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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff PYds PRYds KOYds KRYds
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins315:0010-3Garo Yepremian kicks off 64 yards, returned by Ike Thomas for 23 yards230.0000.870.8706423
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins312:0523MIA 4510-3Duane Thomas for 23 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)232.5304.1101.5800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins23:4029DAL 473-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Lance Alworth for 21 yards (tackle by Dick Anderson)211.5903.4501.8600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins47:1534DAL 2624-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Mike Ditka for 21 yards (tackle by Dick Anderson)21-0.1602.0602.2200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins14:52223MIA 360-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Bob Hayes for 18 yards (tackle by Jake Scott)181.7403.4901.7500
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins28:27110DAL 303-0Walt Garrison for 17 yards (tackle by Tim Foley)170.9402.0601.1200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins45:5723MIA 4624-3Walt Garrison for 17 yards (tackle by Curtis Johnson)172.4603.6401.1800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins42:00215MIA 1824-3Mike Ditka for 17 yards (tackle by Manny Fernandez)173.4006.9703.5700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins311:30110MIA 2210-3Bob Hayes for 16 yards (tackle by Bob Heinz)164.1105.8301.7200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins23:09110MIA 323-0Calvin Hill for 13 yards133.4504.310.8600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins313:1533DAL 3610-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Calvin Hill for 12 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)120.5602.1301.5700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins14:2035MIA 180-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Duane Thomas for 11 yards (tackle by Tim Foley)113.4905.6002.1100
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins20:0410-3Garo Yepremian kicks off 37 yards, returned by Charlie Waters for 11 yards110.0000.410.4103711
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins15:5622MIA 330-0Walt Garrison for 10 yards (tackle by Curtis Johnson)103.3904.040.6500
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins28:39110DAL 203-0Duane Thomas for 10 yards (tackle by Tim Foley)100.2800.940.6600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins111:4825DAL 260-0Duane Thomas for 8 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)80.4801.200.7200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins16:28110MIA 410-0Walt Garrison for 8 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)82.8503.390.5400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins22:38110MIA 193-0Calvin Hill for 7 yards (tackle by Jim Riley)74.3104.920.6100
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins21:2017MIA 79-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Lance Alworth for 7 yards, touchdown75.6007.0001.4000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins312:40110DAL 4810-3Duane Thomas for 7 yards (tackle by Dick Anderson)72.1302.530.4000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins36:3033DAL 3317-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Walt Garrison for 7 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)70.3701.6001.2300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins412:0137MIA 723-3Roger Staubach pass complete to Mike Ditka for 7 yards, touchdown73.8107.0003.1900
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins46:36110DAL 4724-3Duane Thomas for 7 yards (tackle by Curtis Johnson)72.0602.460.4000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins43:2141MIA 2024-3Dan Reeves for 7 yards (tackle by Jake Scott)72.2704.7102.4400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins25:4425DAL 293-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Duane Thomas for 6 yards (tackle by Curtis Johnson)60.6701.270.6000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins24:4225DAL 403-0Duane Thomas for 6 yards (tackle by Dick Anderson)61.4001.990.5900
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins112:20110DAL 210-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Bob Hayes for 5 yards (tackle by Dick Anderson)50.3400.480.1400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins17:3228DAL 500-0Roger Staubach for 5 yards (tackle by Manny Fernandez)51.8501.820-0.0300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins214:44110DAL 463-0Walt Garrison for 5 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)51.9902.130.1400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins213:5825MIA 493-0Duane Thomas for 5 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)52.1302.650.5200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins26:15110DAL 243-0Duane Thomas for 5 yards (tackle by Doug Swift)50.5400.670.1300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins25:13110DAL 353-0Duane Thomas for 5 yards (tackle by Bob Heinz)51.2701.400.1300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins22:0023MIA 123-0Calvin Hill for 5 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)54.9205.600.6800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins45:18110MIA 2924-3Roger Staubach for 5 yards (tackle by Bob Matheson)53.6403.780.1400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins17:0033MIA 450-0Roger Staubach for 4 yards (tackle by Bob Heinz)41.8202.8501.0300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins212:26210MIA 443-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Walt Garrison for 4 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)42.1101.950-0.1600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins313:5027DAL 3210-3Duane Thomas for 4 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)40.7300.560-0.1700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins36:5727DAL 2917-3Duane Thomas for 4 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)40.5400.370-0.1700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins48:33110DAL 2024-3Duane Thomas for 4 yards (tackle by Curtis Johnson)40.2800.270-0.0100
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins13:4817MIA 70-0Duane Thomas for 3 yards (tackle by Bob Heinz)35.6005.340-0.2600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins314:25110DAL 2910-3Walt Garrison for 3 yards (tackle by Bill Stanfill)30.8700.730-0.1400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins310:5516MIA 610-3Walt Garrison for 3 yards (tackle by Manny Fernandez)35.8305.530-0.3000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins310:2023MIA 316-3Duane Thomas for 3 yards, touchdown35.5307.0001.4700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins37:24110DAL 2617-3Walt Garrison for 3 yards (tackle by Manny Fernandez)30.6700.540-0.1300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins35:09220DAL 3017-3Roger Staubach for 3 yards (tackle by Doug Swift)3-0.300-0.560-0.2600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins44:0034MIA 2324-3Calvin Hill for 3 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)33.2002.270-0.9300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins18:04110DAL 480-0Duane Thomas for 2 yards (tackle by Manny Fernandez)22.1301.850-0.2800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins13:1624MIA 40-0Walt Garrison for 2 yards25.3404.950-0.3900
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins28:03210DAL 473-0Walt Garrison for 2 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)21.5201.090-0.4300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins31:10110DAL 2117-3Walt Garrison for 2 yards20.3400.070-0.2700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins31:0228DAL 2317-3Duane Thomas for 2 yards (tackle by Bill Stanfill)20.070-0.360-0.4300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins412:1829MIA 917-3Calvin Hill for 2 yards (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)24.3803.810-0.5700
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins47:5426DAL 2424-3Duane Thomas for 2 yards (tackle by Mike Kolen)20.270-0.160-0.4300
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins110:44216DAL 280-0Roger Staubach for 1 yard (tackle by Jim Riley)1-0.150-0.690-0.5400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins24:11110DAL 463-0Walt Garrison for 1 yard (tackle by Nick Buoniconti)11.9901.590-0.4000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins44:3925MIA 2424-3Walt Garrison for 1 yard (tackle by Jim Riley)13.7803.200-0.5800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins110:12315DAL 290-0Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Lance Alworth0-0.690-1.440-0.7500
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins19:40415DAL 290-0Ron Widby punts 29 yards0-1.440-1.730-0.29290
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins12:4432MIA 20-0Roger Staubach pass complete to Duane Thomas for no gain (tackle by Dick Anderson)04.9503.250-1.7000
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins12:1242MIA 23-0Mike Clark 9 yard field goal good03.2503.000-0.2500
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins213:12110MIA 443-0Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Bob Hayes02.6502.110-0.5400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins211:4036MIA 403-0Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Lance Alworth01.9500.590-1.3600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins210:5446MIA 403-0Ron Widby punts 40 yards, touchback00.590-0.280-0.87400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins28:15110DAL 473-0Walt Garrison for no gain (tackle by Manny Fernandez)02.0601.520-0.5400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins27:5138DAL 493-0Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Mike Ditka01.090-0.130-1.2200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins27:3948DAL 493-0Ron Widby punts 24 yards0-0.130-0.740-0.61240
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins35:36215DAL 3517-3Dallas penalized 5 for delay of game.00.380-0.300-0.6800
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins34:42317DAL 3317-3Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Bob Hayes0-0.560-1.180-0.6200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins34:15417DAL 3317-3Ron Widby punts 46 yards0-1.180-1.730-0.55460
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins30:5436DAL 2517-3Roger Staubach pass incomplete intended for Bob Hayes0-0.360-1.700-1.3400
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins30:4646DAL 2517-3Ron Widby punts 47 yards0-1.700-0.810.89470
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins412:3519MIA 917-3Duane Thomas for no gain (tackle by Jim Riley)05.1404.380-0.7600
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins41:5311MIA 124-3Calvin Hill for no gain. Calvin Hill fumbles, recovered by Manny Fernandez06.9700.380-6.5900
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins36:03110DAL 4017-3Duane Thomas for -5 yards (tackle by Tim Foley)-51.6000.380-1.2200
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins42:42110MIA 1324-3Calvin Hill for -5 yards-54.7103.400-1.3100
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins111:16110DAL 340-0Roger Staubach sacked by Manny Fernandez for -6 yards-61.200-0.150-1.3500
1972-01-16CowboysDolphins15:24110MIA 230-0Roger Staubach sacked by Jim Riley for -13 yards-134.0401.740-2.3000
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