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For combined seasons, from 1920 to 2017, in rookie season, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, requiring Points Scored >= 0, sorted by descending Points Scored

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Games Scoring
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
1Harrison Butker201720177-233KANNFL13002828100.0384290.5142
2Cairo Santos20142014KANNFL16003838100.0253083.3113
3Lawrence Tynes20042004KANNFL1600586096.7172373.9109
4Jan Stenerud*19671967KANAFL14004545100.0213658.3108
5Jack Spikes196019601-6KANAFL14125353794.6133141.9104
6Ryan Succop200920097-256KANNFL16002929100.0252986.2104
7Tommy Brooker 1962196216-211, 17-131AFLKANAFL14433333100.0122254.587
8Abner Haynes196019605-55KANAFL14111272
9Tyreek Hill201620165-165KANNFL1611272
10Kareem Hunt201720173-86KANNFL16161166
11Billy Jackson198119817-180KANNFL1611166
12Connor Barth20082008KANNFL10002424100.0101283.354
13Johnny Robinson*196019601-3KANAFL1414954
14Marc Boerigter20022002KANNFL162848
15Mike Garrett196619662-18, 20-178AFLKANAFL144848
16Robert Holmes1968196814-375KANAFL1410742
17Fred Arbanas196219622-22, 7-54AFLKANAFL1413636
18Mack Lee Hill19641964KANAFL1410636
19Stephone Paige19831983KANNFL160636
20Tim Barnett199119913-77KANNFL168530
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
21Dwayne Bowe200720071-23KANNFL1615530
22Chris Burford196019609-105KANAFL1414530
23Knile Davis 201320133-96KANNFL161530
24Frank Jackson1961196119-150, 19-150AFLKANAFL143530
25Bill Jones1990199012-311KANNFL165530
26Tommy Reamon197619769-223KANNFL114530
27Otis Taylor1965196515-203, 4-29AFLKANAFL144530
28Tamarick Vanover199519953-81KANNFL150530
29Woody Green197419741-16KANNFL107424
30Herman Heard198419843-61KANNFL169424
31Ethan Horton198519851-15KANNFL160424
32Ken Lacy19841984KANNFL154424
33Frank Moreau200020004-115KANNFL110424
34Tom Pennington1962196212-168, 11-86AFLKANAFL300131586.72540.019
35Mark Bailey197719774-92KANNFL144318
36J.J. Birden199019908-216KANNFL110318
37Dale Carter 199219921-20KANNFL169318
38Joe Delaney198119812-41KANNFL1510318
39Hunter Enis19601960KANAFL142318
40Henry Marshall197619763-79KANNFL1414318
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
41Tony Moeaki201020103-93KANNFL1515318
42Sylvester Morris 200020001-21KANNFL1514318
43Christian Okoye198719872-35KANNFL1212318
44Dave Webster19601960KANAFL1414318
45Robert West 197219724-90KANNFL115318
46Walter White 197519753-78KANNFL141318
47Harvey Williams199119911-21KANNFL141318
48Mike Williams197919798-195KANNFL143318
49Elmo Wright197119711-16KANNFL1414318
50Tony Gonzalez*199719971-13KANNFL1602114
51Curley Johnson 196019607-77KANAFL14021114
52Donnell Bennett199419942-58KANNFL150212
53Larry Brunson1974197411-263KANNFL145212
54Gary Butler197319732-27KANNFL143212
55Lake Dawson199419943-92KANNFL126212
56James Hadnot 198019803-66KANNFL135212
57Maurice Leggett20082008KANNFL123212
58Curtis McClinton1962196210-110, 14-110AFLKANAFL149212
59Dexter McCluster201020102-36KANNFL117212
60Paul Palmer198719871-19KANNFL121212
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
61Marcus Peters 201520151-18KANNFL1616212
62Tony Reed197719772-37KANNFL148212
63Gloster Richardson 196719677-50, 7-50AFLKANAFL131212
64James Saxon198819886-139KANNFL164212
65Jeff Smith1985198510-267KANNFL131212
66Kolby Smith200720075-148KANNFL166212
67De'Anthony Thomas201420144-124KANNFL123212
68Robb Thomas198919896-143KANNFL81212
69James Hamrick19871987KANNFL30044100.022100.010
70Mike Adamle197119715-120KANNFL8016
71Jonathan Baldwin201120111-26KANNFL11316
72Jackie Battle20072007KANNFL3016
73Eric Berry 201020101-5KANNFL161616
74Tyron Brackenridge20072007KANNFL13116
75Lloyd Burruss198119813-78KANNFL161416
76Jamaal Charles200820083-73KANNFL16216
77Chris Conley201520153-76KANNFL16516
78Marcus Cooper201320137-252KANNFL16626
79Bo Dickinson196019606-72KANAFL14216
80Omar Easy200220024-107KANNFL7016
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
81Brandon Flowers200820082-35KANNFL141316
82Don Flynn19601960KANAFL149116
83Steve Fuller197919791-23KANNFL161216
84Earl Gant197919795-112KANNFL16316
85Bubba Garcia198019806-147KANNFL5016
86Steve Gaunty19791979KANNFL9016
87Dave Grayson19611961KANAFL13916
88Tracy Greene199419947-219KANNFL7216
89Anthony Hancock198219821-11KANNFL9016
90Emile Harry198619864-89KANNFL12016
91Jonathan Hayes198519852-41KANNFL16016
92Greg Hill199419941-25KANNFL16116
93Chris Horn20042004KANNFL14016
94Dick Johnson 19631963KANAFL5016
95Larry Johnson200320031-27KANNFL6016
96Rod Jones198719878-223KANNFL3116
97Jeff Kinney197219721-23KANNFL9216
98Morris LaGrand197519756-137KANNFL11016
99John Lohmeyer197319734-89KANNFL7016
100Todd McNair198919898-220KANNFL14016
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