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Query Results Table
Rk Player Draft From To Tm Count
101Jim Nance4-45, 19-151AFL19661970BOS3
102Ernie Nevers*19261931/CRD3
103Cam Newton1-120112015CAR3
104Christian Okoye2-3519891991KAN3
105Don Perkins9-10619621966DAL3
106Mike Pruitt1-719791983CLE3
107Ray Rice2-5520092012BAL3
108George Rogers1-119811986NOR/WAS3
109Leonard Russell1-1419931996NWE/DEN/SDG3
110O.J. Simpson*1-119731976BUF3
111Billy Sims1-119801983DET3
112Antowain Smith1-2319972001BUF/NWE3
113Lamar Smith3-7319962002SEA/MIA/CAR3
114Fred Taylor1-919982002JAX3
115Mike Tolbert20102012SDG/CAR3
116Dan Towler25-32419521954RAM3
117Mark van Eeghen3-7519771979OAK3
118Chris Warren4-8919931995SEA3
119Ken Willard1-219681970SFO3
120Delvin Williams2-4919761978SFO/MIA3
Rk Player Draft From To Tm Count
121Karim Abdul-Jabbar3-8019961997MIA2
122Jamal Anderson7-20119971998ATL2
123Mike Anderson6-18920002005DEN2
124William Andrews3-7919811983ATL2
125Elmer Angsman3-1619471948CRD2
126Pete Banaszak5-59, 5-59AFL19711975OAK2
127Billy Ray Barnes2-1919581959PHI2
128Mario Bates2-4419951999NOR/ARI2
129Hank Bauer19781979SDG2
130Brad Baxter11-30319911993NYJ2
131Joique Bell20132014DET2
132Le'Veon Bell2-4820132014PIT2
133Emerson Boozer7-98, 6-46AFL19671972NYJ2
134John Brockington1-919721975GNB2
135Bill Brown2-20, 6-45AFL19641968MIN2
136Larry Brown8-19119721973WAS2
137Ronnie Brown1-220082009MIA2
138Michael Bush4-10020102011OAK2
139Ki-Jana Carter1-119961997CIN2
140Boobie Clark12-30219731976CIN2
Rk Player Draft From To Tm Count
141Reggie Cobb2-3019911992TAM2
142Tony Collins2-4719811983NWE2
143John David Crow1-219621964STL2
144Daunte Culpepper1-1120002002MIN2
145Sam Cunningham1-1119741978NWE2
146Clem Daniels19621966OAK2
147Robert Delpino5-11719911993RAM/DEN2
148Curtis Dickey1-519801981BAL2
149Johnny Drake1-1019391940RAM2
150Derrick Fenner10-26819901992SEA/CIN2
151Earl Ferrell5-12519871988PHO2
152Matt Forte2-4420082013CHI2
153Barry Foster5-12819921993PIT2
154Ted Fritsch19451946GNB2
155Tony Galbreath2-3219761979NOR2
156Charlie Garner2-4220002002SFO/OAK2
157Cleveland Gary1-2619901992RAM2
158Cookie Gilchrist19621963BUF2
159Ryan Grant20072009GNB2
160Earl Gros1-14, 2-15AFL19651966PHI2
Rk Player Draft From To Tm Count
161Lorenzo Hampton1-2719861988MIA2
162Pat Harder1-219471949CRD2
163Garrison Hearst1-319982002SFO2
164Tim Hightower5-14920082009ARI2
165Jeremy Hill2-5520142015CIN2
166Dalton Hilliard2-3119871989NOR2
167Leroy Hoard2-4519981999MIN2
168Paul Hofer11-30519781979SFO2
169Merril Hoge10-26119891990PIT2
170Robert Holmes14-37519681973KAN/SDG2
171Bobby Humphrey1-319891990DEN2
172Jack Kemp17-20319601963SDG/BUF2
173Eddie Lacy2-6120132014GNB2
174Tony Latone19251929BOS2
175Dorsey Levens5-14919971999GNB2
176Floyd Little*1-619721973DEN2
177Kevin Long7-19519781979NYJ2
178Johnny Lujack1-419501951CHI2
179Stacey Mack20012002JAX2
180Tommy Mason1-1, 1-2AFL19631965MIN2
Rk Player Draft From To Tm Count
181Rueben Mayes3-5719861990NOR2
182Don McCauley1-2219751976BAL2
183Lawrence McCutcheon3-7019761977RAM2
184Steve McNair1-319971999TEN2
185Lamar Miller4-9720142015MIA2
186Stump Mitchell9-22619841985STL2
187Knowshon Moreno1-1220092013DEN2
188Joe Morris2-4519851986NYG2
189Mercury Morris3-6319721973MIA2
190Wayne Morris5-14119771979STL2
191Marion Motley*19471949CLE2
192DeMarco Murray3-7120132014DAL2
193Adrian Murrell5-12019971998NYJ/ARI2
194Chet Mutryn20-18219471948BUF2
195Don Nottingham17-44119741975MIA2
196Tony Paige6-14919841985NYJ2
197Bill Paschal19431944NYG2
198Allen Pinkett3-6119881991HOU2
199Errict Rhett2-3419941995TAM2
200Stevan Ridley3-7320122013NWE2
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