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From 1966 to 2016, Oakland (LA) Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings, in the Super Bowl, sorted by yards descending

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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down Yards Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
1977-01-09RaidersVikings48:5436RAI 507-19Ken Stabler pass complete to Fred Biletnikoff for 48 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)481.2906.7405.45
1977-01-09RaidersVikings13:3537RAI 60-0Clarence Davis for 35 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)35-1.0701.6602.73
1977-01-09RaidersVikings114:0635RAI 390-0Ken Stabler pass complete to Dave Casper for 25 yards250.6303.1802.55
1977-01-09RaidersVikings12:05210MIN 480-0Ken Stabler pass complete to Dave Casper for 25 yards (tackle by Matt Blair)251.8504.0402.19
1977-01-09RaidersVikings30:477-19Fred Cox kicks off 51 yards, returned by Carl Garrett for 24 yards24
1977-01-09RaidersVikings115:000-0Fred Cox kicks off 54 yards, returned by Carl Garrett for 23 yards23
1977-01-09RaidersVikings113:3026MIN 320-0Clarence Davis for 20 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)203.1804.7801.60
1977-01-09RaidersVikings210:3032MIN 450-3Ken Stabler pass complete to Dave Casper for 19 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)191.8803.8401.96
1977-01-09RaidersVikings37:0623MIN 470-16Clarence Davis for 18 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)182.4003.6401.24
1977-01-09RaidersVikings24:29110MIN 180-10Ken Stabler pass complete to Fred Biletnikoff for 17 yards174.3706.9702.60
1977-01-09RaidersVikings415:00318RAI 307-19Clarence Davis for 16 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)16-0.820-0.320.50
1977-01-09RaidersVikings210:00110MIN 260-3Carl Garrett for 13 yards133.8404.710.87
1977-01-09RaidersVikings311:1734RAI 220-16Clarence Davis for 13 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)13-0.5701.2701.84
1977-01-09RaidersVikings13:05110RAI 410-0Ken Stabler pass complete to Carl Garrett for 11 yards (tackle by Matt Blair)111.6602.390.73
1977-01-09RaidersVikings21:42110RAI 60-16Mark van Eeghen for 11 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)11-0.380-0.060.32
1977-01-09RaidersVikings42:37313MIN 257-32Mike Rae for 11 yards112.4802.630.15
1977-01-09RaidersVikings36:00314MIN 330-16Ken Stabler pass complete to Cliff Branch for 10 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)101.8802.000.12
1977-01-09RaidersVikings19:53110RAI 310-0Ken Stabler pass complete to Fred Biletnikoff for 9 yards91.0001.680.68
1977-01-09RaidersVikings24:5732MIN 270-10Mark van Eeghen for 9 yards93.0704.3701.30
1977-01-09RaidersVikings44:1625MIN 317-32Hubert Ginn for 9 yards (tackle by Alan Page)93.3104.110.80
1977-01-09RaidersVikings212:31110RAI 360-3Ken Stabler pass complete to Cliff Branch for 8 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)81.3301.870.54
1977-01-09RaidersVikings310:52110RAI 350-16Mark van Eeghen for 7 yards71.2701.670.40
1977-01-09RaidersVikings37:28110RAI 460-16Mark van Eeghen for 7 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)71.9902.400.41
1977-01-09RaidersVikings10:3531MIN 140-0Pete Banaszak for 6 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)64.2805.3701.09
1977-01-09RaidersVikings211:30110RAI 470-3Clarence Davis for 6 yards62.0602.330.27
1977-01-09RaidersVikings311:42210RAI 160-16Mark van Eeghen for 6 yards (tackle by Alan Page)6-0.660-0.570.09
1977-01-09RaidersVikings110:4326RAI 230-0Mark van Eeghen for 5 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)50.2100.100-0.11
1977-01-09RaidersVikings15:2937RAI 290-0Clarence Davis for 5 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)5-0.160-1.110-0.95
1977-01-09RaidersVikings11:35110MIN 230-0Mark van Eeghen for 5 yards (tackle by Alan Page)54.0404.210.17
1977-01-09RaidersVikings28:3033MIN 60-3Ken Stabler pass complete to Fred Biletnikoff for 5 yards54.5606.9702.41
1977-01-09RaidersVikings25:53110MIN 350-10Clarence Davis for 5 yards53.2503.380.13
1977-01-09RaidersVikings44:49110MIN 367-32Mark van Eeghen for 5 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)53.1803.310.13
1977-01-09RaidersVikings114:2429RAI 350-0Mark van Eeghen for 4 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)40.7900.630-0.16
1977-01-09RaidersVikings113:48110MIN 360-0Clarence Davis for 4 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)43.1803.180.00
1977-01-09RaidersVikings111:08110RAI 190-0Clarence Davis for 4 yards (tackle by Bobby Bryant)40.1500.210.06
1977-01-09RaidersVikings11:0525MIN 180-0Clarence Davis for 4 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)44.2104.280.07
1977-01-09RaidersVikings29:30110MIN 130-3Carl Garrett for 4 yards (tackle by Alan Page)44.7104.770.06
1977-01-09RaidersVikings110:1831RAI 280-0Pete Banaszak for 3 yards (tackle by Doug Sutherland)30.1001.000.90
1977-01-09RaidersVikings15:55110RAI 260-0Mark van Eeghen for 3 yards (tackle by Alan Page)30.6700.540-0.13
1977-01-09RaidersVikings212:0022RAI 440-3Mark van Eeghen for 3 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)31.8702.060.19
1977-01-09RaidersVikings29:0026MIN 90-3Carl Garrett for 3 yards (tackle by Carl Eller)34.7704.560-0.21
1977-01-09RaidersVikings25:2525MIN 300-10Mark van Eeghen for 3 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)33.3803.070-0.31
1977-01-09RaidersVikings20:2238RAI 190-16Clarence Davis for 3 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)3-1.000-1.900-0.90
1977-01-09RaidersVikings30:18221RAI 277-19Mark van Eeghen for 3 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)3-0.560-0.820-0.26
1977-01-09RaidersVikings49:3029RAI 477-19Clarence Davis for 3 yards (tackle by Alan Page)31.5901.290-0.30
1977-01-09RaidersVikings43:10216MIN 287-32Mark van Eeghen for 3 yards (tackle by Matt Blair)32.7502.480-0.27
1977-01-09RaidersVikings112:36311MIN 130-0Pete Banaszak for 2 yards (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)23.1002.700-0.40
1977-01-09RaidersVikings14:35110RAI 30-0Pete Banaszak for 2 yards (tackle by Paul Krause)2-0.380-0.630-0.25
1977-01-09RaidersVikings211:0024MIN 470-3Ken Stabler pass complete to Cliff Branch for 2 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)22.3301.880-0.45
1977-01-09RaidersVikings21:10110RAI 170-16Mark van Eeghen for 2 yards (tackle by Nate Allen)2-0.060-0.250-0.19
1977-01-09RaidersVikings48:1812MIN 27-25Pete Banaszak for 2 yards, touchdown26.7407.000.26
1977-01-09RaidersVikings114:42110RAI 340-0Clarence Davis for 1 yard (tackle by Alan Page)11.2000.790-0.41
1977-01-09RaidersVikings14:0528RAI 50-0Pete Banaszak for 1 yard (tackle by Alan Page)1-0.630-1.070-0.44
1977-01-09RaidersVikings215:0018MIN 80-0Pete Banaszak for 1 yard (tackle by Wally Hilgenberg)15.3704.760-0.61
1977-01-09RaidersVikings28:0011MIN 10-9Ken Stabler pass complete to Dave Casper for 1 yard, touchdown16.9707.000.03
1977-01-09RaidersVikings24:0111MIN 10-16Pete Banaszak for 1 yard, touchdown16.9707.000.03
1977-01-09RaidersVikings310:2723RAI 420-16Clarence Davis for 1 yard (tackle by Jeff Siemon)11.6701.090-0.58
1977-01-09RaidersVikings310:0232RAI 430-16Pete Banaszak for 1 yard (tackle by Jeff Siemon)11.090-0.460-1.55
1977-01-09RaidersVikings410:06110RAI 467-19Mark van Eeghen for 1 yard (tackle by Doug Sutherland)11.9901.590-0.40
1977-01-09RaidersVikings112:54211MIN 130-0Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Dave Casper03.9403.100-0.84
1977-01-09RaidersVikings112:1849MIN 110-0Errol Mann 29 yard field goal no good02.700-0.280-2.98
1977-01-09RaidersVikings19:2821RAI 400-0Pete Banaszak for no gain (tackle by Jeff Siemon)01.6800.960-0.72
1977-01-09RaidersVikings18:3842RAI 390-0Ray Guy punts 51 yards0-0.7800.140.92
1977-01-09RaidersVikings15:4227RAI 290-0Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Fred Biletnikoff00.540-0.160-0.70
1977-01-09RaidersVikings15:1642RAI 340-0::::Guy punt blocked by McNeill, recovered by McNeill at O 3.0-1.110-6.510-5.40
1977-01-09RaidersVikings12:35110MIN 480-0Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Fred Biletnikoff02.3901.850-0.54
1977-01-09RaidersVikings214:4827MIN 70-0Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Dave Casper04.7603.810-0.95
1977-01-09RaidersVikings214:4837MIN 70-0Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Dave Casper03.8102.970-0.84
1977-01-09RaidersVikings214:2447MIN 70-3Errol Mann 24 yard field goal good02.9703.000.03
1977-01-09RaidersVikings20:4628RAI 190-16Mark van Eeghen for no gain (tackle by Alan Page)0-0.250-1.000-0.75
1977-01-09RaidersVikings20:1745RAI 220-16Ray Guy punts 41 yards0-1.900-0.4101.49
1977-01-09RaidersVikings312:07110RAI 160-16Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Cliff Branch0-0.140-0.660-0.52
1977-01-09RaidersVikings39:3741RAI 440-16Ray Guy punts 38 yards0-0.460-0.670-0.21
1977-01-09RaidersVikings36:22214MIN 330-16Ken Stabler pass incomplete intended for Fred Biletnikoff02.5601.880-0.68
1977-01-09RaidersVikings35:3844MIN 230-19Errol Mann 40 yard field goal good02.0003.0001.00
1977-01-09RaidersVikings414:5442RAI 467-19Ray Guy punts 32 yards0-0.320-0.410-0.09
1977-01-09RaidersVikings42:0042MIN 147-32Hubert Ginn for no gain (tackle by Roy Winston)02.6300.280-2.35
1977-01-09RaidersVikings113:12110MIN 120-0Carl Garrett for -1 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)-14.7803.940-0.84
1977-01-09RaidersVikings19:0331RAI 400-0Clarence Davis for -1 yards (tackle by Jeff Siemon)-10.960-0.780-1.74
1977-01-09RaidersVikings40:21110MIN 4814-32Mike Rae for -2 yards-22.3901.580-0.81
1977-01-09RaidersVikings36:44110MIN 290-16Mark van Eeghen for -4 yards (tackle by Alan Page)-43.6402.560-1.08
1977-01-09RaidersVikings43:43110MIN 227-32Mike Rae sacked by Doug Sutherland for -6 yards-64.1102.750-1.36
1977-01-09RaidersVikings30:35110RAI 387-19Ken Stabler sacked by Alan Page for -11 yards-111.470-0.560-2.03
1977-01-09RaidersVikings2MIN 20-10Errol Mann kicks extra point good
1977-01-09RaidersVikings4MIN 27-26Errol Mann kicks extra point good
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