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For single seasons, from 1920 to 2015, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, played , requiring Field Goal % >= 0 and Field Goals Att >= 20, sorted by descending Field Goal %

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Games Scoring
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
1Stephen Hauschka201328SEANFL16004444100.0333594.3143
2Stephen Hauschka201530SEANFL1600404490.9293193.5127
3Olindo Mare200936SEANFL16002828100.0242692.3100
4Josh Brown2004257-222SEANFL16004040100.0232592.0109
5Stephen Hauschka201227SEANFL1600464895.8242788.9118
6Olindo Mare200835SEANFL16003030100.0242788.9102
7Todd Peterson1999297-177SEANFL16003232100.0344085.0134
8Stephen Hauschka201429SEANFL16004141100.0313783.8134
9Stephen Hauschka201126SEANFL16003434100.0253083.3109
10Norm Johnson198424SEANFL1600505198.0202483.3110
11John Kasay1994254-98SEANFL1600252696.2202483.385
12Olindo Mare201037SEANFL16003131100.0253083.3106
13Efren Herrera1979287-169SEANFL1600434693.5192382.6100
14Josh Brown2007287-222SEANFL16004343100.0283482.4127
15Todd Peterson1996267-177SEANFL16002727100.0283482.4111
16John Kasay1993244-98SEANFL16002929100.0232882.198
17Todd Peterson1995257-177SEANFL16004040100.0232882.1109
18Josh Brown2006277-222SEANFL16003636100.0253180.6111
19John Kasay1991224-98SEANFL1600272896.4253180.6102
20Rian Lindell200225SEANFL16003838100.0232979.3107
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
21Todd Peterson1998287-177SEANFL16004141100.0192479.298
22Norm Johnson198828SEANFL16003939100.0222878.6105
23Todd Peterson1997277-177SEANFL16003737100.0222878.6103
24Norm Johnson198727SEANFL13004040100.0152075.085
25Josh Brown2003247-222SEANFL16004848100.0223073.3114
26Josh Brown2005267-222SEANFL1600565798.2182572.0110
27Norm Johnson198323SEANFL1600495098.0182572.0103
28Norm Johnson199030SEANFL1600333497.1233271.9102
29Efren Herrera1980297-169SEANFL16003333100.0203164.593
30John Kasay1992234-98SEANFL16001414100.0142263.656
31Norm Johnson198626SEANFL16004242100.0223562.9108
32Rian Lindell200124SEANFL16003333100.0203262.593
33Efren Herrera1978277-169SEANFL1600404490.9132161.979
34Norm Johnson198929SEANFL16002727100.0152560.072
35Norm Johnson198525SEANFL1600404197.6142556.082
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