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For single seasons, from 2013 to 2018, played RB, requiring Rushing Att >= 250, sorted by ascending Rushing Yds

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Games Rushing
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Att Yds Y/A TD Y/G
1Todd Gurley2016221-10LARNFL16162788853.18655.3
2Jordan Howard2018245-150CHINFL16152509353.74958.4
3David Johnson2018273-86ARINFL16162589403.64758.8
4Frank Gore2017343-65INDNFL16162619613.68360.1
5Frank Gore2015323-65INDNFL16162609673.72660.4
6Zac Stacy2013225-160STLNFL14122509733.89769.5
7Melvin Gordon2016231-15SDGNFL13112549973.931076.7
8Frank Gore2016333-65INDNFL161626310253.90464.1
9Matt Forte 2014292-44CHINFL161626610383.90664.9
10Leonard Fournette 2017221-4JAXNFL131326810403.88980.0
11Adrian Peterson2018331-7WASNFL161625110424.15765.1
12Devonta Freeman 2015234-103ATLNFL151326510563.981170.4
13Latavius Murray2015256-181OAKNFL161626610664.01666.6
14Lamar Miller2016254-97HOUNFL141426810734.00576.6
15Alfred Morris 2014266-173WASNFL161626510744.05867.1
16Chris Johnson 2013281-24TENNFL161627910773.86667.3
17Melvin Gordon2017241-15LACNFL161628411053.89869.1
18Frank Gore2014313-65SFONFL161625511064.34469.1
19Jordan Howard2017235-150CHINFL161627611224.07970.1
20Frank Gore2013303-65SFONFL161627611284.09970.5
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Att Yds Y/A TD Y/G
21LeSean McCoy2017292-53BUFNFL161628711383.97671.1
22LeGarrette Blount201630NWENFL16829911613.881872.6
23Eddie Lacy2013232-61GNBNFL151528411784.151178.5
24David Johnson2016253-86ARINFL161629312394.231677.4
25Arian Foster 201428HOUNFL131326012464.79895.8
26Todd Gurley2018241-10LARNFL141425612514.891789.4
27Ryan Mathews2013261-12SDGNFL161428512554.40678.4
28Marshawn Lynch 2013271-12SEANFL161630112574.181278.6
29Adrian Peterson2013281-7MINNFL141427912664.541090.4
30Le'Veon Bell2016242-48PITNFL121226112684.867105.7
31Jay Ajayi2016235-149MIANFL151226012724.89884.8
32Alfred Morris 2013256-173WASNFL161627612754.62779.7
33Jamaal Charles2013273-73KANNFL151525912874.971285.8
34DeMarco Murray2016283-71TENNFL161629312874.39980.4
35Le'Veon Bell2017252-48PITNFL151532112914.02986.1
36Todd Gurley2017231-10LARNFL151527913054.681387.0
37Marshawn Lynch 2014281-12SEANFL161428013064.661381.6
38Saquon Barkley2018211-2NYGNFL161626113075.011181.7
39Jordan Howard2016225-150CHINFL151325213135.21687.5
40LeSean McCoy2014262-53PHINFL161631213194.23582.4
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Att Yds Y/A TD Y/G
41Kareem Hunt2017223-86KANNFL161627213274.88882.9
42Matt Forte 2013282-44CHINFL161628913394.63983.7
43Le'Veon Bell2014222-48PITNFL161629013614.69885.1
44Doug Martin 2015261-31TAMNFL161628814024.87687.6
45Ezekiel Elliott2018231-4DALNFL151530414344.72695.6
46Adrian Peterson2015301-7MINNFL161632714854.541192.8
47LeSean McCoy2013252-53PHINFL161631416075.129100.4
48Ezekiel Elliott2016211-4DALNFL151532216315.0715108.7
49DeMarco Murray2014263-71DALNFL161639218454.7113115.3
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