwards)31.5301.390-0.1400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys48:2217DAL 712-10Rocky Bleier for 3 yards (tackle by Too Tall Jones)35.6005.340-0.2600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys47:5624DAL 412-10Terry Bradshaw for 3 yards35.3405.170-0.1700
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys19:4123PIT 400-7Rocky Bleier for 2 yards (tackle by Harvey Martin)21.5401.090-0.4500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys29:05110DAL 237-10Rocky Bleier for 2 yards (tackle by Charlie Waters)24.0403.500-0.5400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys23:47110PIT 67-10Rocky Bleier for 2 yards (tackle by Dave Edwards)2-0.380-0.630-0.2500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys23:2028PIT 87-10Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Dave Edwards)2-0.630-0.950-0.3200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys311:2631DAL 167-10Franco Harris for 2 yards (tackle by Mel Renfro)24.0604.650.5900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys43:5826PIT 3415-10Franco Harris for 2 yards20.9300.500-0.4300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys41:41212DAL 4421-17Franco Harris for 2 yards21.9701.550-0.4200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys41:2849DAL 4121-17Rocky Bleier for 2 yards (tackle by Too Tall Jones)20.530-1.530-2.0600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys410:11110DAL 299-10Rocky Bleier for 1 yard (tackle by Too Tall Jones)13.6403.240-0.4000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys41:33310DAL 4221-17Rocky Bleier for 1 yard11.5500.530-1.0200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys214:34110PIT 327-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for John Stallworth01.0700.530-0.5400
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys211:5232DAL 367-10Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Harvey Martin)02.4800.890-1.5900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys211:2542DAL 367-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Franco Harris00.890-1.330-2.2200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys28:5028DAL 257-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for John Stallworth03.5002.810-0.6900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys28:20413DAL 207-10Bobby Walden punts 32 yards02.120-2.130-4.25320
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys22:26110DAL 377-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Lynn Swann03.1202.570-0.5500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys20:4223DAL 197-10Rocky Bleier for no gain (tackle by Harvey Martin)04.2703.570-0.7000
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys20:3233DAL 197-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for John Stallworth03.5702.280-1.2900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys20:2643DAL 197-10Roy Gerela 36 yard field goal no good02.280-0.280-2.5600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys314:19312PIT 247-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Larry Brown0-0.820-1.770-0.9500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys314:03412PIT 247-10Bobby Walden punts 34 yards0-1.770-1.730.04340
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys310:40212DAL 167-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Lynn Swann03.7203.000-0.7200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys310:17312DAL 167-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Lynn Swann03.0002.380-0.6200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys39:54412DAL 167-10Roy Gerela 33 yard field goal no good02.380-0.280-2.6600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys34:5131PIT 487-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for Larry Brown01.490-0.190-1.6800
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys314:0341PIT 487-10Bobby Walden punts 34 yards0-0.190-0.040.15340
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys414:27110PIT 437-10Terry Bradshaw pass incomplete intended for John Stallworth01.8001.250-0.5500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys413:30426PIT 277-10Bobby Walden punts 59 yards0-1.570-0.1501.42590
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys49:2731DAL 209-10Franco Harris for no gain03.6002.270-1.3300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys49:0541DAL 2012-10Roy Gerela 36 yard field goal good02.2703.000.7300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys47:3031DAL 112-10Franco Harris for no gain (tackle by Lee Roy Jordan). Franco Harris fumbles, recovered by Franco Harris05.1703.550-1.6200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys47:0441DAL 115-10Roy Gerela 18 yard field goal good03.5503.000-0.5500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys41:4821-17Toni Fritsch kicks off 28 yards, returned by Gerry Mullins for no gain00.0002.7902.790280
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys111:2831PIT 420-0Franco Harris for -2 yards (tackle by Mark Washington)-21.090-0.720-1.8100
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys311:03110DAL 147-10Terry Bradshaw for -2 yards (tackle by Too Tall Jones)-24.6503.720-0.9300
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys414:08210PIT 437-10Franco Harris for -2 yards (tackle by Jethro Pugh)-21.2500.300-0.9500
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys41:47110DAL 4221-17Franco Harris for -2 yards-22.7901.970-0.8200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys212:46110DAL 447-10Terry Bradshaw pass complete to John Stallworth for -5 yards-52.6501.440-1.2100
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys28:3538DAL 257-10Terry Bradshaw sacked for -5 yards-52.8102.120-0.6900
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys314:3527PIT 297-10Franco Harris for -5 yards (tackle by Harvey Martin)-50.540-0.820-1.3600
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys111:0243PIT 400-0Bobby Walden for -11 yards (tackle by Billy Joe DuPree). Bobby Walden fumbles, recovered by Bobby Walden-11-0.720-3.640-2.9200
1976-01-18SteelersCowboys413:49312PIT 417-10Terry Bradshaw sacked for -14 yards-140.300-1.570-1.8700
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