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Query Results

Query Results Table
Games Fumbles
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Fmb FR Yds TD FF
1Jack Kemp19673217-203BUFAFL141114600
2Floyd Little*1967251-6DENAFL131235220
3Noland Smith1967246-156KANAFL1465-100
4Dan Conners1967265-70, 2-15AFLOAKAFL141404731
5Len Dawson*1967321-5KANAFL141464-60
6Spider Lockhart19672413-169NYGNFL12102400
7Jethro Pugh19672311-145DALNFL14141400
8Gale Sayers*1967241-4, 1-5AFLCHINFL13138400
9Tom Watkins19673015-177, 8-57AFLDETNFL1365460
10Paul Wiggin1967336-73CLENFL14110400
11Bud Abell19672717-228, 23-178AFLKANAFL1403170
12Johnny Brewer1967304-41CLENFL14110300
13Dick Butkus*1967251-3, 2-9AFLCHINFL14140300
14Butch Byrd1967264-25, 4-25AFLBUFAFL14143300
15Frank Cornish19672311-144CHINFL14140300
16Willis Crenshaw1967269-114, 26-204AFLSTLNFL1411300
17Dave Edwards19672825-194, 25-194AFLDALNFL14140300
18Mel Farr1967231-7DETNFL13117300
19Pat Fischer19672717-232STLNFL141403230
20Mike Garrett1967232-18, 20-178AFLKANAFL146300
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Fmb FR Yds TD FF
21Charlie Harper1967238-113NYGNFL14140300
22Abner Haynes1967305-552TMAFL1436300
23Bill Laskey196724OAKAFL13130300
24Bobby Leo1967227-180BOSAFL23300
25John Love1967237-172WASNFL1366301
26Don Meredith1967293-32DALNFL111163-200
27Bill Nelsen19672610-136PITNFL857300
28Jim Norton1967297-75HOUAFL141300
29Gus Otto1967244-27, 4-27AFLOAKAFL14140300
30Alan Page*1967221-15MINNFL14110300
31Ed Philpott1967224-101BOSAFL13130340
32Johnny Robinson*1967291-3KANAFL141370
33Ron Smith196724ATLNFL1376300
34Terry Swanson196723BOSAFL1411300
35Steve Tensi19672516-224, 4-30AFLDENAFL141211300
36Johnny Unitas*1967349-102BALNFL14144300
37Clancy Williams1967251-9, 8-62AFLRAMNFL14140300
38Steve Wright1967255-69, 8-59AFLGNBNFL1410300
39Kermit Alexander1967261-8, 1-5AFLSFONFL13130200
40George Andrie1967276-82, 12-96AFLDALNFL14140200
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Fmb FR Yds TD FF
41Scott Appleton1967251-4, 1-6AFLSDGAFL14140251
42John Baker1967325-56PITNFL13110200
43Dick Bass1967301-2RAMNFL14146200
44Bobby Bell*1967272-16, 7-56AFLKANAFL140200
45Verlon Biggs1967243-20, 3-20AFLNYJAFL140200
46Jim Bradshaw19672818-248, 20-158AFLPITNFL1352200
47Mel Branch19673010-118MIAAFL14140200
48Solomon Brannan196725NYJAFL1202100
49Charlie Brown1967252-28, 4-32AFLCHINFL80200
50Tom Brown1967272-28, 3-20AFLGNBNFL14140200
51Willie Brown*196727OAKAFL14120200
52Nick Buoniconti*19672713-102, 13-102AFLBOSAFL13130200
53Chris Burford1967299-105KANAFL130270
54Jackie Burkett1967311-12NORNFL14100200
55Mike Connelly19673212-141DALNFL141412-90
56Dave Costa1967263-29, 7-49AFLDENAFL14140200
57Doug Cunningham1967226-145SFONFL145200
58Ted Davis1967254-50, 1-8AFLNORNFL1060200
59Bob DeMarco19672914-157STLNFL14140200
60Earl Denny1967223-61MINNFL130210
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Fmb FR Yds TD FF
61Jim Dunaway1967261-3, 2-9AFLBUFAFL140200
62Carl Eller*1967251-6, 1-5AFLMINNFL14130200
63Bill Glass1967321-12CLENFL14140200
64Tom Goode19672917-234, 2-16AFLMIAAFL141412-310
65Don Hansen1967233-42, 7-51AFLMINNFL1210200
66Jack Harper196723MIAAFL963200
67Rickie Harris196724WASNFL14142200
68Wendell Harris1967271-9, 7-51AFLNYGNFL14120200
69Jim Hart196723STLNFL141442-30
70Wayne Hawkins196729OAKAFL14140250
71Wendell Hayes196727DENAFL1464200
72Roy Hilton19672415-210, 8-59AFLBALNFL1470200
73Bob Hohn19672620-273, 20-154AFLPITNFL13110200
74Jim Lee Hunt19672916-181BOSAFL1490200
75Bobby Jancik19672719-151, 19-151AFLHOUAFL1112-20
76Mike Johnson19672414-125, 14-125AFLDALNFL14140200
77Clint Jones1967221-2MINNFL143200
78Joe Kapp19672918-209MINNFL13114200
79Alex Karras*1967321-10DETNFL14140200
80Leroy Kelly*1967258-110CLENFL14147200
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Fmb FR Yds TD FF
81Billy Kilmer1967281-11, 5-39AFLNORNFL1045200
82Bill Koman1967338-91STLNFL14131200
83Ernie Ladd1967294-48, 15-119AFL2TMAFL1400200
84Chuck Lamson1967284-43RAMNFL14141200
85Gary Larsen19672710-133MINNFL1430200
86Dick LeBeau*1967305-58DETNFL14140200
87Gary Lewis1967256-71, 22-169AFLSFONFL1312200
88Sherman Lewis19672518-250, 9-67AFLNYJAFL51200
89Keith Lincoln1967285-61, 2-15AFLBUFAFL14143200
90Jim Lindsey1967232-27, 2-17AFLMINNFL80200
91Earsell Mackbee196726MINNFL141402591
92Jim Marshall1967304-44MINNFL14140200
93Paul Martha1967251-10, 9-69AFLPITNFL14111200
94Tommy Mason1967281-1, 1-2AFLRAMNFL132200
95Billy Masters1967233-77BUFAFL140200
96Jerry Mays19672811-141, 5-38AFLKANAFL1402130
97Don McCall1967235-108NORNFL1420230
98Ray McDonald1967231-13WASNFL1261200
99Eddie Meador1967307-80RAMNFL14141200
100John Meyers1967273-31, 4-25AFLPHINFL14110200
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