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Team Streak Finder

Find NFL and AFL team game streaks from 1940 to 2020 and season streaks from 1920 to 2020.
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From 1920 to 2017, any team, vs. any team, in the regular season, streaks of games with 0 Points

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Team Streaks Table
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
1Hammond Pros70610860000000001922-10-011923-09-30See all games »
Louisville Brecks, Louisville Colonels7*07001980000000001923-10-071926-11-14See all games »
3Brooklyn Dodgers606001144411139909197215051942-11-291943-10-17See all games »
Providence Steam Roller60510830000000001926-11-141927-09-25See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons606001790000000001922-10-151923-10-14See all games »
6Akron Indians5*0320760000000001926-10-101926-11-25See all games »
Columbus Panhandles50500780000000001920-10-031920-10-31See all games »
Frankford Yellow Jackets50410600000000001931-10-021931-10-18See all games »
Louisville Brecks505001610000000001921-10-021922-11-05See all games »
Minneapolis Marines50500640000000001923-12-021924-11-02See all games »
Oorang Indians505001400000000001923-10-071923-11-04See all games »
St. Louis All-Stars50320150000000001923-10-071923-11-04See all games »
Newark Tornadoes50500790000000001930-10-051930-10-26See all games »
14Akron Pros40310310000000001921-11-131921-12-03See all games »
Buffalo Rangers, Buffalo Bisons40310290000000001926-11-211927-10-02See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers40400530000000001931-11-041931-11-29See all games »
Chicago Bears4013020000000001932-09-251932-10-16See all games »
Columbus Tigers40400640000000001925-10-311925-11-22See all games »
Chicago Cardinals40400920000000001928-10-141928-11-29See all games »
Dayton Triangles40400860000000001928-10-281929-09-22See all games »
Dayton Triangles40310650000000001926-11-141927-09-18See all games »
Dayton Triangles40400470000000001927-11-131928-10-14See all games »
Dayton Triangles4*04001130000000001929-09-291929-11-24See all games »
Dayton Triangles40310230000000001925-09-271925-10-24See all games »
Detroit Heralds40220490000000001920-10-311920-11-28See all games »
Frankford Yellow Jackets40220430000000001929-11-281929-12-08See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Hartford Blues40400500000000001926-09-261926-10-10See all games »
Milwaukee Badgers40400920000000001925-10-041925-11-08See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles404007521310703063041936-09-271936-10-14See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons404001170000000001924-10-191924-11-22See all games »
Orange Tornadoes40220280000000001929-10-291929-11-17See all games »
32Buffalo Bisons30300480000000001929-10-051929-10-13See all games »
Buffalo Bisons30120280000000001925-09-271925-10-11See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers302104910391420428106021935-11-281935-12-08See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers303007217631880120182031937-10-171937-10-31See all games »
Brooklyn Lions3*0300640000000001926-11-211926-11-28See all games »
Cleveland Bulldogs30300320000000001925-10-181925-11-08See all games »
Columbus Tigers30300310000000001926-10-031926-10-16See all games »
Columbus Tigers30300170000000001924-11-231925-10-04See all games »
Chicago Cardinals30300231229104030230011938-10-231938-11-06See all games »
Chicago Cardinals30300440000000001934-10-141934-10-28See all games »
Chicago Cardinals30210300000000001926-11-071926-11-25See all games »
Cleveland Tigers30210140000000001920-10-101920-10-24See all games »
Dayton Triangles30300590000000001922-10-291922-11-12See all games »
Dayton Triangles30300440000000001925-11-151925-11-29See all games »
Dayton Triangles30210140000000001927-10-081927-10-23See all games »
Detroit Tigers30300550000000001921-10-161921-10-30See all games »
Duluth Eskimos30300320000000001927-11-201927-12-03See all games »
Frankford Yellow Jackets30300540000000001930-09-281930-10-04See all games »
Hammond Pros3*0300500000000001926-10-031926-11-21See all games »
Hammond Pros30300550000000001923-11-291924-10-12See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Hammond Pros3021090000000001923-10-141923-11-11See all games »
Minneapolis Red Jackets3*0300860000000001930-11-091930-12-07See all games »
Muncie Flyers3*0300730000000001920-10-031921-10-16See all games »
New York Yankees30210400000000001928-11-041928-11-18See all games »
New York Giants30300190000000001926-10-101926-10-17See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles30300330000000001934-10-141934-10-28See all games »
Pottsville Maroons30300530000000001927-10-231927-11-05See all games »
Oakland Raiders303006039892860675243051981-09-271981-10-11See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons30300370000000001923-12-011924-10-05See all games »
Cincinnati Reds30210330000000001933-10-151933-11-05See all games »
Rock Island Independents3012090000000001924-11-231925-09-27See all games »
Toledo Maroons3*0300940000000001920-10-101920-11-21See all games »
64All Buffalo 2*0200610000000001920-10-031920-10-10See all games »
Akron Pros20200280000000001923-10-071923-10-14See all games »
Akron Pros2002000000000001920-12-051920-12-12See all games »
Akron Pros20200300000000001922-11-301922-12-03See all games »
Akron Pros20200530000000001924-11-011924-11-02See all games »
Buffalo Bisons20200170000000001925-11-031925-11-08See all games »
Buffalo Rangers20110140000000001926-10-241926-10-31See all games »
Buffalo Bisons20200770000000001927-10-151927-10-16See all games »
Buffalo Rangers20200330000000001926-10-031926-10-09See all games »
Buffalo Bisons20200450000000001924-11-231924-11-27See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200200000000001933-11-301933-12-03See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20110120000000001930-09-211930-09-24See all games »
Brooklyn Tigers2*0200411746140032978011944-11-261944-12-03See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Brooklyn Dodgers20200701750133050249021939-11-121939-11-19See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200407195703072011934-11-251934-11-29See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200170000000001932-12-041933-10-08See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200460000000001931-10-181931-10-25See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200420000000001934-10-141934-10-22See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200270000000001932-11-201932-11-24See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers20200270000000001930-12-071931-09-13See all games »
Brooklyn Dodgers202005211421540764234021942-11-011942-11-08See all games »
Brooklyn Lions20200350000000001926-10-161926-10-17See all games »
Buffalo Bills2020062224153062960031971-10-031971-10-10See all games »
Canton Bulldogs2*0110350000000001926-11-251926-11-28See all games »
Canton Bulldogs20200230000000001926-10-231926-10-31See all games »
Cincinnati Celts2*0200760000000001921-10-231921-11-27See all games »
Chicago Bears2011070000000001930-09-211930-09-28See all games »
Chicago Bears20200300000000001925-12-121925-12-13See all games »
Chicago Bears202007818601550849181021960-12-111960-12-18See all games »
Chicago Bears20110250000000001929-12-011929-12-08See all games »
Chicago Bears20200120000000001922-12-101923-09-30See all games »
Chicago Bears20200250000000001928-12-091928-12-15See all games »
Chicago Tigers20200270000000001920-11-141920-11-25See all games »
Cleveland Indians2002000000000001923-11-041923-11-11See all games »
Cincinnati Bengals20200503365252043975042000-09-172000-09-24See all games »
Cleveland Browns20200451840610658247002008-12-212008-12-28See all games »
Cleveland Indians20200470000000001931-09-131931-09-18See all games »
Baltimore Colts202005720512820245124021982-11-211982-11-28See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Baltimore Colts202008026572330853195021978-09-041978-09-10See all games »
Indianapolis Colts20200542960194033198031992-11-011992-11-08See all games »
Columbus Tigers20200230000000001923-12-091924-10-05See all games »
Columbus Panhandles20200490000000001921-10-301921-11-06See all games »
Columbus Tigers2011030000000001923-10-071923-10-14See all games »
Columbus Panhandles2002000000000001920-11-211920-11-25See all games »
Columbus Panhandles20200370000000001922-11-051922-11-11See all games »
Chicago Cardinals202003194112706051041945-09-231945-09-30See all games »
Chicago Cardinals20200170000000001933-10-221933-10-29See all games »
Chicago Cardinals2011070000000001921-12-041921-12-18See all games »
Chicago Cardinals202002713391450976155001943-10-101943-10-17See all games »
Chicago Cardinals20200630000000001936-09-281936-10-04See all games »
Chicago Cardinals2020038103594060146011939-10-221939-11-05See all games »
Dayton Triangles20200580000000001924-11-021924-11-09See all games »
Dayton Triangles2011030000000001923-11-111923-11-18See all games »
Dayton Triangles20200370000000001923-10-071923-10-14See all games »
Detroit Lions20200271139116030165061942-09-201942-09-27See all games »
Detroit Panthers2002000000000001926-11-071926-11-14See all games »
Detroit Panthers20200270000000001926-09-191926-09-26See all games »
Duluth Kelleys20200150000000001925-09-271925-10-11See all games »
Duluth Kelleys20200200000000001923-11-181923-11-25See all games »
Duluth Eskimos20200230000000001926-11-131926-11-14See all games »
Evansville Crimson Giants20200750000000001922-10-011922-10-15See all games »
Frankford Yellow Jackets2*0200270000000001931-10-311931-11-08See all games »
Frankford Yellow Jackets2011090000000001927-12-031927-12-04See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Frankford Yellow Jackets20200400000000001927-10-221927-10-23See all games »
Green Bay Packers202004828672370542178061988-10-301988-11-06See all games »
Green Bay Packers20200520000000001925-11-221925-11-26See all games »
Green Bay Packers20200280000000001932-12-041932-12-11See all games »
Green Bay Packers2011030000000001923-10-071923-10-14See all games »
Green Bay Packers20200280000000001928-11-251928-11-29See all games »
Green Bay Packers2002000000000001922-10-221922-10-29See all games »
Hammond Pros20200440000000001920-11-251921-10-02See all games »
Hammond Pros20200700000000001920-10-101920-10-17See all games »
Kansas City Cowboys20200170000000001926-09-191926-10-10See all games »
Kansas City Blues20200190000000001924-10-051924-10-12See all games »
Kenosha Maroons2*0200590000000001924-10-261924-11-09See all games »
Lansing Oldsmobile 2*0110140000000001920-11-211920-11-28See all games »
Miami Dolphins202006326582280658320011970-10-251970-11-01See all games »
Milwaukee Badgers2002000000000001922-10-221922-10-29See all games »
Milwaukee Badgers20200270000000001924-10-191924-10-26See all games »
Milwaukee Badgers20200160000000001922-11-261922-11-30See all games »
Minneapolis Red Jackets20200580000000001929-11-231929-11-24See all games »
Minneapolis Marines20200180000000001923-10-211923-10-28See all games »
Minneapolis Red Jackets20200510000000001929-10-201929-10-27See all games »
Minneapolis Marines20200220000000001923-09-301923-10-07See all games »
Minneapolis Red Jackets20200320000000001930-10-191930-10-26See all games »
Minneapolis Marines20200200000000001922-10-151922-10-22See all games »
Miami Seahawks20200652047130010030031946-12-031946-12-09See all games »
Moline Universal Tractors2*0200530000000001920-10-031920-10-17See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
New York Brickley Giants2*0200720000000001921-10-161921-12-03See all games »
New Orleans Saints202003625571760344166011997-10-191997-10-26See all games »
New England Patriots20200402047380243161021992-11-291992-12-06See all games »
New York Yankees20200230000000001927-12-031927-12-04See all games »
New York Yankees20200250000000001927-10-161927-10-23See all games »
New York Giants202003728542400159202011976-10-241976-10-31See all games »
New York Giants20200230000000001928-11-181928-11-25See all games »
New York Giants2011060000000001932-10-231932-10-30See all games »
New York Giants20200410000000001928-10-141928-10-21See all games »
New York Giants20200200000000001932-09-251932-10-02See all games »
Oorang Indians20200760000000001922-10-151922-10-29See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles20200190000000001936-11-051936-11-08See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles20200810000000001933-10-151933-10-18See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates202004252639020302001939-09-241939-10-02See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates20200670000000001934-10-101934-10-14See all games »
Pittsburgh Steelers202004230712380559170041951-12-021951-12-09See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates2020027000000178001938-10-231938-11-06See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates20200240000000001934-09-161934-09-26See all games »
Pittsburgh Steelers20200331649184070177001940-10-131940-10-20See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates20200160000000001934-11-111934-11-18See all games »
Pittsburgh Pirates20110470000000001933-10-151933-10-22See all games »
Providence Steam Roller20200230000000001929-11-061929-11-09See all games »
Providence Steam Roller20200280000000001927-11-201927-11-24See all games »
Providence Steam Roller20110250000000001927-11-061927-11-08See all games »
Pottsville Maroons, Boston Bulldogs20200140000000001928-11-291929-10-06See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Pottsville Maroons20200430000000001928-11-101928-11-11See all games »
Racine Tornadoes2*0200560000000001926-10-171926-10-24See all games »
Racine Legion20200270000000001922-10-151922-10-22See all games »
Oakland Raiders20200992149550848150031961-09-091961-09-17See all games »
Cleveland Rams2020034103213805039011938-11-061938-11-13See all games »
Cleveland Rams20200142157252070263011941-11-231942-09-13See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons20200300000000001925-11-011925-11-11See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons20200470000000001921-10-231921-10-30See all games »
Cincinnati Reds20200220000000001934-09-091934-09-23See all games »
Cincinnati Reds2*02001020000000001934-10-281934-11-06See all games »
Cincinnati Reds20200570000000001934-10-071934-10-14See all games »
Cincinnati Reds20200240000000001933-09-171933-10-08See all games »
San Diego Chargers202004821471440347184021976-12-121977-09-18See all games »
Seattle Seahawks20200463056250042383031989-12-231990-09-09See all games »
Seattle Seahawks20200462560220024179031992-10-111992-10-18See all games »
Staten Island Stapletons2011070000000001932-09-251932-10-02See all games »
Staten Island Stapletons2011030000000001929-10-271929-11-03See all games »
Tampa Bay Buccaneers202004121472250568214041977-11-061977-11-13See all games »
Tampa Bay Buccaneers202004724522260241138021983-11-131983-11-20See all games »
Tampa Bay Buccaneers20200431244540559181011976-09-121976-09-19See all games »
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2020027938370662176011977-11-271977-12-04See all games »
Toledo Maroons20200190000000001923-10-281923-11-11See all games »
Toledo Maroons20200410000000001922-12-031922-12-10See all games »
Orange Tornadoes20200360000000001929-12-081929-12-14See all games »
Boston Redskins20110107208102093011935-12-081936-09-13See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Boston Redskins20110140000000001933-11-261933-12-03See all games »
Boston Redskins20200200000000001935-10-271935-10-30See all games »
Boston Braves20200310000000001932-11-131932-11-20See all games »
Washington Redskins202004423721740841106011961-10-151961-10-22See all games »
Boston Redskins20200310000000001934-11-041934-11-11See all games »
Boston Braves2011090000000001932-10-161932-10-23See all games »
Zanesville Mark Gray 2*0110100000000001920-11-071920-11-21See all games »
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