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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player From To Tm W L T W-L% Count
1Julio Jones 20112019ATL30250.54555
2Antonio Brown 20112018PIT28140.66742
3Calvin Johnson 20102015DET20170.54137
4Brandon Marshall20102016MIA/CHI/NYJ19170.52836
5A.J. Green20112018CIN22101.68233
6T.Y. Hilton20122018IND22110.66733
7Demaryius Thomas20112018DEN2580.75833
8DeAndre Hopkins20132019HOU15150.50030
9DeSean Jackson20102019PHI/WAS/TAM17130.56730
10Rob Gronkowski20102018NWE2440.85728
11Odell Beckham Jr.20142019NYG/CLE9170.34626
12Larry Fitzgerald20102019ARI13121.51926
13Jordy Nelson20102018GNB/OAK2240.84626
14Mike Evans20142019TAM7170.29224
15Keenan Allen20132019SDG/LAC1490.60923
16Mike Wallace20102017PIT/MIA/BAL1390.59122
17Emmanuel Sanders 20142019DEN/SFO1290.57121
18Roddy White20102014ATL1380.61921
19Andre Johnson 20102014HOU9110.45020
20Amari Cooper20152019OAK/DAL1360.68419
Rk Player From To Tm W L T W-L% Count
21Travis Kelce20142019KAN1540.78919
22Steve Smith20112016CAR/BAL6130.31619
23Michael Thomas20162019NOR1360.68419
24Dez Bryant20102016DAL1080.55618
25Victor Cruz20112014NYG990.50018
26Jimmy Graham20112018NOR/SEA/GNB1350.72218
27Vincent Jackson20102015TAM/SDG3150.16718
28Golden Tate20122019DET/NYG/SEA1250.70617
29Adam Thielen20162019MIN1151.67617
30Davante Adams20142019GNB970.56316
31Alshon Jeffery20132019CHI/PHI5110.31316
32Randall Cobb20122019GNB/DAL1230.80015
33Marques Colston20102015NOR1050.66715
34Brandin Cooks20152019NOR/LAR/NWE1050.66715
35Stefon Diggs20152019MIN951.63315
36Jeremy Maclin20102015PHI/KAN960.60015
37Michael Crabtree20102016OAK/SFO1040.71414
38Pierre Garcon20102017WAS/SFO/IND590.35714
39Sammy Watkins20142019KAN/BUF/LAR1040.71414
40Wes Welker20102012NWE1040.71414
Rk Player From To Tm W L T W-L% Count
41Julian Edelman20132019NWE1030.76913
42Jarvis Landry20152019CLE/MIA661.50013
43Doug Baldwin 20112018SEA660.50012
44Eric Decker20112016DEN/NYJ1020.83312
45Zach Ertz20142019PHI570.41712
46Michael Floyd 20122016ARI1020.83312
47Josh Gordon20122018CLE/NWE570.41712
48Tyreek Hill20172019KAN750.58312
49Allen Robinson20152019CHI/JAX570.41712
50JuJu Smith-Schuster20172019PIT651.54212
51Reggie Wayne20102014IND660.50012
52Danny Amendola20122019NWE/DET/STL542.54511
53Anquan Boldin20102015BAL/SFO920.81811
54Hakeem Nicks20102013NYG740.63611
55Greg Olsen20122019CAR650.54511
56Nate Washington20102015HOU/TEN470.36411
57Robert Woods20142019LAR/BUF740.63611
58Dwayne Bowe20102012KAN550.50010
59Kenny Britt20102016TEN/STL/LAR550.50010
60Jared Cook20112018STL/OAK/GNB/TEN640.60010
Rk Player From To Tm W L T W-L% Count
61Chris Godwin20172019TAM640.60010
62Percy Harvin20102014MIN/NYJ370.30010
63Greg Jennings20102013GNB/MIN730.70010
64James Jones20102015GNB/OAK820.80010
65Brandon Lloyd20102012DEN/NWE/STL280.20010
66Jason Witten20102016DAL550.50010
67Malcom Floyd 20102014SDG630.6679
68Steve Johnson20102014BUF/SFO360.3339
69Marvin Jones 20132019DET/CIN360.3339
70Robby Anderson20172019NYJ440.5008
71Miles Austin20102012DAL260.2508
72John Brown20142019BUF/ARI/BAL530.6258
73Will Fuller20162019HOU530.6258
74Kenny Golladay20182019DET350.3758
75Allen Hurns20142017JAX260.2508
76George Kittle20172019SFO530.6258
77Cooper Kupp20172019LAR530.6258
78Tyler Lockett20152019SEA710.8758
79Jordan Matthews20142016PHI440.5008
80DeVante Parker20152019MIA530.6258
Rk Player From To Tm W L T W-L% Count
81Sterling Shepard20162019NYG350.3758
82Torrey Smith20112017SFO/BAL/PHI620.7508
83Kenny Stills20132019MIA/NOR/HOU530.6258
84Tyrell Williams20162019OAK/LAC/SDG530.6258
85Tyler Boyd20182019CIN250.2867
86Rishard Matthews20132017MIA/TEN250.2867
87Cecil Shorts20122014JAX160.1437
88Jerome Simpson20102013MIN/CIN340.4297
89Travis Benjamin20152017CLE/SDG/LAC240.3336
90Jamison Crowder20152017WAS321.5836
91Vernon Davis 20102013SFO420.6676
92Harry Douglas20112014ATL240.3336
93Antonio Gates20102013SDG510.8336
94Brian Hartline 20122015MIA/CLE420.6676
95Brandon LaFell20112016NWE/CAR/CIN420.6676
96Lance Moore20102015NOR/DET240.3336
97Kendall Wright20132017TEN/CHI420.6676
98Kelvin Benjamin20142017CAR320.6005
99Martellus Bennett 20142016NWE/CHI140.2005
100A.J. Brown20192019TEN410.8005
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