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Find NFL and AFL player game streaks from 1950 to 2018 and season streaks from 1920 to 2018. Offensive player game participation data (eg, games in which a player played but recorded no counting stats) is complete from 1970 to present.
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Player Streaks Table
Passing Rushing Receiving
Player Tm Count Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Cmp% Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD YScm From To Games
Tony GonzalezKAN, ATL1611400000100.00214012921475910919982013See all seasons »
Terrell OwensDAL, PHI, SFO, BUF, CIN15000000039251310781593415319962010See all seasons »
Anquan BoldinSFO, BAL, ARI, DET1414-6010025.004222911076137798220032016See all seasons »
Larry FitzgeraldARI141321001733.332068012341554511020042017See all seasons »
Irving FryarNWE, PHI, MIA1401000000.00402371773118197619851998See all seasons »
Jason WittenDAL1411420000100.000001117121016720042017See all seasons »
Tim BrownRAI, OAK1300000003614001008137369119912003See all seasons »
Antonio GatesSDG1300000000008731080310920042016See all seasons »
Frank GoreSFO, IND1300000003226140267744336721720052017See all seasons »
Harold JacksonRAM, PHI, NWE132435000050.00331810571102467519691981See all seasons »
Andre JohnsonHOU, IND130000000235401053141006820032015See all seasons »
Steve LargentSEA132729000028.5717831791126869719761988See all seasons »
Walter PaytonCHI131134331860032.3538381672611049245381519751987See all seasons »
Emmitt SmithDAL13000000040521716215348630121119902002See all seasons »
Reggie WayneIND1301001000.004001043140008220022014See all seasons »
Jerome BettisPIT, STL, RAM123663310050.00336913294821961409319932004See all seasons »
Tony DorsettDAL, DEN122841110025.002936127397739835541319771988See all seasons »
Warrick DunnTAM, ATL1200000132669109674951043391519972008See all seasons »
Marshall FaulkIND, STL1202000000.0028361227910076768753619942005See all seasons »
Franco HarrisPIT1201000000.00288111950913062284919721983See all seasons »
Thomas JonesKAN, NYJ, CHI, ARI, TAM1211-40011100.00267810591683082023320002011See all seasons »
Randy MossMIN, NWE, OAK1248106210050.002515909261446514819982009See all seasons »
Muhsin MuhammadCAR, CHI12000000010650808107146119982009See all seasons »
Joe PerrySFO12310791030.00160784966719714961119481959See all seasons »
Jerry RiceSFO123771110042.86806241010501637715419851996See all seasons »
Steve SmithBAL, CAR120000000413062873125357120052016See all seasons »
Passing Rushing Receiving
Player Tm Count Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Cmp% Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD YScm From To Games
Hines WardPIT1201000130.00564151939114568319992010See all seasons »
Raymond BerryBAL110000000060789036719561966See all seasons »
Harold CarmichaelPHI111445100025.00964054984147719731983See all seasons »
Cris CarterMIN11000000081809771197010719912001See all seasons »
Gary ClarkARI, WAS, MIA, PHO11000000011540699108566519851995See all seasons »
Marvin HarrisonIND1100000001028010221369712219962006See all seasons »
Torry HoltJAX, STL11000000011570920133827419992009See all seasons »
Steven JacksonSTL, ATL111121000100.00274311388684603663920042014See all seasons »
Keyshawn JohnsonCAR, DAL, TAM, NYJ1105002190.0013912814105716419962006See all seasons »
Charlie JoinerSDG, CIN1101000000.001-12058994895019751985See all seasons »
James LoftonGNB, RAI111543000020.00322461599110855419781988See all seasons »
Curtis MartinNYJ, NWE1122362014100.003518141019048433291019952005See all seasons »
Derrick MasonTEN, BAL1100000008100877112836320002010See all seasons »
Don MaynardNYJ, NYT11000000011230577108148419601970See all seasons »
O.J. SimpsonBUF, SFO116161101011137.502404112366120321421419691979See all seasons »
Thurman ThomasBUF1101000000.002813117866545343042119881998See all seasons »
LaDainian TomlinsonSDG, NYJ11812143702366.6731741368414562447721720012011See all seasons »
Tiki BarberNYG1001000000.002217104495558651831219972006See all seasons »
Fred BiletnikoffOAK10000000000049576406619671976See all seasons »
Cliff BranchRAI, OAK1000000001065045279536419741983See all seasons »
Isaac BruceSTL, SFO102666000033.3318940691102816219992008See all seasons »
Larry CentersWAS, ARI, PHO, BUF1001001000.0056920061274661272719922001See all seasons »
Marques ColstonNOR10000000027071197597220062015See all seasons »
Roger CraigRAI, SFO, MIN100000000195380705554747421619831992See all seasons »
Eric DickersonRAI, IND, RAM101215111650.00297013168902752079619831992See all seasons »
Passing Rushing Receiving
Player Tm Count Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Cmp% Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD YScm From To Games
Corey DillonCIN, NWE1001001000.00261811241822441913719972006See all seasons »
Mark DuperMIA1000000001-10051188695919831992See all seasons »
Henry EllardWAS, RAM1000000009550637110294619871996See all seasons »
Matt ForteCHI, NYJ1001000000.00235697965455446722120082017See all seasons »
Jeff GrahamSDG, PHI, NYJ, CHI, PIT10000000000054081513019922001See all seasons »
Don HutsonGNB1011138129.0956262347075719319361945See all seasons »
DeSean JacksonWAS, PHI, TAM1001001000.0064418354894874920082017See all seasons »
Edgerrin JamesARI, IND1000000002982121218043033451119992008See all seasons »
Brandon MarshallCHI, MIA, DEN, NYJ1001000290.00181060921117528020072016See all seasons »
Freeman McNeilNYJ101151000100.00170476043627227511219811990See all seasons »
Anthony MillerSDG, DAL, DEN10000000022131159591486319881997See all seasons »
Bobby MitchellCLE, WAS10336110100.0050326891850778246519581967See all seasons »
Art MonkWAS101246000050.0054317069894905319831992See all seasons »
Rob MooreARI, NYJ101233010050.0058062893684919901999See all seasons »
Stanley MorganNWE10000000019123045489215719781987See all seasons »
Johnnie MortonDET, KAN10000000046404060083924219952004See all seasons »
Santana MossNYJ, WAS10000000040220064892426020032012See all seasons »
Andre ReedBUF1011320000100.0057419167695366619851994See all seasons »
Andre RisonATL, KAN, CLE, IND100000000923068193817819891998See all seasons »
Barry SandersDET101411010025.003062152699935229211019891998See all seasons »
Jimmy SmithJAX1000000002-10840119996419962005See all seasons »
Rod SmithDEN1025860011140.00433471827110006519972006See all seasons »
Paul WarfieldCLE, MIA10000000021202035473647419661976See all seasons »
Roddy WhiteATL100000000570779104176020062015See all seasons »
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